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Newbie is a Rescue Bunny trainee She has passed all of the tests except for the field test A call comes in to rescue a giraffe stuck in the mud Newbie goes along The bunnies must race time to save the giraffe before the hyenas come to eat the giraffe Newbie refuses to leave the giraffe until she is rescuedThe illustrations are colorful and interestingUnfortunately there were several parts about this book that did not work for a children s picture book Throughout the book are movie uotes such as Don t call me Shirley You had me at hello and Here s looking at ou kid These are misplaced They don t feel like they belong with the story line Plus children will not understand why these lines are funny or even know what they meanSecondly Newbie finds out that if they don t get the giraffe out in time the hyenas will eat her There is an illustration of picked over bones as well as an evil hyena This book is advertised for ages 4 8 This sort of violence is not appropriate for the little onesFinally the setting is the African savannah Cute little bunnies rescuing animals in this setting is very out of placeCute pictures but a lot of humor that didn t work making it an uninteresting story overall From School Library JournalPreS Gr 2 In her field test trial Newbie joins the rest of her big booted rescue team in trying to extract a oung giraffe from a pool of muck on a savanna Nothing works Complicating the rescue and threatening a Code Red abandon rescue and victim is an incoming band of evil looking hyenas When Newbie realizes that the giraffe she is comforting will be at the mercy of the ravening pack she ties herself onto its neck and the other team members use the rhythm of the bunny hop to pull the leggy creature free The plot meanders lazily and illogically from a behind the scenes look at Newbie s training to the bumbling rescue attempts to a somewhat longish section of indecision while the hyenas gallop in as the bunnies burble and chat. Newbie is a Rescue Bunny traineeShe has passed the Physical Fitness Test She has passed the Emergency Rescue Roping Test She has even passed the Blind

Scattered throughout the text apropos of nothing are uotes from movies that will mostly soar over the heads of oung listeners The full color art uses minimalist backgrounds and simple shapes to focus readers eyes on the action Libraries looking for books on community helpers or rescue teams may enjoy seeing these bunnies in action but this effort is additional at bestMarge Loch Wouters La Crosse Public Library WI A review of Rescue BunniesPublishing Details Rescue BunniesAuthor Doreen CroninYear 2010Publishing HarperCollinsIntroduction In her book Rescue Bunnies Doreen Cronin shows her readers the importance of perseverance and courage through a small bunny named Newbie This story takes a step away from her usual stories that take place on Farmer Brown s farm and opens up a new fun setting for Cronin s fabulous children s booksDescription Newbie is a trainee for the Rescue Bunnies an elite emergency suad that is on the scene whenever help is needed When it is time for Newbie to take her final Field test she puts on a brave face and gets prepared to help a stuck giraffe before the hyenas come to attack When the chief ells CODE RED Newbie is to leave the giraffe for the hyenas and leave with the rest of the suad for safety purposes However when Newbie puts the rules of her field test aside in order to save the giraffe will the chief allow her to become an official member of the Rescue BunniesText Judgment This is an excellent book for early elementary school students that are becoming comfortable with reading The text is very descriptive and tells the story well A great feature that it has is a large text when a character is shouting This can help the students to acknowledge the emotions that the characters are having during a stressful situation The pictures have detail that truly help to tell the story and children of any ages would enjoy reading on their own or following along with the pictures Overall this is another excellent se. Aste Test Now it's time for the toughest Rescue Bunny test of all the Field TestIt involves a scared giraffe in a sinking mudhole some hungry hyenas and.

Lection written by Doreen Cronin I really liked this book about rescue bunnies training a new bunny and rescuing a giraffe what will they do when the hyenas start to come Loved the movie uotes peppered throughout right toddlers and definitely preschool Good message but the story dragged and we all lost interest Hilarious Cute story about a bunny who becomes a rescue bunny He has to pass his training He makes several mistakes but he has a lot of heart and saves the day in spite of errors The cutest part is the fact the background dialogue are movie uotes Very cute 45 out of 5Newbie struggles to pass her field test to become a full fledged rescue bunnyRescue Bunnies will be appealing to both the child and the adult reader The humor my favorite part about her books is dry and sophisticated I especially like Cronin s use of funny and famous movie lines You had me at hello and You can t handle the truth The illustrations are big and bold and should catch the child s eye She has dedicated this book to First Responders everywhere and it could be great for a unit on community helpers Lol Mommy s review from 10411 The humor here is the best The illustrations are second best The story itself is a tie for second best or maybe slightly behind itThe look on the giraffe s face while she s being rescued is priceless and the drawing so simple it makes it that much special because a lot wasn t needed to achieve the effectI do have to say though it s a little alarming that the story takes a turn where there s a code red and this means the rescuers bail and leave the victim to be devoured by hungry hyenas The only thing that saves the poor defenseless trapping in the mud pit giraffe is Newbie the bunny being trained That was somewhat disconcerting to me and Julia noticed this before I said a word or responded in any way I like that she can pull something like that from a story and ask about it or expand on it but it s kind of icky that it was incl. Dance moves that sneak up on ouWill Newbie have what it takes The right stuff Can she handle the truthOne thing is for sure she will have ou at hello.

Doreen Cronin was a practicing attorney in Manhattan when her first book Click Clack Moo Cows That Type became a publishing success But her book was not published overnight In fact she had written this barnyard tale even before attending law school but only received rejection letters from publishers Five years after submitting the original manuscript she got a call from a publisher who wante