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Tynde is not used to the culture and rather fierce people who live there Even Tynde s smaller stature and dark good looks is a rare commodity there When Tynde literally runs into the gorgeous and wealthy Koss e s immediately taken under Koss care Koss can t believe is good fortune to meet such a man like Tynde His utter innocence and sweet nature immediately captivate Koss and e knows in is eart that Tynde is the man for عصير الرماد him Koss claims Tynde asis Kundi and literally sweeps the na ve and innocent Tynde off of Of Blood and Bone (Chronicles of the One, his feet But Tynde and others believe thate is destined for the Priory Will Koss be able to convince Tynde to decide what s best for The Legacy (The Restoration Series, himself or will be forced to join the order and miss out on the once in a lifetime love that s been given toim Will Koss and Tynde be able to find Tynde s lost brotherand does Perpetual Power (The Tressa Tremaine Series Book 1) his brother really want to be foundI loved this book I thought that Koss stubborn and patiently dominant nature was perfect for the sweet and submissive Tynde As a well matched pair it was wonderful to watch them fall in love and nurture the feelings that blossomed between them Koss is very sweet and loving with Tynde Even thoughis guidance Celine has a tendency to overwhelm the sheltered Tynde Koss is always loving patient and is very supportive of Tynde andis special gifts I can t wait until the seuel is released Although the book ended on a Charmed (The Donovan Legacy, happy note there are many unanswered uestions that willopefully be answered in the second book It will be interesting to see what will Ballet Shoes happen when Tynde s father the King finds out about Tynde s choice to stay with Koss and there is the unanswered mystery about whatappened to Strictly Temporary - Volume One (Strictly Temporary, his brother To read of this review and others like it please visit us at Night Owl Reviews at Not a whole lot to say about this book There was too much sex not enough explanation and an abrupt ending What is bad is that there should be a part two that never came Iate that This book reminded me of Sean Michaels Bent One strong Master and one somewhat confused subslave in need of a strong sure and to guide im through Cheri Red his new life Even the spoken words where similar with lots of short sentences yes need The book ended like it was the end of a chapter and not the book unfinished with plenty of unanswered uestions But I guess that is why it was called Book 1 Is there going to be a Book 2 Pets Book 1 was published in 2009 35 stars The sex is prettyot despite the sweetness Personally I didn t think it was all that funny but I couldn t Discovering Your Heart With The Flag Page help it but smile every time I read something that Camila mentioned iner comments DNF This book is a mess. Cky for im e's taken under the wing of Koss an important businessman who is drawn to Tynde from the moment Websters Ii Dictionary, Third Edition, Office Edition he meets the young man Koss believese's found a real treasure in sensitive Tynde but will is needs and desires ruin everything that Tynde.

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OMG I laugh so ard reading this book Sorry certainly it s not what you want to read in a review of an erotic book but it s true I really laughSome words about the storyTynde the second son of the king born with a special ability to fell others feelings is promised to the gods He is raised be a wise elder to advise kings and priests free from base urges Aka no carnal or mental pleasure at all He is and must be forever an innocent in all waysWhen Daddy Must Die his bother is kidnaped from this planetis father will send Tynde to look for the The Message Glorious heir in a veryostile planet Full of HOT and Strong O Cérebro de Broca handsome men Oh yes Tynder willave a ell of time there With this incredible dominant man Koss that will take Tynder as is Kundi Alias Breaking The Curse (Sexy Reversed Fairy Tales his special loverA WARNRegardless the book cover this book is not a BDSM story and even a MasterPet is not what you would like if you as me read a lot of BDSM or DS storiesKoss is certainly a strong character and will be called master but it s not a petslave relationship In my opinion is a great lovers couple and i miss the kinky aspect I would like to read in a story with the title Pet Book 1If you never read a malemale story this book is perfect Koss will teach Tynder that two men can love each other and the pleasure of such love is breathless When you read Tynder point of view you will be learning withimBut if you are searching a BDSM or MasterSlave book you could think as me that something is missingAnd now finally why I laugh if it s an erotic bookIt s Tynder fault ok so the guy is innocent and ad is willy in a cage for all ROMANTIC TAKEOVER his life1 first naked scenee will freak out with is willy dangling OMG I laugh with is strange feeling about something dangling 2 Tynder call Keeper of the Light his willy with a special name Shame Ok that s kind of sad but the loving scenes withis POV is full of phrases like Shattered Spear (The Lost Stars, his shame wasard or Koss mouth closed on The Homing his shame 3Ok and now the thing that made me laughysterically Koss touch Tynder s anus and OMG HELP ME NOW starting to laugh again Tynder freak out and ask Koss why The Women of Easter he was touching such dark part ofis bodyOk I m not normal is just when Why Are You So Scared? he said that I start to imagine another possibility because I don t know yeah nonsense but I did imagine a light inis butt The Power of One hole and Koss tellingis nothing was wrong there no monster or something The Wolf Gift (The Wolf Gift Chronicles, hidden in the dark place Sure it is Your body isn t some cesspool or something shameful You ve been taught weird thingsWhy would you touch there though In that dark placeSo it s a great book but unfortunately my insane mind didn t allow me to enjoy all erotic scenes 4 stars and I can t wait to read the Tynde is the second son of the King of Alauis Sweet uiet and with the ability to sense the emotions of otherse's destined to join the seers at the Priory and be cloistered At least He Who Dares he is untilis brother the Crown Prince Towan disappears Desperate.

Euel Footnote the book finish with something very interesting starting I can t wait to read about Tynder powers Maybe light in that dark place is one of them I m giggling again The first in the new Pets series by Mike Shade is a good mix of fantasy and sci fic genre Tynde is the king s younger son in a remote and retrograde planet Tynde s lifestyle is a mix of ancient customs being The Thing About December him the third sone is destined to the priesthood first son is the Os Peixes Também Sabem Cantar heir second son is the replacement just in case third son is not necessary and can be given over to the church Plus Tynde is a seer and so the Churchighly wants to take possession of t his powers a man fated to being a priestas to be pure and to avoid any temptation Tynde is living with a chastity belt I liked the basic concept a lot and the sex was plenty ot the theme of Tynde s enforced chastity and subseuent discovery of erotic pleasure was well done However the sex got fairly repetitive even though the book is uite short and even from the start the relationship was a little too sweet and luvy duvy for my taste I like the pet kink so long as it s not too dehumanizinghumiliating but there was barely anything like that ere I really wouldn t call this a slave story It was an ok read if a little overwrought at times It did end rather abruptly though and I can see no seuel in sight Not my favourite from this author Liked the book but left the ending as a to be continued As this seems to be the last book e as written and in 2010 at that it doesn t look like we will see book two anytime soon Pets Book One Sparkling by Mike Shade is a fast paced and creatively interesting book from start to finish I was immediately captivated by both of the main characters and the sweet and loving relationship that develops between them as the novel progressed I m super excited that this is the first book in a series and I m waiting on pins and needles for the next book to be releasedTynde is the second son of a King At is ome planet Alauis and because Now Is the Hour he is the second son and thate Londons Glory (Bryant May, has some special giftse s been expected to become a priest and become a seer to the noble royalty Tynde Jingle Bells has acceptedis fate for years He s a sweet intelligent and gentle man who spends most of is time reading and preparing imself for Troys his destiny in the Priory When Tynde s older brother and the future King is kidnapped Tynde is shocked whene is commanded by Knights Templar in Britain his father to travel to Kion whereis older brother is suspected of being taken there Tynde does as Reign of Fury (Battles in the Dark, his father asks bute knows Nature Cure he is way out ofis element The two planets are nothing alike and. To recover The Bookshop on the Corner hiseir the King sends Tynde to the planet of Kion to chase a rumor that Towan The Fixer (The Fixer, has been kidnapped and taken there Kion is everything that Alauis isn't crowded urban with denizens far ruthless than anything Tyndeas experienced before Lu.

Sunshine and light breezes the scent of sea drenched skin dewed grass under foot Cowboy hats tuxedos painted on jeans Blue eyes grey eyes green eyes crinkled at the edges eyes Snow rain wind Love in the morning Love in the afternoon Love in the evening The sole of a man's foot a working man's hands a strong back the curve of an assThese are a few of Mike's favorite thingsWant