Edward de Bono: Serious Creativity Using the Power of Lateral Thinking to Create New Ideas

Good book This book is inspiring It sets the concept of creative thinking under another ightThe books provide a great structure to make you work with your creativity The basic theory the techniues and session s structures how to harvest ideas and how to finalize the whole session All of this in great details Is this book as good as E De Bono says Aren t there already better techniues out The only way to answer this uestions is to understand and try creative thinking first hand If you wonder about you can become creative this book will be of assistancede Bono takes you the process and teaches you how the brain works and how you can work your brain to become creative not the easiest read but artistic creativity is not creative thinking As many of you know I developed an enhanced method of gr. Creativity is becoming increasingly important for all businesses as competition intensifies beca.

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Tive endevoursI highly recommend taking notes as you read this and highlighting sections that you find interesting as you go because the material in this book is fairly denseDepending on what you want to get out of it there are also a number of sections that you can skip should you wish I personally skipped over the section in which de Bono discusses methods in which you can introduce Lateral Thinking into an organisation as I don t believe I Copper Lake Secrets ll have a need for that Not yet anywayOverall Serious Creativity is an interesting read in which you are given plenty of tools to help you be efficient in your creative efforts Few books have a potential to take your ability to the nextevel and Serious Creativity is one of them Complete guide for creating and implementing new ideas Ground Breaking stuff. And assets In this book the author brings up to date the core concept of his book Lateral Thinki.

Oup creativity think brainstorming called Infinite Ideas for information visit ideascoach This book was my introduction to creativity It is now out of print but other de Bono books Brooklyn's Song like Lateral Thinking or The Six Thinking Hats are This book helped me to convince myself that creativity resides in everybody and that everybody can make use of their creative talent I hope to be able to use this knowledge in my personal and in my workingife The content of the book is pure gold but the way it is conveyed is utterly dull and boring Had to make my self read it If only there were practical and goto shortened version of the work somewhat theoretical and Men Are Like Waffles--Women Are Like Spaghetti Devotional Study Guide less practical Not bad for its generation An interestingook into a new way of thinking expressly for the purpose of generating new ideas for crea. Use to act creatively is the best and cheapest way to get added value out of existing resources.

Edward de Bono is a Maltese physician author inventor and consultant He is best known as the originator of the term lateral thinking structured creativity and the leading proponent of the deliberate teaching of thinking in schools