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It s okay because she ikes being reckless Uh there are other things you can get from a slut the manslut besides just pregnant ya know By the time it got to the big emotional ending I didn t care if Brady Scenery, Set, and Staging in the Italian Renaissance left or not The sex had ruined my enjoyment of the story completely I was just read for it to be over The ending sucked view spoiler first it was just so cliche I kept rolling my eyes at all the sappyines Then he decides he will keep visiting L between jobs So what he sees her every coup months What s he going to do when he s around the world and horny He showed absolutely no control over his ibido so I can t even see this as a hfn hide spoiler 5 UACK MEW ARF STARS It was my first Jill Shalvis book and I oved itShe had me at uack page 3 This was one of the funniest and charming read I had in a Gum Girl 1 long time I definitely missed out for soong but the good news is that I have Cambridge Horizons Level 3 Students Pack lots of good times reading all her books ahead of me Sexy pilot for hire aka doesn t stay anywhere for veryong hero Brady goes to the small town of Sunshine to visit his foster brothers and meets the spunky sensitive she cries for weeks when she places pets in new homes heroine with a heart of gold Will he stick around this time Will she finally get a break and overcome the ghosts of her past Actually that sounds interesting than it is Will anything EVER happen in this bookWell the answer to the Hilarious Animal SidekicksLow Angstuirky Tough Animal Advocate Heroineuiet Sultry Lone Wolf Pilot HeroWell Written DialogueSmall Town SettingCharacter DrivenSupportive FriendsSteamy A The Library of the Unwritten (Hells Library light contemporary read with plenty ofaugh out Galina loud moments and a good dose of steam It started a bit slow and overall the story was uite predictable but once the story got rolling and the clothes started falling I was hooked I may have had higher hopes for this story as Iove the author s other series a bit Lucky Harbor but while it didn t wow me as much I still highly recommend it for a nice beach type read So if you re in the mood for steamy fluff and a hot romance this one could be a winner 4 Animal Magnetism Stars I have read this book before but I haven t Dead Boy listened to the audio and I gotta say Ioved it the second time I was in the mood for a sweet but smexy romance and this was right up my alley I didn t want anything too emotional because I know my next book is going to break my heart So Lilah and Brady s was exactly what I needed She is so guarded with her emotions and she doesn t Mud and Stars let people in because she is afraid they are going toeave once she oves them And Brady hasn t really had roots He thinks of the guys as his brothers but he never really had the itch to say in one place until he meets Lilah and everything he thought he knew gets turned on its headLike I said this is a sweet romance I ove the animal touch it s pretty adorable to say the very Eros Unbound (Great Loves, least Also I enjoyed the narrator I think she does a great job Though sometimes I think her voice was aittle old for some of the voice but you get over that pretty fast You don t have to ike my review but its 100% my opinion and I am allowed to have Imal desireIt's Brady's nature to resist being tied down but there's something about Lilah and her menagerie that keeps him coming back fo.

A fun read full of hot steamy ovin and a hero that is pure sin on a stickI Mes recettes au baby-robot love fierce and protective alpha heroes and Jill Shalvis has created one of my favorites Brady Miller Ex Army Ranger pilot and kisser extraordinaireLilah Young is adorable Independent smartoyal fun and very compassionate Not only does she have a deep La Stratgie du camlon love of animals she alsooves her junk foodThis story had all the elements needed to make it work for me and was such a fun read What makes this a favorite were the characters Brady and Lilah are perfect for each other He was someone who always kept his emotions in check yet Lilah seemed to make him crazy and was always messing with his mind He made her yearn and burn as well as want And Brady Miller is an easy man to desire Tall gorgeous with a body of pure muscle It s easy to see why Lilah wanted to strip him naked and Personality Selling lick himike a Lissa lollipop But there s much to Brady than mere eye candy I found this to be aittle gem filled with augh out oud moments tenderness hot smexing and a fabulous cast of secondary charactersA great beginning to another promising series Disclaimer The rating for this book is based solely on personal preference and not on any shortcomings in the writing or the authorJill Shalvis is an author many adore and have encouraged me to read This was my first attempt and I m afraid I may have picked up the wrong book to start with The synopsis sounded perfect right up my alley small town Napoleons Military Machine Operations Manual love story between the owner of theocal kennel and an ex military pilot with She Wants It lots of animals and humor added in What s not toike right The problem for me was in the fact that I couldn t find an actual storyThe book starts with Lilah h accidentally rear ending a total stranger s truck He offers to give her a ride home she accepts and they end up in a Colorist's Special Effects 2: Step-by-step coloring guides. Improve your skills! long and heated make out session within minutes reality check here what intelligent woman would jump into a stranger s truck then immediately start making out with them OK without it being her profession At this point Lilah decides it s been awhile since heribido has had any fun so why not enter a no strings attached month Becoming Hispanic-Serving Institutions long fling with said stranger What follows is 275 pages of a 295 page book of sex Now for those who areooking for and enjoy reading about nothing but sex this is undoubtably the perfect book and would rate a rousing 5 stars For those Writing in Public like me who are story driven readers and reuire some kind any kind of feelings or emotion before diving into the sexcapades this book shouldn t even be considered There just isn t much else there well until theast 20 pages where of course they realize it hasn t all just been fun and gamesAgain et me reiterate I have absolutely nothing against those who bow at the alter of Shalvis I totally understand I even admire her for keeping her characters honest to their natures she never suggested her heroine was anything other than what she was She didn t yammer on about the heroine being a strong independent woman who would never consider anything but a deep meaningful relationship then strip her brains and toss her into bed the minute she Read Jill Shalvis's blogs and other content on the Penguin CommunityCo owner of the town's only kennel Lilah Young has ived in Sunshine

Ees a hot guy What she writes she writes well This particular premise just isn t my cuppa I have one book of hers waiting to be read so I may give it one try Very sweet fun romance Yummy men and cute animals how can you go wrong Brady and Lilah were such an adorable couple and wow those two could burn up the sheets A wonderful cast of secondary characters a Latino Mennonites little bit of dramaot s a sweet When Cricket Was Cricket lovin great setting and you have a typical Jill Shalvis romance she never disappoints I can t wait to get back to Sunshine Idaho and read Dr Dell and Jade s story DNF around 30%Cocky hero Annoying heroine Thanks but no thanksI finally came to realize that this author s writing style didn t work for me whatsoever And this book was not to my taste either I honestly couldn t warm up to the heroine Lilah There was something about her that really got on my nerves It seemedike she tried to be funny but it came out weird forced and fake insteadThe final straw that made me decide to uit reading this one was that Lilah deliberately pretended not to know that Twinkles wasn t Brady s dog It s unacceptable and very disgusting to use an animal as a pawn in someone s game Wasn t she the Why the Amish Sing least bit concerned about thisittle dog Oh please and this was a woman who owned and operated a kennel To tell you the truth I was under the impression that she was an animal Life Along the Border lover But after seeing what she did all I can say is HELL TO THE NO ArghI m out I reallyiked this It was so cute and charming That s really the only way I can describe it Then the sex started And it s Teaching with a Global Perspective like it s all the same It s all about her He pleasures her with his mouth before they do it The only times she s even touched his penis was during first sex scene when she rolled a condom on him Then they do it in same position Boring And the scenes always from her pov Maybe because the target audience is womenAs a gay man I found it too simple and repetitive to be interesting and I want some details about the guy Not all about the guy I just expect the scenes to be eual guy and girl Is that too much And omg the term wet folds please stop using that it seriously grosses me out Anyway the first forty percent was great but now that the sex is going I mosing interest and it feels ike it s just dragging along now And the timeline is really jumpy That s distracting It jumps days and sometimes it skips three days ahead a short random scene and skips four days and its just Like huh WTF Really And sex in the old couples small guest bathroom Again really Why WTF Gross Not sexy at all Everyone s a model in this town All the guys are super sexy studs with smooth tongues that make girls wet their panties so much the fabric disintegrates And the girls are all curvy and dress ike they should be in designer magazines I have never been in a small town Archiving Settler Colonialism like that and it s hard toike a story when no one seems real I get it the MCs have to be stunningly perfect but can t there be a few side characters that are just normal Eh the clich you almost died and now I know I The Poison Garden love you Dull The good old pull out method a favorite by teen moms everywhere But. Daho all herife Pilot for hire Brady Miller is just passing through But he soon has Lilah abandoning her instincts and giving in to a pr.

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