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Ond The book talked a lot about being a handball of Satan and of miracles and even spoke of church and the Bible but did not mention God once That troubles me in a book that I would pass on to children I don t want them to buy into the idea that we can have all of those other things and live a good life while overlooking God This is an excellent choice to read aloud to children ages 4 to 9 Each event that happens is small but with significance to the young boy and also to the young reader listener Traveling along with Siebren and his grandfather on the path to his aunt s house we get so completely caught up in his joy about such things as finding and getting to eep a ball that the extremely dramatic magical ending is an exultant joy I am not spoiling it to tell you this because I ve left out all details and you will very likely have forgotten it in the minutiae of the departure the lumber pile the tea shop etc I read this almost 20 years ago when I first started as a children s librarian although long after it was originally published I liked it better than The Wheel on the School but certainly both are masterpieces of sensitivity to the child like wonder in small things and the careful attention children pay to the tiny things they notic. T was alive with ten hundred thousand fireflies darting in the night and frogs booming at them But Grandpa said it was dangerous too they had to eep on the pa.

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E If you are a parent observing your own child as she or he is amazed by the world around him or her I believe you both will enjoy reading this together I love Meindert DeJong s writing This is my second DeJong book He wrote mostly children s literature which is my favorite I was first attracted to this book by the title but nowing the author and reading the summary I new I wanted to read it Since it is out of print my sister pulled through with a copy that she found on line and gave to me for my birthday It is about a little boy who has to spend much of his time taking care of his little brother and has little time left to be a child One day his Grandfather takes him on a journey to see his great aunt and along the way he experiences childhood pleasures and grown up problems I love how DeJong understands children and completely captures the way they think and learn I also love his writing stylehere is a uote from the bookHe took his good hand and placed it in Grandfather s hand and together they walked toward the turning mill Where the sun went down would be the marsh and the monastery in the marsh and the frogs and the storks and the cranes and the herons and two people walking and nobody laughing and everything strange lovely wonderfu. Th when SPLASH Grandpa fell in Aunt Hinka came to the rescue in her little boat just in time Oh what a menacing and magical journey it was from Peppermint Stre.

JAR5 DeJ Journey from Peppermint street is an adventure story set in the Netherlands It s a pretty religious little book and that threw me for a loop The book could be divided into three sections Luck superstition and miracles God and good ol Satan triumph over all three sections which is too bad I like my adventure stories to be on the magical side of things This adventure was on the opposite end of that spectrum I thought On the psychological realism sideThe setting was great the bouncy ball that saves Grandpa from the marshes my favorite the folklore delightfully bizarre and obscure The handball of Satan you do not want to be a handball of satan and there were even a few one liners t I enjoyed the story and the childish perspective from which it was told Siebren thinks like a nine year old and as he travels away from home for the first time he is learning to understand the world with each passing experience I loved the winsome spirit of his Aunt Hinka and Uncle Siebren They are the ind of grown ups that I want to be Two reasons for a four star review rather than five First the writing dragged on at times It was definitely the author s choice and the story was well written but I have never had the patience for that type of writing Sec. Siebren could hardly believe it here he was walking with his grandfather all the way to Aunt Hinka's in the dark too Now he and Grandpa had reached the marsh

Meindert De Jong was an award winning author of children's books He was born in the village of Wierum of the province of Friesland in the NetherlandsDe Jong immigrated to the United States with his family in 1914 He attended Dutch Calvinist secondary schools and Calvin College in Grand Rapids Michigan and entered the University of Chicago but left without graduatingHe held various jobs d