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Rope are making love right now the author pulls us into the novel which cannot be put down A myriad of politicians and authors have written on the war in Bosnia Among them have been Bill Clinton Joe Biden Taylor Branch Richard Holbrooke Steven L Burg Ed Vulliamy Jan Willem Honig David Rieff Swanee Hunt and many In their attempt to retain neutrality and objectiveness the majority of authors fell into a trap of euating the parties to the conflict Following this logic however the Nazis and the Jewish people in WWII can also be described as parties to the conflict and the immediate mutual cessation of hostilities can be demandedOther authors such as Taylor Branch Clinton Tapes describe Bill Clinton as having the clear description of the ongoing events in Bosnia and coldly shrugging at the possibility of the extermination of Bosnian Muslims Unlike the rest of such books Black Soul is a novel with soul perhaps too much for a thriller The author leaves no room for guesswork as to what occurred in Bosnia From time to time in order to allow the reader to fully participate in the further events of the book the author presents us with a journalistic description of certain places and events which lends the novel the styling of a documentary work The reader is left to conclude how and why such events were allowed to play out a mere hour s flight from Vienna Budapest Rome Milan Istanbul and Athens And even there the conclusion is a givenBesides these ualities what makes this novel uniue are the descriptions of Sarajevo the siege the legendary tunnel out of Sarajevo wartime hospitals survival methods of Sarajevans under nearly four years of shelling and snipers derived of water gas electricity And all throughout the novel it is woven through in an unobtrusive almost subliminal way through dialog and actionAfter Sarajevo and Bosnia Rahmanovic leads us through Rome and then Chicago in the same fluid and dynamic way Searching for a new meaning to life in a foreign country former warriors try to escape the horrors of memoryIn his critiue of the novel the Bosnian literary academic and critic notes It is a novel which can be discussed within the context of the great works of world literature The relations between characters namely those between Hamza and his father are reminiscent in form as well as value to the relationship of prince Andrei and his father old earl Bolkonsky in Tolstoy s War and Peace It is the type of love which on the surface is unnoticeable or nearly so However hidden within its depths lies everything that one human being can offer another In any case Black Soul is a book which does not allow the reader to forget and after which you surely cannot remain the same. The battle torn hills of Sarajevo to the streets of Chicago where one man journeys to find new meaning in his life Can he escape the horrors of memory in a foreign land or will it continue to haunt him.

Ook is good when it starts with The following story if fictionWhat actually happened was worse I read this three years ago right after I went back from Sarajevo it was recommended to me by one of the dearest people to my heart Azra Hodzic reading it and going through it s bitter and sweet it instantly became one of my all time favorites it filled me with all inds of emotions it made me cry laugh scream and curse I became so attached to Hamza s story and I remember when I got to the middle of the book view spoilerwhen Amra Hamza s wife was raped and illed with her little baby by Hamza s Serbian best man and friend hide spoiler Witty and sometimes darkly hilarious Ahmet Rahmanovic s Black Soul is a fictional account of protagonist Hamza s journey dur I bought this book hoping to gain insight into the Bosnian Serbian war and while it does do a little to explain some of the atrocities of the genocide and the psyche of the survivors that is its only redeeming uality This book is translated horribly rated R scenes are narrated by PG dialogue Definitive cultural and religious themes are unexplained The storyline is full of unnecessary characters that seem only to serve as a way of injecting over dramatized monologues from the main character The editing is horrendous There are multiple grammatical and format errors There are so many punctuation errors that A powerful novel which explores the psychological and social effects of the war in Bosnia on participants from both sides of the conflict through the experiences of one young man as he tries to recover first in Sarajevo and then in Chicago Definitely not a happy book it exposes the corruption the author sees within the souls of both the Bosnians and the Serbians No matter how hard they try they simply can t escape the wounds of the war Not for the feint of heart or weak of stomach the images and emotions in this book are haunting Unfortunately there are no stars on goodread This is a heartbreaking story and one that was elouently told This book was so informative I can honestly say I have learned so much from it about a part of history that is rarely talked aboutThe book takes you on a journey through a torn up Bosnia and shows you the different faces of warIt starts with a battle scene in the mountains then we travel to Sarajevo and finally end up in Chicago in the USThe writing may not be the best but it is due to the fact that it is translated from Bosnian Amazing 1010Black Soul is a mix between an action thriller and political documentary As the preamble to the book the author states The following story is fiction What actually happened was worse With the first sentence Can you imagine how many women in Eu. T period in Black Soul a new book release through XlibrisThis book unlike any others gives a face to all the actors in the Bosnian tragedy In gripping war action thriller Rahmanovic takes readers from.

Hands down the WORST book I have ever read AVOID at all costs I bought this book in Sarajevo because I wanted to read a fiction set during the Bosnian tragedy that would both be a good story and enlightening about the war There were a few interesting facts about the war but it was mostly a giant diatribe against Serbia with an atrocious and preposterous plotThis book uite honestly could have been written by a child At many points during the book I actually thought I was reading something written by a 4th grade student I ll leave the massive amount of translation errors aside The dialogue is banal and pointless and characters are extremely shallow with little development their sole purpose to villify Serbia and Serbians Action scenes were lame the plot was convoluted and preposterous and the title had very little to do with the actual story it was just a stupid nickname given to the protaganist by a bunch of characters who turn out to be ultimately unimportant Serbia did terrible things during the war and it is important that we talk about it and understand the Bosnian genocide HOWEVER if you are going to write a book write a book don t try and force a story into a vicious op ed against Serbia and the West DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK This is book goes in the category I want to eep on reading BLACK SOUL Scar on Western History After fifty years genocide in Europe again This time live 247 coverage of the extermination of a nation The author Ahmet M Rahmanovic pens a fictional novel based on the true events of Bosnia s darkest period in Black Soul a new book released through Xlibris The book unlike any others gives a face to all the actors in the Bosnian tragedy In this gripping war action thriller Rahmanovic takes the readers from the battle torn hills of Sarajevo to the streets of Chicago where one man journeys to find new meaning in his life Can he escape the horrors of memory in a foreign land It is a story of love and war of tenderness and brutality The author tells a raw often brutal story of unorthodox aggression the like of which are unprecedented in the history of war The reader will find madness insanity blood hypocrisy of world powers Mugdim Karabeg JournalistBut beneath the story Rahmanovic presents us with a subtle account of the Bosnian Muslims their outlook on life justice dignity and honor Most of al this novel gives hope of building bridges between people and shows how little good will is needed to turn the differences of religion culture and race from an obstacle to strength Since its initial release in Bosnia in 1999 Black Soul has enjoyed a consistent ranking on the best seller listFor information on BLACK SOUL log on to wwwblacksoulus You now a After fifty years genocide in Europe again This time live 247 coverage of the extermination of a nation The author Ahmet M Rahmanovic pens a fictional novel based on the true events of Bosnia´s darkes.

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