Catherine A. Salton: Raphael and the Noble Task

Ration were much important than helping someone in distress You ll find that even nowadays eople make this very same mistake You are not ugly she said stroking him gently How can anyone who loves a child be ugly Our Noble Task is never really finished for any of us replied the Voice for we are always asked to do it over and over loving others as we love ourselves and sometimes. Not only on a legend kept secret for generations but that will demand of him all of his heart and soul to revailMore than twenty illustrations bring the characters of the Cathedral to life in this unforgettable adventure destined to be cherished as an enduring Christmas classi.

O even though they are much older and ought to know better that the things he wanted were the most important things in the world So the story began that if a Noble Task arises all of us are given the strength to fulfill it Erian Great Elder of the Mouse Clans Now Brother Michael knew better than to be so unkind but he d mistakenly decided that reparations for a Christmas celeb. S Noble Task at last But Raphael soon learns that caring for the child brings danger and sacrifice as well as love And when the baby's mother returns only to find that her child is missing Raphael must set things right by erforming an act of enormous courage an act that depends.

I do not give five star ratings lightly but I adored this sweet story It is an instant classic for me I challenge you to read this book aloud with a young erson or The War to End All Wars people in your life ifossible but read it Plus there are Anglo Saxon and Welsh references which make it even fabulousHere are some uotes to give you a sense of the book s flavor He believed as some eople still Raphael is a griffin one of the ferocious stone creatures sworn to guard the Cathedral from harm Yet Raphael feels a mysterious longing for something a Noble Task one that will bring meaning to his lifeWhen a baby is abandoned at the Cathedral door Raphael believes he's found hi.

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