Peter H. Schuck: Citizens Strangers and In Betweens Essays on Immigration and Citizenship New Perspectives on Law Culture Society

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Immigration is one of the critical issues of our time In Citizens Strangers nd In Betweens n integrated series of fourteen essays Yale professor Peter Schuck nalyzes the complex social forces that have been unleashed by unprecedented legal nd illegal migration to the United States forces that re reshaping American society in countless ways Schuck first presents the demographic political economic legal n.

D cultural contexts in which these transformations re occurring He then shows how the courts Congress What IS Sex? (Short Circuits) and the statesre responding to the tensions created by recent immigration Next he explores the nature of American citizenship challenging traditional ways of defining the national community nd nalyzing the controversial topics of citizenship for illegal lien children the devaluation nd revaluation of

Merican citizenship Superfolks and plural citizenship In concluding section Schuck focuses on four vital It's Not A Runner Bean.. and explosive policy issues immigration's effects on the civil rights movement the cultural differencesmong various American ethnic groups s revealed in their experiences s immigrants throughout the world the protection of refugees fleeing persecution nd immigration's effects on American society in recent year.

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