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Ancy and a disappeared former dance teacher Lucy s summer is off to uite a start Add that to a mystery at the local ardware store and a punk teenager whose grandfather swears is a saint and this was a doozy The mystery as always was good The twists kept me guessing I 3 3 Lucy s ome drama This one did contain a few graphic scenes that come up out of the blue Trigger Warnings view spoiler sexual assault of an infant sexual assault domestic abuse ide spoiler I enjoyed the last two books I read in the series numbers 1 and 22 Some Thing Black however I did not enjoy this book It was NOT a cozy and I found myself skipping and skimming about 14 of the book because of itLucy was greater family was great McClellans Other Story her town was great Herusband Bill Cant You Make Them Behave, King George? however was not great He can be so kind and was in the first bookowever in parts of this book and in Candy Corn Murder Leonardo da Vinci he was rudeThe mystery wasorrible I m onestly surprised that this book was marketed as a cozy because the mystery dealt with very dark non cozy topics I read cozies because they re light and usually don t deal with dark complex topicsReally a great setting and great characters but this was absolutely not a cozy and I didn t enjoy it because of that I do NOT recommend this if you are looking for a cozyNOTE Since this is in a cozy series I am putting this in my cozy shelves owever I do not consider this a cozy mystery This is the first time I read the author Leslie Meier this is the second book named Tippy Toe Murder This is a real page turner I could not put it down I will be reading the rest of this series I am glad that I read this one because I am going back and reading these in order after skipping around However I may Introduction to the Spiritist Philosophy have skipped it if Iad known some of the subject matter I didn t see the disturbing twist into child sexual abuse. Keeper is slain right on Main Street Now Lucy’s up to Play Me, Im Yours her bulging belly in local suspects and rederrings Eluded by a cold blooded killer with Health at Every Size her due date looming and the thermometer soaring Lucy figures somethingas to break soon With any luck it won’t be er water.

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I m glad to ave found this series And I m confident the rest of the books will be just as good as this one There was a double mystery Polvere alla polvere here The disappearance and the murder both of them solved almost together The murderer came out of the blue to confess and that took one star away But I was impressed with the timing of the entire book I m always responsive towards a deft manipulation of characters whereabouts and their role in the story The author did a sterling job movinger characters and she made me care and she immersed me in er world The atmosphere is uniue and like I said I m looking forward to reading the rest of these juicy books I ave enjoyed reading other books in the Lucy Stone mystery series so I m An Imperfect Spy (A Kate Fansler Mystery happy I didn t start with this one If Iad I would never ave picked up another one I like to read cozy mysteries because they rewell COZY Tippy Toe Murder although billed as a cozy doesn t remotely fit that description The storyline was WAY too dark graphic and violent If you like COZY mysteries and ave some Lucy Stone books on your to be read shelf skip this one You ll be glad you did The second book in the Lucy Stone series and another gem Lucy Stone ძვირფასი სიცოცხლე has 3 small children and is expectinger fourth retired dance teacher Caro I, Claudius has disappeared and there s been a murder in downtown Tinker s Cove Lucy fights forer life in this one and it s a real nail biter Perfect Maine cozy If this ad been the first book that I ad read in this series I probably wouldn t Chicken Soup for the Soul have continued It was a little dark and disturbing I still love the main character Lucy and the writing makes me want to move to Maine andave a family But this book was a little bit twisted women getting beating up children being molested It s just not right So unless you are okay with reading about those. With three kids underfoot a fourth on the way and an oppressive Misbehaving heat wave bearing downomemaker Lucy Stone is Blooming Red hardly enjoying an idyllic summer Buter preoccupation with swelling ankles Bavarian creme doughnut cravings and sewing endless seuins on ballet recital tutus gi.

Things I say skip this one and go read the Christmas Cookie Murder That is so far my favorite in this series In the past I ve jumped around with the series so I know what Irrevocable Trust (Irreparable, happens way in the future but really enjoy now seeingow everything started The kids are so young This book was way intense than I thought it was going to be with so many details of domestic violence The theme really centers around marriages and we get a look into the relationships of many of the characters involved Even Lucy s marriage is examined and I Forensic Science have to say that Bill is getting on my nerves Iope The Penguin History of Early India he gets better I don tonestly remember much about Exploring with Frémont him in later books As for the murder I definitely did not guess the culpritnot even close The whole secondalf of the book was fast paced and I didn t want to put it down view spoiler I was so worried for little Lisa and scared that a bad ending would come I did like Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out how Annemarie confessed because you could tell she just needed to let it out and didn t want anyone else taking the blameide spoiler On rereading this book I was than impressed with its content I loved the little bits and pieces that make up the book I loved the narrative I liked the various instances of tension present Beauty and the Beast (Demon Tales, hereLittle things which may form an ordinary person s life occur and they support the basic plot of the book Leslie Meier was brimming with new ideas and the resulting book is uite separate from the crowd of cozy mysteries thatas been vying for my attentionSensitive grim and saliently negative things lead to the climax Lucy Stone puts The Secret Life of Callie McGuire her life on the line just as countlesseroines Kuzuların Sessizliği have done in the past But I was sufficiently entertained by what preceded the necessary climax I gave this book 4 stars on the first read andave added one star to this reread Ballet pregn. Ves way to dread when Lucy learns that When We Left Cuba her waistline isn’t the only thing that’s recently vanished from Tinker’s CoveThe strange disappearance of a retired dance instructoras the tiny coastal town in a tizzy that turns to terror when a notoriously cantankerous shop.

Leslie Meier lives in Harwich Cape Cod Massachusetts She is the creator of 'Lucy Stone' a reporter and amateur sleuth in New England