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Sable the physical infrastructure destroying our planet It s a tall and intimidating order but the authors make a passionate and convincing case for its feasibility and its necessity I ve had to revise my rating and want to say why I revisited the book s accompanying website for some unrelated research and saw that they had updated some of their information Keep in mind they consider this essential to the I m still not 100% convinced about agriculture what if it s done on a very small scale but I agree with 90 50% of their analysisReading this book was the first time in awhile that my entire soul was set on fire with passion I actually had no idea just how much of the planet we had already destroyed and how uickly we are killing what s eft If I ever join or support an environmental group in the future it will be DGR they are the only ones whose analysis matches the scope of the problem and whose strategy aims to win no matter whatI see ending ind We all change and evolve in our thinking over time When I read this book years ago it was formative and urgent However examining it with the knowledge I have now my review has changed Essential reading for any aspiring revolutionary 172 pages in and stunned by the density of information clarity and maturity of the discussion and breadth of the issues covered For me at Black on Blonde least this is a very important book Itooks at our community issues and really puts them under a microscope It does a ot of explaining why current structures social political financial are damaging and it resonates very well with my own observations feelings and concerns It is not the book I thought I was about to read but I am delighted that I have it. Ploration of organizational structures recruitment security and target selection for both aboveground and underground action Deep Green Resistance also discusses a culture of resistance and the crucial support role that it can playDeep Green Resistance is a plan of action for anyone determined to fight for this planet and wi.

As with most books by this trio of authors I disliked Deep Green Resistance First et me explain the American Nietzsche layout of the book The first section mostly written by Lierre Keith is centered on the philosophy and motivation behind the book Section two written by Aric McBay is actually uite good and is all about building a movement and I would suggest these few chapters for those Holy ShitThe holy grail if environmentalism and activism Im digging it a LOT Coming from someone doing their Phd on climate change and you ask yourself soike we are royally fucked and Art, Culture, and Cuisine like what are people doing about it yeah nothing how bout thatThis book tells itike it is and tells you how to act Love it Berlioz and His Century love itKaplowey I disagree with the authors on only one point I think we re already past the point of no return But I agree with them in that I don t think that means we shouldn t try The human species is the cockroach of the world We have invaded every habitat in the world and destroyed every one with which we have come in contact I wasn t really being fair to cockroaches in the preceding statementWake up folks Technology isn t going to save us With each increase in technology we increase our energy use The authors are absolutely correct Unless we eliminate consumption capitalism we re heading toward uick extinction very uick and uite possibly in theifetime of some of the readers If you don t want this to happen take their advice Organize I m pessimistic that we can evolve capitalism fast enough to stop the destruction of our home In America especially we care primarily about the economic system the capital markets and whether our retirement is secure in a community with a golf course Hyper. For years Derrick Jensen has asked his audiences Do you think this culture will undergo a voluntary transformation to a sane and sustainable way of Aristotles Rhetoric life No one ever says yesDeep Green Resistance starts where the environmental movementeaves off industrial civilization is incompatible with ife Technology can't fix it and sh.

Bolic barely When one reads the iterature one sees that we ve exceeded the planetary boundaries in 7 out of 9 categories Let s go for 9 out of nine Using a cloth bag and driving a Prius will delay it by three months perhaps Wake up folks Honestly we ve exceeded 7 out of 9 planetary boundaries according to recent research What is it we don t understand about that And the real problem is the Earth s systems have absorbed an extraordinary amount of disturbance but the interconnections are getting incredibly tight and the positive feedback Charting an Empire loops are accelerating What is it that we don t getWe have yet to imagine a rich and wonderfulife with fewer resources It s simply a failure of our imaginations Once we ve Colored Property lived the goodife we don t want to change And therein Desire and Truth lies the problem The status uo is always easier If you believe the world works according to Newtonian mechanics it s inertia of rest from which we suffer Change is the only thing on which we can depend The authors offer us a path of deep green resistance It is not a path most people want to take because it s difficult and demands sacrifices In a culture that works hard to pacify us into a soporific passivity this is a call to armsAre you in Extremely well researched inspiring and encouraging A true call to arms to save the planet from destruction A must read for all environmentalists and social justice warriors A must read for anyone seeking effective strategies to address environmental and social crises Deep Green Resistanceays out a plan with an actual chance of success Decisive Ecological Warfare Aboveground activists must rebuild ocal sustainable democratic communities while underground activists di. Opping no matter how green won’t stop it To save this planet we need a serious resistance movement that can bring down the industrial economy Deep Green Resistance evaluates strategic options for resistance from nonviolence to guerrilla warfare and the conditions reuired for those options to be successful It provides an ex.

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