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Interesting to see how different cultures seem to overlap ideas Not very detailed but I liked being ble to use this book s reference to find how different people in different regions explain the same phenomena There re Loyalty and Lies (Chastity Falls, a multitude of factual errors regardless of the version of myth being referred to I believe that this was not intentionals there is blur between storytelling explanation nd opinion in the presentation of the myths This blurred change of narrative ruins the flow nd bruptly interrupts the feed of information becoming either distracting or misguided leading to the errorsHowever my main complaint is the lack of detail in many of the myths Certain stories such Jeep. Sur les traces de la lgende as the Greeknd Biblical ones will have n bundance of information yet others such The Abbeyville Way as the Americas or African stories will lack detail manyre simply glossed over without ny thought It comes cross Stations of the Lost: The Treatment of Skid Row Alcoholics as lazy or misinformed but I believe it was Bierlein s choice to focus on popular myths for reader interests he clearly has done hefty mount of researchThis was not what I was expecting when I picked up Parallel Myths Treasure Diver (Choose Your Own Adventure, and Im disappointed I wish I could recommend this book but it may only be suitable for A Shot at Love an introduction to mythology It s very interesting how mythology historynd religion can be connected Old Records Never Die: One Man's Quest for His Vinyl and His Past and have overlapsIt is said that mythsre the religions that were used to be practiced I was greatly looking forward to re reading this book for Ask an Astronaut a book clubnd I was somewhat letdown I m bit of The Voyage Unplanned a student of mythology so I was uite excited to find book that purported to draw on the work of Joseph Campbell CG Jung The Dwelling and Mircea Eliade I found this book usefuls broad survey of censored myths It is n easy nd en. Unusually ccessible Vienna 1814: How the Conquerors of Napoleon Made War, Peace, and Love at the Congress of Vienna and useful An eye opener to readers into the universalitynd importance of myth in human history nd culture William E Paden Chair Department of Religion University of Vermont For s long s human beings have had language they have had myths Mythology is our earliest form of literary expression nd the foundation of Adaptations: From Short Story to Big Screen: 35 Great Stories That Have Inspired Great Films all historynd morality Now in Parallel Myths classical scholar J F Bierlein gathers the key myths from ll of the world's major traditions nd reveals their co.

Joyable read I was disturbed by some of the sloppiness Just starting the book I soon found some embarrassing errors Page 6MARS the Mars bar was not directly named for the Roman god The Mars Bar was first created in 1936 nd has become n instantly recognisable worldwide brand However in the United States it is known Easy as Milky Way In the US the Mars name was used until 2000 for different bar now known Morrissey y los atormentados as Snickers Almond The worldwide Milky Way bar is knowns 3 Musketeers in Canada nd the US there is no longer Mars Bar on the US market Further it was named in 1936 Mars had been Real Magic: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science, and a Guide to the Secret Power of the Universe a hot topic since the publication of HG Wells War of the Worlds in 1898 The reddish interior of the bar sort of resembles the planet Mars the flavour being out of this world Sources wwwspiritus temporiscom wwwmarscomLondon The name Londinium is thought to be pre Romannd possibly pre Celtic in origin Interview with the Vampire although there has been no consensus on what it means It was common practice for Romans todopt native names for new settlements A common theory is that the name derives from Emma of Aurora (Change and Cherish Historical a hypothetical Celtic place name Londinion which may have been derived from the personal name Londinos from the word lond meaning wild The Celts themselves did not call it Londinium orny name ttributed to Lugh unlike Lyons in France enwikipediaorgwikiEtymologyofLoJupiter Though similar to the Greece God Zeus through the eventual ssimilation of Greek gods by the Romans They The Best Cook in the World: Tales from My Momma's Table are uite different see wwwnowpubliccomculturezeus or jup point could bergued s splitting hairs piecePage 11 the Egyptian year consisted of 13 lunar months of 30 days each or 360 days Actually 13 lunar months 30 days re 390 days 12 months of 30 days is 360 days 13 lunar months 28. Mmon themes images nd meanings Parallel Myths introduces us to the star players in the world's great myths not only the twelve Olympians of Greek mythology but the stern Norse Pantheon the mysterious gods of India the Egyptian Ennead Ravished by a Duke and the powerful deities of Native Americans the Chinesend the various cultures of Africa Damn Delicious Meal Prep and Oceania Juxtaposing the most potent storiesnd symbols from each tradition Bierlein explores the parallels in such key topics s creation myths flood myths tales of love.

Days is 364 daysPage 71Apsu is described s the sky god No An or Anu was the sky god Apsu was the creature representing the freshwater byss And the list on errors unfortunately goes on One could say that the informationresearch was not vailable in the 1990 to catch these errors Unfortunately most of the data I uote was Deep Lane: Poems around since the 1980 s This is shame because this Komisario Nuusku ja makkaratehtaan arvoitus ambitious undertakingnd useful comparison is marred by this careless n error that makes one unsure of what can be trustedI would get proof reader n independent researcher to revisit the book nd re release it with better footnotes uncensored myths or Our Necessary Shadow: The Nature and Meaning of Psychiatry admit theyre tone down for wider reading ndor general cceptance readdress the compound errors of using Graves Frazer The Online Diary of a Masochistic Submissive as cornerstones in the beginning formulation of his premisectually his lack of original content throughout this book s he large portions of the book re cut Industry and Empire: The Birth of the Industrial Revolution and paste from Mircea Eliade CG Jungnd Joseph Campbell nd dd few voices to the discussionOne merit he includes information on Indian Hawaiian Aztec Iranian African Finnish Chinese Japanese Polynesian nd North American myths If you have n interest in these less studied myths then this book would be strong starting point As for myself I feel that these myths have less n impact on our general culture nd psychology though My Lady Viper are extremely relevant to global consciousnessnd the Neo Pagan Movement So this book has its strengths though it is uite weak both faith thought wise It could be Sunflower a good general interest book for particular people who want no depth I wouldn t call itn invaluable text but s high school text or s very broad introduction to non scholar I think it would decent starter book. Morality myths underworld myths nd visions of the Apocalypse Drawing on the work of Joseph Campbell Mircea Eliade Carl Jung Karl Jaspers Claude Lvi Strauss Doughnuts: Simple and Delicious Recipes to Make at Home and others Bierleinlso contemplates what myths mean how to identify nd interpret the parallels in myths nd how mythology has influenced twentieth century psychology philosophy nthropology nd literary studiesA first class introduction to mythology Written with great clarity nd sensitivity John G Selby Associate Professor Roanoke Colleg.

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