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Book Highly rec for curling up with a cup of hot chocolate and marshmallows and maybe a dollop of brandy Freya North seems to be the British Lawbreakers Suspense Stories euivalent to Sophie Kinsella or Marian Keyes Chick lit with a raunchierdge I have read this book both in print and as an audiobook The book is about two friends HIPPO IN THE GARDEN each of whom has a very different view on love The book chronicles the love lives ofach woman and Spinal Trauma each takes a surprising turn The book could be considered outlandish but the delicate subject matter is handledxpertly by the time you get to the surprise twist the reaction is Of course that s what s been going on rather than Impossible Taken from my blog wwwrosiereviewwordpresscomI really really Shadow (New Species, enjoyed this book It s not your normal chick lit romance novel If you re a sucker for a happy love conuers all story you might feel a bit cheated with this book However Freya has written in a happy if rushednding I love her books they aren t the asiest of reads but I think that is w I love Freya s novels usual light full of uirky heroines and with recurring themes of intense female friendship and lots of lovely rude sex they are nearly always on my summer reading listIn a departure from tradition Love Rules breaks away from her conventional. G out of character When Thea Luck falls head over heels for a man she meets on Primrose Hill and Alice Heggarty marries her best friend Mark both women are blissfully happy for a while But it's not long.

Formula of concentrating on a single heroine and instead studies the complex relations 25 stars EpicI don t know why this amazing book was on my shelf this long A friend of mine gifted it to meI loved it I didn t have any xpectations from this book having never read anything by Freya North before and was The Gathering (Darkness Rising, expecting typical chick litHowever it was much involved with a great storyline and well developed characters Thexploration of relationships was fascinating and thought provoking and the twist with the character of Saul was something I certainly wasn t MongoDB expectingBased on how much Injoyed this book I ll certainly be reading Freya North novels I have just been and disappointed with Freya North s books lately This book actually got me really annoyed and unhappy with life myself and all the characters in this novel I thought Chastity everyone was frustrating and they should all be miserable foreverxcept maybe the one person most punished in the Experiential Learning end So why did I give it 2 stars instead of 1 Maybe I m a fool but I didn t think it was that awful given how good a writer North is She does have a bizarre way with the characters switching to 1st person at odd moments but she is a smooth writer with a nice tone This book just didn t hit the mark for Before Alice admits to herself she likes the thrill of the chase than theasy pace of married life And then Thea makes a shocking discovery one which forces her to rewrite her rules for verlasting lo.

I like Freya North her characters have depth faults and nasty traits They are human and hence they seem like real characters The book is written from the perspective of four different people and their relationships with ach other I liked the way ach character had their own idea of what the rulesparameters of ach relationship should be and their actions or reactions to one of the others breaching these rules This book started out uite slow I found Thea s and Alice s personalities rather hollow and annoying and the fact that Alice is so shocked when Thea does not agree with some decisions she makes is unrealistic a woman in her thirties should know that actions like those are not favourable But it did pick up in the A New Philosophy of History end and it gathered pace The storyline with what is discovered about Saul was the most interesting i didnjoy that part Overall it was okay A clever paced book about love betrayal and modern relationships I Abortion, Choice, and Contemporary Fiction enjoyed the characters and the sting in the tail One of my favourite authors and it was nice to see something a bit darker and a bit convoluted Much as I wanted to hate Alice of course I couldn t because I was rooting for that happynding The friendship between Alice and Thea is well written and forms the basis of this. Is love ver nough Thea sensible and cautious has always believed in old fashioned romance Her best friend Alice is of a 'fun first think later' kind of girl But just recently they've both been behavin.

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