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N t find that interesting or informative It felt very disconnected compared to previous chapters The book is obviously also very dated There are no updates of cases after the mid 90s meaning I often found myself googling things to see if there were any new leads on cases I don t think it would have taken much ffort to include a paragraph here and there with updates Blood Runs Green etcNot as good as his previous What I didn t like about this book was Douglas s tendancy to reference stories that he alreadyxplored in his first book Like the offensive ploy he claims he used that got Richard Speck to finally speak to authorities He also reiterated the medical condition that downed Heartbreaking and gripping John Douglas recounts several horrific murder cases he helped investigate focusing on the victims and their families They re haunting stories both in the impact of the killings on the families and then in the stress and grief accompanying the convoluted legal processes that sometimes followed including a series of technical appeals in a case cinched both by massive physical Charting an Empire evidence and by a detailed confession that had lasted at the time of writing than two decadesDr Douglas makes a compelling plea for victims rights to be given a higher priority in the legal system while being painstakingly clear in spelling out that he is not advocating taking away any of the rights of people accused of crimes That last point ismphasized by the story of one case in which he other FBI investigators and police and prosecutors worked to overturn a wrongful conviction when new Colored Property evidence indicated that a man who was already in prison for a murder was not the perpetrator after allAnyone interested in crime psychopathology or victims rights needs to read this book Phew was this a dip in uality A massive step down from Mindhunter this covers of the cases that Douglas looked into but looked into now means vaguely looked at in any fashion There s some interesting cases in here still don t get me wrong but they re overshadowed by what feels like it should ve been a separate instruction manual as to avoid. S finestDouglas famously the inspiration for Special Agent Jack Crawford in The Silence of the Lambs reveals the fascinating circumstance ofach crime in detail as he Desire and Truth explores the larger issues from crime prevention and rehabilitation to the reasons behindscalating violence in society A must read for all true crime fan.

Pre review It is a re read I first read it when I was a teenage So happy to see a Taiwanese publisher republished this series after the success of the Mindhunter TV seriesLink PS I really like the part about Edmund Kemper although he is a mother freaking psychopath serial murderer The author of this book claims Ed Kemper is the serial killer with the highest I and most insight about himself he had The Exiles Gallery encounteredLink Rating 5 full brilliant disturbing and intriguing starsThe first thing you should know about this book is the author John Douglas a retired FBI detective and the first generation of detectives who mastered the art of criminal profiling Makes you think twice about walking alone at night Orver Contemplating a large investment in a barbed fence a pit bull and a mote after reading about some of the heinous crimes he s profiled Out of all the books by Douglas this one is my least favorite one Even though it is very interesting I prefer when the author is concentrating on praticular stories to tell rather than generalities like this oneThe writing is very good and clear The author is compationate and gives advices to the reader to prevent some accidents It may seem as though I m a morbid death obsessed fan of the macabre when you see my book shelf but actually I am a novice part time and mature criminal psychology student who is absolutely fascinated with this subject and John Douglas is undoubtedly the best behavioural scientist the world has known so farThis book though harrowing at times is a fascinating insight into the dark world of criminal profiling and policing It features some high profile cases some of which were solved and some of which at the time of writing they hadn t managed to solve but which have been subseuently I am aware that the book was written many years ago and therefore doesn t offer any current or recent cases but that really doesn t matter I found myself reading it slowly devouring Dislocating China every word absorbing it because I didn t want it tondFor those interested in the subject of true crime this is one of the best books I ve readEasily wor. THE SHOCKING FOLLOW UP TO MINDHUNTER NOW A SMASH HIT NETFLIX DRAMAJohn Douglas is the world's top pioneer and Childerley expert on criminal profiling His lifelong work to understand and combat serial killers is legendary among lawnforcement circles Now following up on his first book Mindhunter Journey Into Darkness delves further.

Thy of 5 stars John Douglas may or may not be a great profiler he certainly seems to think he is and doesn t mind telling the reader so ad nauseumBut whatever his merits as a profiler are his ability to author a coherent interesting book is nilHe constantly loses focus and goes off on tangents completely irrelevant to the subject at handThree long and boring chapters are devoted to one murder that of a female MarineHe goes into Cultural Excursions excruciating detail of her family s history in the most stultifying prose it hasver been my misfortune to readOn some of the cases he s also a bit of a Monday morning uarterback informing the reader that he could have picked the killer if only he d been askedSo what we have here is a book about an fascinating subject that is rendered as interesting as your Aunt s gall bladder operation story written by an Cruelty and Laughter egomaniac and an incompetent ghostwriter and seeminglydited by a high school teenager I liked Mindhunter better because the author stuck to what he knew and kept to a tighter structure This work was less organized and was all over the map on subject matter and purpose The subject matter was a little too dark for me here Having read Mindhunter Inside the FBI s Elite Serial Crime Unit I was intrigued Cop Knowledge enough to look into some other true crime books by John Douglas Journey Into Darkness claims to look into the why s of criminal deviant mainly sexual behaviour and offers toxplain the inner workings of these criminals minds Although going into this I knew the descriptions and details of various violent crimes would be intense I found them a little bit too intense Crime scenes and acts are picked over in such a way that it made me feel very uneasy specially the lines regarding young children although it s undoubtedly interesting if you like reading this kind of thing There is also a lot of repetition here Douglas mentions various issues already discussed in his previous novels and one particular murder that of Marine Suzanne Collins is dissected over three chapters in obsessive detail There is lots of legal talk that unfortunately I just did. Into the criminal mind in a range of chilling new casesProfiling suspects from OJ Simpson to the Unabomber and investigating the assassination of John Lennon and the Waco tragedy Journey Into Darkness xplores the crimes of the century – as well as cases you've never heard of – with the peerless ye of one of the FBI'.

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John Edward Douglas is a former United States Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI agent one of the first criminal profilers and criminal psychology author He also wrote four horror novels in the mid 1990s WikipediaDuring his twenty five year career with the FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit a name he later changed to The Investigative Science Unit Douglas & Olshaker 1995 John Douglas becam