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Review courtesy of Dark Faerie Talesuick Dirty A refreshing perspective from someone who was never supposed to be the one to save the world A story of ove fate and chance beware once you start you won t be able to put it downOpening Sentence I woke up to the smell of Lysol and the end of the worldThe ReviewWhen Mo Fitzgerald wakes up in the hospital all she wants to know is what happened to her best friend Verity Mo remembers everything that happened the night her best friend died But she doesn t understand any of it Everyone keeps avoiding her uestions except the mysterious Luc He tells her answers she doesn t want to hear that Verity died and it s best if she just keeps on iving her normal ife But Mo won t Murder Shoots the Bull (Southern Sisters, let it go It becomes her mission to find out who or what killed her best friend and to make sure they pay When the magical world of Arcs needs another Vessel because Verity died Mo a Flat someone who can t use magic is the only one who can help But she s not only in danger from the magical world but whatever business her uncle does besides owning and tending a bar Nothing is as it seems and Mo s normal world of senior year and college is about to be thrown out the windowI devoured this series in three days what else are you supposed to do when you re snowed in for a whole week It is one of the best and refreshing trilogies I ve read in a while From the intrigues of the Chicago Mob to the broken world of Arcs O Rourke takes you on a journey that will have you on our toes for the entire rideMo is such a relatable character She s normal she has straight A s is known to be a good girl plans on going to college and being successful But she has secrets reasons she needs to move away In New York no one will know her father is in jail for embezzlement from her Uncle s pub No one will know the rumors of her Uncle Billy how he really works for the Chicago Mob and controls their entire neighborhood But when Verity dies Mo is thrown into a world she was never supposed to know about a world that needs her because she has Verity s blood in her I reallyove the perspective O Rourke took Instead of a heroine that was always meant to save the world because of some prophesy or whatnot this is a heroine by chance a heroine that doesn t possess any magical powers but is surrounded by those who do I admire her spunky and determined attitude despite all the obstacles she must overcome throughout the entire novel But her choice in a guy Not so muchLuc and Colin are almost complete opposites of each other Both are bound by duty to be close to her and protect her But where Colin is as stone cold as a statue seriously you could punch the guy in the stomach and he wouldn t flinch Luc is as fiery and warm as a campfire in the middle of winter which makes sense since he can control fire Luc is by far my favorite but despite my constant yelling at Mo to change her mind the solid yet tender Colin wins this round Did I mention he is 5 years older IckOverall this book blew me away despite the not so appealing cover and synopsis Both of Mo s worlds the magical and the normal are so complex I cannot wait to delve deeper into them And what s even better All the books are out No cliffhangers here to worry aboutNotable SceneHe touched my cheek where the flying glass had cut me Looks Hudson Valley Mediterranean like you caught it pretty good Close your eyes Why So I can fix it Can t take you homeooking Doing Democracy in Indigenen Gemeinschaften like you were in a bar fight What s Cujo gonna say I had a pretty good idea of what Colin would say none of it good all of itoud I meant why do I have to close my eyes He shifted Feels strange to have you The Secrets of Boys looking at me I guess Iike to I said without much thinking Besides it s not fair You re Stop Whining--and Start Winning looking at me He held back a smirk only partway successfully Suit yourself I will FTC Advisory Kensington provided me with a copy of Torn No goody bags sponsorships material connections or bribes were exchanged for my review First about the Cover Iiked it The girl s bangs are a bit weird but I feel as if I m ooking at an actual person someone with character rather than just the same girl thats on every other single YA book out there This image sticks out Also Torn s plot held such promise Instead of taking the usual YA book formula and creating the main character with all the powerabilitydestiny O Rourke went and killed that person off No joke the one with the destiny was dead from the start of this book Well not just dead but rather killed off How kick ass is that Not something you read often et me tell you The main character Mo yes that is her name is the best friend of the deceased and ends up becoming the fill in heroine during the story Mo has no power Zip nada All Mo has going for her is a deep friendship for her deader than dead friend and a need for vengence This idea is refreashing and different but thats about the only thing that stands above for this book What I didn t Il sale della vita likeMo annoyed me I mean immensely annoyed me The first few chapters of the book she s all gung ho for vengene since her friend was killed Constantly she s thinking about justice and then just as swiftly in the midst of her I have to find the killers cause I promised my dead friend inner musings she switches to Ooohhh cute guy mode This is freaking annoying I don t want to shift gears that uickly How about sticking to one theme and wondering what s my motive Well Mo s motive should have been about finding her friends killer She starts off that way but then uickly zigzags into instaove with not just one boy but twoAnother thing that annoyed me about Mo She s supposedly this smart shy and reserved girl a side kick to the dead best friend That s how every character in the book described her but she acted nothing My Favorite Things like that in the book Rather she reminded me of a tiny toy dog constantly yipping at the heels of someone bigger In the book she was immature fighting with her family about her independence yet sulkingike a baby when she didn t get her way She was also constantly being told to do something and she always agreed and THEN did the opposite Hell why even act ike you agree in the first place It s a waste of my time Another thing that I didn t ike was the The Nine of Us love interestS Yes you see the S There was two of them As if one wouldn t be enough Mo endes up with two cute guys in herife yes ots of times to be distracted from what should have been her motive one guy is a regular human and the other one has special abilities I didn t care for the whole ove intereest parts simply because they didn t seem real Being cornered against a wall over and over again is repetitive not romantic I also didn t care for the slow beginning of this book I m usually the type that can finish a sizable book in the span of three days For Torn I had to force myself to read cause I was simply that bored Now it did pick up speed into the second half which made the pace a Hiding in the Bathroom little better but the word building wasacking in this book The paranormal aspect the magic etc was only partially explained in this book and often times it felt as if the author just added the paranormal scenes in when the whim arose It was much The Perils of Pursuing a Prince (Desperate Debutantes, like thisI m doing my daily chores Eating my daily meal Awwook a unicorn and there it goes Back to doing my daily thing No joke This was probably the most irksome part of this book for me I hated it Especially towards the end of the book with the big fight scene with the bad guy I felt this part wa. Everyone has secretsEven best friendsMo Fitzgerald knows about secrets But when she witnesses her best friend's murder she discovers Verity was hiding things she never could have.

S rushed and the author really had no clue how she was going to end the dang story I think this cause I often write by the seat of my pants and my stories always end up The Barracks Thief and Selected Stories like Torn when I do To summarize my feelings on this review Torn was an okay book Not great and not horrible just okay which is why I gave it two starts If anything the finalized version of this book seemedike it was still in it s first draft stages The author could have put some time into this story Tweaked the writting a bit smoothed out the ending and maybe dumped one of the Becca and the Prisoners Cross (The Copernicus Legacy love interests and then Torn would have earned stars This review was originally posted to my blog The first start to finish fabulous book I have read this year every moment rang true Delicious heros chilling villains and a main character who is relatableoveable and admirable This book is beautifully written and action packed executing both those elements flawlessly is an amazing achievement WOW Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyMurder magic and the Mob That s TORN in a nutshell Well if you add in one of the better The Commodore (Aubrey/Maturin, love triangle I ve read this year with two very different but eually appealing guys and a hidden magical world thaties at the brink of destructionI have no comment on the cover but the title of TORN is perfect Maura Mo Fitzgerald is torn Torn between her incarcerated father and the uncle who stepped in to take care of her and her mother Torn between the Dare Mighty Things life sheed in the shadow of her vibrant and beautiful best friend and the future she must embrace in the wake of her friends murder Torn between a new world of magic and the mundane world she s always known Torn between the human guy assigned to protect her and the magical guy who needs her to save his peopleAs much as I The Texas Rangers Heiress Wife liked the romances and the choices Mo had to make I did have a couple issues The first half of TORN readsike a contemporary YA with only the barest hint of anything paranormal going on I wish the author had speed up the narrative and kicked in the paranormal elements much earlier as the excitement danger and romance really took off once they came into play I also never got over the protagonist s name Her name is Maura but everyone calls her Mo or even Mouse It never stopped sounding weird every time I read itOverall despite the slow start and odd name the Her Outback Protector (Men of the Outback last half of TORN rocked Theove triangle works exceptionally well and Eternal Quest like Mo I felt torn between Collin and Luc too There is so much toearn about the magical world that hides along side our own and Mo s role in saving it I m already The Widows Little Secret looking forward to how it all plays out in TANGLED the second book in the Torn Trilogy which will be published in February of 2012Sexual ContentKissing Who doesn tove a character torn between two dangerous worlds and two risky guys The only thing safe about this book is how good it isI can t decide who I think Mo should end up with Probably Colin but Luc may win me over Two of my favorite romantic Resurrection Year love interests this year I have heard some people say that the cover didn t really pull them in For me the cover had absolutely nothing to do with me picking up this book I have an advanced review copy It is green and simply says Torn on the cover I grabbed this book simply because the title caught my attention Simple yet powerful I was curious to see what this book was really about From the very first few pages I was hooked Mo soss and uest for revenge paired with her growing and often confusing feelings about two very different men in her The Fire Within (Rockford Fire Department life make readers fall inove with her With every page I found myself becoming and wrapped up in her and in this intriguing and original story I also found myself conflicted along with Mo over which guy was really right for her First there is Luc who knew her friend Verity and is directly connected to all the magic that has now taken over Mo s ife Mo is sure that he had a thing for Verity and is constantly overwhelmed with doubts Does he really want her or is she merely a substitute for the girl he can no onger have Then we have Colin who has been hired to protect her but who is slowly Tame an Older Man (Harlequin American Romance, letting his guard down From the beginning I knew that something would happen between these two and I am glad it did Colin simply wants to keep her safe and will do whatever it takes to protect her I have to admit I can t decide who I want her to be with If youike supernaturalfantasy books then you should definitely check this one out Even if you don t I say check this out anyway Two guys Two worlds Two destinies One ChoiceYikes I know right The Treacherous Is the Night (Verity Kent, love triangle alarm is blaring in my ears I should ve really ran for the hills Let me be honest and say I didn t see that blurb when I started reading Otherwise Torn would ve been thrown in a pile of maybe never I have an aversion toove triangle but for once this book actually handled it in a way that didn t incite some self inflicted eyes gouging This book was uite a pleasant surprise In a way it was reminiscent of Holly Black s Curse Workers series Mafia and magic seems A Miracle, A Universe like an odd combination but they somehow worked Maura Fitzgerald just witnessed the horrifying murder of her best friend Verity She tried to convince herself that it was only a case of being in the wrong place and at the wrong time But deep inside she knew that there was no such thing for someoneike her After all her family s ties to the mob was as notorious as her father s reputation as a money aundering felon They have enemies seen and now seemingly unseen She made a promise to avenge her death but there are forces in the works that her usually uiet existence didn t prepare her for With a hired bodyguard keeping an eye on her every move and a shady boy who keeps on popping in places when she east expects him to Mo finds out eventually that getting entangled with the mob would be a walk in the park compared to the world that she s about to stumble into It s uite funnyand weird how the fated saviour of the entire world as we know it was killed right off the bat so the story focused on the second fiddle I hard a hard time accepting it first because of the numerous times I was told that Mo hate that name by the way would never amount to anything as glorious as saving the world But as the story unfolds Mo s determination to find Verity s killers became the spine that she initially Aguecheeks Beef, Belchs Hiccup, and Other Gastronomic Interjections lacked If you ask me I think the blurb on the front cover was a bit misleading Theove triangle wasn t really the focal point of the story until closer to the end when Colin uestionably and without warning started to change the way he saw Mo and how he acted around her The author eliminated much of the agony that I go through when I read Black Metropolis, Vol. 2 love triangles and to which I m very thankful Theead charater didn t even waffle about the two By Words Alone love interests untilwellike I said until closer to the end Mo spent the majority of the book angsting over what amounts to betrayal had she return Luc s advances You see Constantinople and the West like her I was under the impression that Luc and Verity had a thing and to some extent they did The author didn t really spend too much time explaining about the complexities of their relationship nor did she do a good job of convincing me that Luc could just fall inike with Mo based on Verity s stories about her alone I do wish that the magic and incantations or spells were a bit evolved I don t know about you but I tend to ike magic books filled with words I can t uit. Guessed To find the answers she needs and the vengeance she craves Mo uiet ordinary unmagical Mo will have to enter a world of raw magic and shifting alliances And she'll have

E pronounced When an author describes the spell as something fluid indiscernible and foreign without really divulging about it I feel ike it s a cop out way of saying I couldn t be bothered with researchor being original for that matter Despite my grievances I found Torn to be an enjoyable read It had action set in two worlds that had no business intersecting a reluctant heroine bound for greatness and a promising romance which is sure to give me future headaches But hey I feel that we barely scratched the surface of this mystical world and Mo s inherited powers has barely been tapped I have the second book and rest assured it s going up a notch or two in my insurmountable TBR pile Okay so from the blurb it sounds Myst like the book is going to open with some action right Well it doesn t because guess what The first half of the blurb happens before the book even starts Yeah how exciting I don t even care that this wonderful friend is dead because I never even meet herThis though is theeast of the problems I had with Torn I d The Chinese Love Pavilion like to start with something positive and I m finding it hard That s not to say the book was horrible It wasn t It was just okay I received this from a LibraryThings give away and it s taken me almost a month to read it I finally forced myself to take it to the gym and read on the treadmill just so I could finally get it out of the wayThere were so many things I wanted toike about it but I just couldn t So starting there the first thing was the cover The cover put me off right away I know I shouldn t judge the book by the cover and in this case I truly didn t I hate the cover The girl ooks boring and pasty and I hate the weird part in her bangs And what was up with the cloth wrapped around her head The blurb is what made me want to read this book and I hope that the next book in the series has a better cover because this one didn t do the book any favorsMoving on from the superficialThe characters oh how they drove me nuts Mo or Mouse as random people call her is supposed to be nice Yes nice We re told multiple times throughout the novel that she is nice one while Verity is the energetic pretty vibrant friendly outgoing special one The problem with nice is that it s boring and we never really see Mo do anything or even say anything that would abel her as super nice She has very few interactions with people her own age other than her Dolphin Confidential love interests She doesn t seemike the nice type She s mildly rude to her mom her uncle her Mairis Mermaid lawyer the police and even herove interests and only hangs out with another friend because she doesn t want people to talk about her not being nice and normal Luc is the first Windchill Summer love interest to appear and oh what a tangled mess she gets into with him right away He s weird and is pretending to be a doctor and he might have been dating her dead friend Verity But what s so bad about that It s perfectly normal and nice of course toust after your dead friend s boyfriend at her funeral right See why I don t buy the whole Mo is sooo nice aspect For the first half of the book Luc is weird annoying frustrating and filled with a superiority complex Nothing appealing at all about him yet apparently he s hot and that is enough for Mo The second half he gets a bit better although he becomes a bit boring and predictable then O Rourke it seemed couldn t decide who Luc was One moment he s talking as if he were an old fashioned middle aged man and the next he s using the word ain t Considering the sometimes unusual not is a good way vocabulary O Rourke chooses to use instead of a well placed common noun or verb I m thinking she was often pulling words from the dictionary just to sound smart Maybe this is what happened to LucI did The Shadow of Your Smile like Colin He was independent distrustful of everyone even Mo and he seemed to have a believable attitude to the world he wasiving in Too bad O Rourke had to ruin his consistency by having him fall for Mo Considering he s a few years older and obviously has maturity from his The Three Worlds life experiences than Mo I couldn t figure out why she appealed to him in theeast The kiss between them was steamy though and I In the Belly ll give O Rourke props for thatThe plot dragged Seriously dragged Like cut the first hundred pages of Mo flip flopping betweenusting for Luc and then trying to focus on her dead friend s death all while Becoming Mona Lisa lusting after Luc just to remind us that Mo is a mature high schooler who doesn t want to be trapped in her hometown forever Oh sucks to be you Colin who will nevereave his hometown He s SOL in the seuelThe action once it starts in the Lectures on Buildings last few chapters is confusing andacking specific details The magic blasted into her the magic blazed around them The nebula consumed her Let the nebula consume her Yes that nebula consumed her twice within two pages There was also something about Land lines and they were actually an infinity of worlds andives that crisscrossed and they were beautiful I wished I could have visualized what O Rourke was seeing as she wrote the final scene but alas she didn t give me any detailsThis is obviously part of a series but sadly I will not bother picking up the next book I value my time too much to be bothered spending another month of my ife struggling to be interested in these characters and a magical world that I have to create on my ownYou can find other reviews by my on my blog Turning the Pages One of my favorite reads of 2011 I guess I should have ooked closely to see that the 4 star rating only came from 200 and some readers but c mon people where are your standards A great The Armlet of the Gods looking cover even if the girl does have a slightly droopy eye which is charmingly realistic instead of photo shopped to the Uncanny Valley does not mean a great book Neither does the tension of two out of hereague hot guys competing for the perpetually nerdyclumsyunder appreciatedunconsciously attractive shy girl who is determined to be a reckless impulsive Nancy Drew Supergirl Especially when that tension is pretty non existent unless you count all the arguing which reads simply The Crystal Rose like arguing not thinly veiled flirtation or even attractionDon t tell me it was the drawl Seriously Wait It was because they were both over 20 isn t it I admit not many YA novels venture toet a jail bait high schooler hook up with an older dangerous experienced hot guy Paradise For Two let alone two She must be pretty amazing to be that tempting I mean character s keep saying it but there really isn t much proof it s actually true Luckily the guys fail toive up to their descriptions as well so as Finding Happily-Ever-After (Matchmaking Mamas, long as your standards are sufficiently mediocre and all you need is aittle ustful kissy face to stir your tender teenage ongings than this Drama, Psychotherapy and Psychosis lacklusterove triangle may have been intoxicating enough to muster up the 4 starsCertainly it wasn t the story I mean the first 11 chapters were so slow Blah blah blah useless repetitive dialogue on top of inconsistent details and gaping plot holes Yeah and what was with the paranormal element in all this It is just sovague I guess that s how the flat ifeless characters accept it all so readily they don t need any justification than the author happens to hint at Lucky themReally it s all so vastly pointless the characters the story the whole bland mess of it I can t even force myself to care about it but I made myself finish it the 4 stars giving me false hope the book would somehow be redeemed by the end See I got suckered into it too. O choose between two very different eually dangerous guys protective duty bound Colin and brash mysterious Luc One wants to save her one wants to claim her Which would you choose.

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