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Sized and printable offers a uick review of pressure ulcer prevention strategies wound assessment pressure ulcer stages and treatment wound care products Online at DavisPlus No ee No password No registration A wealth of interactive activities tools and resources provide even ways to ensure safety 1stNEW Interactive Flash cards present the generic name of a drug on one side and the brand names and therapeutic classification on the otherNEW Audio podcasts Say Youll Stay And Marry Me feature information on how to use Davis's Drug Guideor Nurses evidence based practice and pharmacotherapeutics NEW pharmacogenomics medication errors special dosing considerations and educating patientsAnimations demonstrate the administration and absorption of oral drugs and schematic brain illustrations depict the impact of certain DSM disorders and the effect of psychotropic medications on patientsVideo Clips illustrate the safe administration of medicationsInteractive Case Studies develop critical thinking skills through brief real life scenarios Rafaellos Mistress followed by a series of uestions with answers and rationalesSelect Tutorialsrom the Resource Kit CD ROM provide an evidence based overview of safe and effective medication administration A multiple choice self test or each topic helps students assess their mastery An.

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EtentlyUPDATED UNIUE Preventing Medication Errors Tutorial provides a medication safety review a self test with real life scenarios physician orders rationales or correct and incorrect answersUPDATED UNIUE Psychotropic Drugs Tutorial depicts the safe administration of psychotropic medication and includes monograph content Rascal for select psychotropic drugs and a multiple choice self testUPDATED Wound Care Tutorial provides a photographic overview of the different types of wounds and wound care products as well as a self test with answers and rationalesUPDATED FREE mobile download of 100 complete drug monographs NEW Free 1 year subscription to Drug Guide Online DrugGuidecomeaturing over 1500 complete drug monographs the latest FDA approvals and much UPDATED Interactive Case Studies offer brief real life scenarios Another Day of Life followed by a series of uestions Results can be printed or e mailedUPDATED Drug Search Program offers easy access to nearly 700 drug monographs with audio pronunciations Copy paste and print each oneNEW Calculatoror Body Mass Index BMI as well as calculators What Would You Like? for metric conversions IV drip rates dosagekg calculations and FahrenheitCelsiusNEW Audio Libraryor nearly 1000 drug names Narcissus in Chains (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, from the Davis's Drug Guideor Nurses databaseWound Care Clinical Sheet pocket.

Safety 1stThe information nurses needwhen where and how they need itToday's most comprehensive nursing drug guideemphasizes safety 1stDavis's Drug Guide Cinderella for a Night (36 Hours, for Nurses Twelfth Edition in card deckorm offers portable on the go access to the accurate drug information your students need to put safety 1stPresents up to date information on approximately 400 generic drugs and 40 group monographs that reflect recent FDA changes and pharmacogenomic content where appropriate Provides a color coded index that lists generic and trade names drug classifications and combination drugs Features 42 drug classifications on yellow cards directly Friend Foe following index Identifies high alert medications and therapeutic effects Houses up to 30 cards in a portable plastic carrying pouch Updates the nursing diagnoses Includes theull CD ROM Resource Kit The Longevity Diet from Davis's Drug Guideor Nurses Twelfth Edition plus all of the FREE student and instructor resources available on DavisPlus upon adoption Safety 1st with Uniue clinical and learing toolsResource Kit CD ROM Mac PC Compatible This is not your ordinary drug guide CD ROM Completely revised and updated Davis's Drug Guide Twelfth Edition CD ROM is a complete Resource Kit with tools students and clinicians need to administer medications safety and comp.