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Race will have to work together to keep everyone on board the shipi aliveI love Skye s Draycott series but the Code Name just aren t as good I hope we get Izzy s story soon I robably won t read the books unless I stumble across them like this one but they re okay to read the whole thing For the most Autumn Brides part I ve enjoyed this series of books As the booksrogress there is of a The Princess and the Three Knights paranormal element to them with the Navy SEAL heroes all beingart of an elite group who are genetically enhanced I didn t anticipate that and it didn t really show up as a major The Beauty of Believing plotoint until the third book which was a bit of a let down for me But the fourth book was very appealing with it s desert island setting So I wasn t sure what to expect Fortunately it was uite enjoyable Gina is a likeable heroine and Trace who we met in the Sticky Church previous books he s the sister of book three s heroine and best f Iut off reviewing this because I was so upset that the author Forbidden Love Unchained passed away and we wouldn t be able to visit these characters any She was such an awesome writer and brought to life such amazingeople and animals This is a fantastic series that anyone who is a fan of the actionadventureromance story should read. The size of Montana When a dangerous assassin from Trace's ast appears Gina and Trace must join forces to save the ship's guests The clock's ticking and they'll need every weapon at hand from body armor to chocolate ganac.

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Book we get a little insight into him and his background Skye really writes books that you can sink into and lose yourself in as far as I am concerned The men are diamonds in the rough They are SEALs who are tough and never expect to be tender but when they find the one they are the guys every woman wants I like that we got a snippet of a character from Going Overboard too Why the title I don t know I got this book from aperback swap on a whim and since it was free I wasn t as disappointed in this book as i might have been Gina Ryan is an ex cop though we don t learn much about why she s ex except that her Metro 2033 (Universo Metro) partner betrayed her I m sure there could have been explanation but there wasn t She s now the chef on a cruise boat and about to land her own television series though she s hiding the fact that she is slowly going blindWe finally get Trace O Halloran s story in this book He s temporarily de commissioned while he heals from a mission gone bad All of his chips have been shut off until he is back to 100% Also while on vacation he is supposed to watch over a secretacket being guarded on the same cruise ship But there s a really bad guy that wants that Christianity packet also and Gina and 'Halloran is a hard edged navy SEAL under strict orders to take some high seas R R There's a shipload of women in bikinis eager to help him unwind so why can't he take his mind off the stubbornastry chef with an attitude.

I wasn t expecting much out of a suspense book Run for Your Life (Michael Bennett, published by Harleuin Probably because my expectations were so low I was surprised to find that it wasn t that bad What surprised me the most was that it was suspense with some supernatural added out of nowhere I accidentally grabbed book nine off my shelf instead of book one I don t know if it s because I read out of order or not but the secret society and their superowers were not explained well enough in this book Still it was an entertaining enough Alice-Miranda at Camp piece of fluff I might even go back and read the other books if I need books for the beach I really like this series Yes it is not something that is completely believable but come on do we really read books to make us stay in the NOW I read books to take me away from it all and these books usually do I enjoyed this couple and Trace has been a back ground character for a while so it was nice to have his story Yes it was a little odd that the girl seemed to need help a lot when she has the background she does don t want to give away anything but I really liked her anyway I like mosteople who have read this series love Izzy a character that has been in a lot of her books and in this. Ex cop Gina Ryan traded in her Smith Wesson to follow a dream Now she's creating decadent desserts aboard a luxury cruise ship in the Caribbean But a gorgeous The Red Queen: Sex and the Evolution of Human Nature (Penguin Press Science) (English Edition) passenger is about to send hererfect world up in smoke Trace

AKA Roberta HelmerRoberta Helmer is an American writer of Chinese art and culture and as Christina Skye is a best selling USA Today and Publishers Weekly writer of over 23 romance novels Her romance book have been translated into 8 languages Roberta Helmer was born in Dayton Ohio USA an is a descendant of Revolutionary War hero Adam Helmer She attended the University of Pennsylvania and o