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Is is not five star reading material However it rates five stars because my second grader eats these books up and is getting a glimpse of loads of different places and historical events The children found a high tree and they are curious enough to search for answers Annie is the oungest one and she never thinks before she acts Jack is the most serious one and he almost every time she saves his little sisterDifferent personalities that when combined they experience the most awesome adventures Dinosaurs Before Dark Magic Tree House Series 1 by Mary Pope OsborneA good transition into chapter books for the new readerWhile formulaic predictable and not particularly clever this series serves the purpose of providing adventure at a fast moving pace for the new to chapter book set The predictable nature of these books adds to their appeal as it makes them easier to comprehend and also helps them stay familiar Kids of this age can be easily daunted by books and tend to be drawn to the familiar This would also be a good read aloud for a Besser Php Programmieren younger childThe first book in the series Dinosaurs makes a great introduction to the set It has plenty of suspense and a fairly simpleet exciting plot There is also the addition of accurate dinosaur facts that contribute to further learning without it seeming contrivedThe main characters Jack and Annie are a boy and a girl without too strong of a focus on either so this book is appealing to both genders While missing the humor and cleverness of other books for this age group it still delivers on action adventure and suspenseSchool Library JournalGr 1 3 This enjoyable time travel fantasy is a successful beginning chapter book Jack and his ounger sister find a tree house filled with books When he wishes he could really see the Pteranodon pictured in one of them it appears at the window The children have been transported back to the Cretaceous period They begin to explore and are soon threatened by a Tyrannosaurus The Pteranodon comes to their rescue and they figure out enough about the magic that carried them back in time to be able to use it to return home There is plenty of suspense and magic here and enough dinosaur information to please science buffs Characterization is sketchy and older children will find the plot predictable but readers just past the easy to read stage will find it satisfying It should attract those who devour Ruth Chew s books Louise L Sherman Anna C Scott School Leonia NJ Exactly my thoughts on the book Reread for nostalgia s sake it s so weird how when i was a kid they would take me an hour to read but now i can go through it in 20 minutes. Past Now they have to figure out how to get home Can they do it before dark or will they become a dinosaur's dinne.

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Of a new book We have learned about and wanted to investigate further mummies space ghost towns a player piano sabertooth tigers Africa and They are a perfect fictional introduction to nearly any subjectFor first read aloud chapter books they are really great too because they don t deal with school or interpersonal relationships between friends teachers older kids etc that a preschooler doesn t have the ability to relate to et We have had several other chapter books here but they were above his head Not vocabulary these have great vocab words but in situation I also love that these have great adventures that with both a male and female protagonist and situations that both boys and girls could relate to and love Beginning readerFor grades 1 3Jack and his sister Annie discover a book filled tree house and when Jack opens a book about dinosaurs discover that it can magically transport them back in time to see real dinosaursOrganized into ten short chapters with a full page illustration per chapter this is a highly appealing story for early readers The text is clear and concise with a fairly simple vocabulary but with characters and plot that will keep readers hooked The black and white illustrations are simple helping readers to visualize the characters and action while the text tells the bulk of the story Because the story features a brother and sister both boys and girls can find a protagonist to identify with Annie likes fantasy and make believe while Jack is interested in reality and facts These personality traits drive the action as Annie acts impulsively while Jack stands back and makes careful observations about the dinosaurs This would be a great introduction to the chapter book format and the length and variety of the series will allow readers to come back again and again to see where the tree house takes the children nextSchool Library Journal s review is choppy and relies primarily on plot description but does point out the scientific content which would hook dinosaur fans Publisher s Weekly is enthusiastic about the book s appeal to children and nicely points out the way Jack continues to consult the dinosaur book for information throughout the storyAugust 2018 we read the first half aloud and listened to the whole thing again on CD Ben was really interested and wants to keep going with the seriesOctober 2018 he found this again we read the second half out loud and he wanted me to start again at the beginning immediately He s also re listening to the CD Update we re on our 4th reading and between that and the audiobook he practically has it memorized As an adult I d have to say th. The tree house come fromBefore Jack and Annie can find out the mysterious tree house whisks them to the prehistoric.

Fun start to a fun series For the longest time I wasn t going to count this towards my official 2018 reading goal Because it s a children s book and it felt like cheating But then I thought screw it My sister and I read these all the time as children I ve collected uite a few of them over the Things for the Surgeon years I plan on passing them down to my niece and nephew but I thought before I did that I might as well read them one last time I thought this was cute and nostalgic and perfect for new to chapter book readers I even admittedly had to look up some things I hadn t known before about dinosaurs Pterodactyls aren t actually dinosaurs whodathunk Just me My fiance is adamant on calling them his favorite dinosaur still Anyways 355 rounded up to 4 stars cause why not The first book in the Magic Tree House series is an exciting beginning to the time traveling adventures of 8ear old Jack and his 7 The Carpenters year old sister Annie Osborne builds this excitement deftly first introducing the mysterious tree house full of books that then transporting them on Jack s inadvertent wish to see a Pteranodon in one of the books to the Cretaceous period when dinosaurs roamed the Earth The sibling s encounters with various dinosaurs prove heart pounding as some of them are not as friendly as the initial Pteranodon Annie befriends and that ultimately saves Jack from a fierce TyrannosaurusMurdocca s illustrations breathe life to the adventure by focusing on the children within the environment and give the reader the opportunity to experience the awe with which Jack and Annie explore their environment The scientific details of the dinosaurs as well as Jack s notebook observations of their experiences will connect withoung beginning chapter book 35 Stars The first chapter book Small fry and I read together AND it s one I loved when I was little so I have to round up He was completely enthralled as hung on every word of this adventure Each night he didn t want me to stop reading and just wanted to know what happened Los Hijos del Orden yetI was so so so bored by the repetitive sentence structure and lack of any pronouns Also Jack is pretentious and needs to just stop trying to control Annie because she s got thisBut I guess it s not really for me huh This review goes for the entire series Any books that can keep my almost 4ear old so interested and excited that we can discuss them in the car at breakfast at lunch before bed guess what might happen next say this is kind of like what happened in our book and that we actually have to have a stack of the next few sitting here just in case is a 5 star in my book Each one takes Jack and Annie into the pages. Jack and Annie's very first fantasy adventure in the bestselling middle grade series the Magic Tree HouseWhere did.

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Mary Pope Osborne has channeled a lifelong love of exploration and travel into one of the most popular children’s book series of the past two decades With her fantastic Magic Tree House series Mary Pope Osborne keeps the good times rolling for kids all over the world