Craig Gross: The Gutter Where Life is Meant to be Lived

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Pathy One of the best Christian books I have ever read This book change how I look at things and how I feel about others who are different than myself We all have a gutter the place we don t want anyone to come to I learned how to let Christ find me in my gutter and how to meet others in theirs Good times This is one of my favorite books It is a real lexample of how to meet people where there at We all have a gutter of some kind in our lives and as followers of Jesus we Check out XXXchurchcom It is the worlds number one christian porn sitejust do itMy boyfriend and I were at a music festival and this book and anotehr were lying on the table He picked this p and I had other one We looked at eachother and both said how we thought the book we were holding was perfect for the other So anyways this is the book he chose and it defanately displays my approach to ministry So I obviou. Those very same situations The Gutter chronicles the author's journey to the gutter telling the stories and sharing the insights he gained while spending time with the people who dwell there The Gutter serves as a manifesto for all different types of.

This book helped me to realize some important insight into my own life and why I like to work with Young Life It is all about going where you came from to share about God with them This was a awesome boo by the guy who started the XXXChurchThis book shakes Bad Luck, Trouble, Death, and Vampire Sex up chirstians and pleads with them to go back into to the highways and byways to minister to people that would never come to a churchHighly recommended along with Shane Claibornes book Irresistable Reveloution god isn t neat and clean and pretty he s in the homeless and in the woman who wanted me to eat dinner with her and it s not just that he s there he wantss to be there with him to nderstand the NEED and meet them and him in that place One of the most eye opening books I ve ever read This is the first book that made me as a young person think about people that live in different circumstances than myself A lesson in em. Why did an all knowing all powerful God send the perfection of His kingdom His only Son to the earth through the gutter Why did Jesus spend so much time reaching out to people in their own secret dark places Why do His followers so often turn away from.

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Sly loved itSee the need meet the need the need isnt always the gospel show them jesus by giving somone shoes thats just one example everyones gutter is diferent Excellent book It shows how much you can do for the world it made me realize how much we can make a difference in people s lives while at the same time not pushing what we believe on to people we show our love for God and God s love for s through works and we may tell people about it but never force it it made me realize as a youth leader how much of a difference I can make in the world regardless of how big or small the act is It s about sharing the world with different kinds of people and remembering that Christ came for all of s but tended to spend most of his time with people in the gutter This is a must read for anyone who claims to be a believer seriously read it and then get over yourself if you haven t already. People in the Church those who yearn to impact the culture around them those who have reassessed their discovery of Christ and want to make their story known and those who are seeking out new fresh ways of exhibiting Christ's love to the poor in spirit.