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What a great read wonderful characters many red herrings a turn pager for the Holidays Adding this to one of my favorite Christmas reads Review featured at wwwbooks n kissescomThis is a re release from 2002 under Shannon Drake I enjoyed this story but you can tell this was the earlier ays of DrakeGraham I enjoyed the story for the most part It is a bit The Palliser Novels different which is what kept me reading it but it was also a bit slow The middle was what kept my interest The beginning was slow but I gave it the time it needed But the end was abrupt It needed maybe one chapter but it felt pushed together to hurry the end This will not be a story I recommend but it was I read this via NetGalley for a re release of the novel A Season of Miracles follows Jillian Llewellyn a widowed jewelryesigner as she begins to have strange but very realistic nightmares The reader New York Times Bestselling Author Centuries ago in another lifetime the man Jillian Llewellyn loved tried but failed to save her Now in this season of miracles two lost souls are being given a second chance Since her husband's Men And Gods In Mongolia death jewelryesigner Jillian Llewellyn has withdrawn focusing only on her work But something unimaginable is going to shatter her safe world.

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E could save this one There is a back story which I wished I had of and then there is the current ay story In the current Brazen and the Beast (The Bareknuckle Bastards, day story a widowed Jewelryesigner Jillian Llewellyn is The Friend Zone drawn to a handsome stranger Robert Marston the new silent partner at her family s business Llewellyn Enterprises To add into the mix someone is trying to murder Jillian Why Also some of the attempts are just plain over the top I enjoy a good romance but I reallyidn t feel the chemistry Didn t recall care for Jillian s Flying Scotsman Manual dead husband giving her new beau advice and wanted to scream at her When you are in a burning building save YOURSELF geezJustidn t connect with this story or the characters I KNOW that Heather Graham has written MUCH better than thisI received a copy of this book from Harleuin and NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewSee of my reviews at wwwopenbookpostco. Fear that someone wants to harm her begins to grow But who would want her Alpha (Shifters, dead A co worker A member of her own close knit family Against her will she israwn to Robert unsure whether he is her salvation or her Whalerider damnation Now as the ghosts of the past are resurrected Jillian and Robert must forge a newestiny as they unlock the timeless secrets of passion and betray.

Oon finds out that Jillian is remembering a past life where she once was murdered by being burned at the stake Her true love had been too late to rescue her from her fate Now a new employee at Llewellyn Enterprises named Robert Marston has arrived once he meets Jillian an instant spark occurs Dangerous and life threatening things begin happening to Jillian and Robert is Charlie Turns Into a T-Rex determined to protect Jillian at any cost They soon realize they are reincarnated souls who were onceeeply in love until her Graphic Design For Everyone death at the hands of another Robert refuses to let history repeat itself Who is trying to harm Jillian and w 275 starSo a Season of Miracles was not so miraculous for meThis story of reincarnation of lost loves seemed intriguing but it really failed to wow me I found that I justidn t care about the characters the story or their love Not even a ghost giving advic. Drawing her into a web of Considering Kate (The Stanislaskis, danger andesire At the center of the storm is a handsome stranger Robert Marston The new silent partner at Llewellyn Enterprises Marston is as formidable as he is intimidating as mysterious as he is familiar The connection she feels is bone eep as if they've known each other before When several bizarre accidents strike Jillian a chilling.

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