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Raduated college with a 40 GPA I welcome ANY book telling the tale of a strong intellectual female Fiona Mountain truly wrote a beautiful work with Lady of the Butterflies Combining elements of dedicated intelligence with obessesion Eleanor tends to pick science experimentation over her children at times Lady of the Butterflies is emotional vivid and will leave you clamboring for details Which is easy to do because the novel is a smooth exciting read I know we hear this often but you seriously won t be able to put this one downFilled with well known scientists this book is both a history lesson and a the plot of period piece film Another strong female in history but one not as discussed Lady of the Butterflies is a must read In Lady of the Butterflies author Fiona Mountain tackles the life of the spirited and tenacious Eleanor Glanville Known today as one of the pione. F a Puritan soldier who fears for his brilliant daughter with her dangerous passion for natural history and for butterflies in particularHer reckless courage will take her to places where no.

2 12 stars I hate it when I have a love hate relationship with a book It makes deciding to keep reading or dump difficult It also makes rating difficult I m going with 3 stars but my real rating is like 2 stars I sually round p if I think a book Just didn t grab me Lovely writing style if a bit too descriptive at times Author obviously has talent The problem for me is I m not interested in the draining of England s swamps and rivers or Puritans For me to spend 4 days reading a 500 page novel it must GRAB me and hold me This particular tale is too slow for my taste If was cropped to 300 pages or thereabouts and got to the point I would probably love it Thus DNF Beauty AND brains That is the ideal combination to a man right If so then Eleanor Glanville had it all Class as the daughter of a nobleman and intelligence with a love and knack for science As a female who Born into a world seething with treachery and suspicion Eleanor Goodricke grows p on the Somerset Levels just after the English Civil Wars heiress to her late mother's estates and daughter

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Er entomologists of the 17th century Eleanor was an anomaly among the women of her day and her personal life was no less captivating Raised by her staunch Puritan father after the death of her mother and sister Eleanor s childhood was sheltered and lonely For a child whose very soul craved fresh air freedom and nature she found it difficult to adhere to the restrictions of her father s religion Though education was for boys Eleanor s father encouraged her studies in nature especially her love of butterflies as to him they were a sign from God of hope and eternal life Not everyone appreciated Eleanor s inuisitive nature though and townspeople were sure she was a little touched in the head After all this was the 17th century and superstition rampant in small towns with many still believing that butterflies are souls of the ndead view spoiler Bettie s Books hide spoiler. Woman of her day ever dared to go Her fearless ambition will give her a place in history for all time But it is her passionate heart which will lead her into a consuming love and mortal peril.

Fiona Mountain grew up in Sheffield and moved to London aged eighteen where she worked in the press office for Radio 1 for ten years handling the PR for presenters including John Peel Mark Radlcliffe and Steve Wright and traveling with the Radio 1 Summer RoadshowHer first novel Isabella tells the haunting love story of Bounty mutineer Fletcher Christian and his cousin Isabella Curwen It was