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S rom the post traumatic stress And now she is The Boleyn King (The Boleyn Trilogy, facing her third no show blind date in a row But she is still optimistic that one day God will give her theamily life she did not have growing up She works in her cousin Ava s bakery and goes to school to become a teacher Life is still good even after this third no show and her car being stolen while she waited because she met Max Decker Another man with a no show blind date A man who was probably to good Rascal for someone like herMax Deckerinally gave in and let a buddy rom work set him up with another blind date Alice was a no show but he got to know Brianna while he waited And she stayed with him long after he left her Max. He lovely kind Christian woman is everything the embittered cop used to dream about in a bride And Max can't be the one who lets her get awa.

Have been okay if ANYTHING else had happened but that was pretty much the whole story Honestly this is a pretty low 3 read I m going to give the next book a go because I really did like the characters and setting and hopefully something will actually happen in that story First time reading anything by this author It was a really good book Max and Brianna cannot see what is right in ront of them Cute story Blind Date Bride by Jillian Hart Book 1 in Series 4 of the McKaslin sBrianna McKaslin and her twin sister Brandilyn have come through a lot together A criminal ather and a drunken mother left them with a bleak childhood Brianna has survived a shooting but she suffer. S And no pretending he's ready to give his heart to anyone Anyone like vulnerable Brianna McKaslin who was stood up in the same restaurant

Because the library is not open i am rereading a lot of my old books I seem to have uite a lot of jillian hart books On this one i have to agree with the person that said the two main characters spend way too much time trying to convince themselves that they are not good enough or each other Also it is annoying that mr tough guy cop does not do a good job showing his eelings so he talks insultingly to the people around him and we are supposed to understand that his being a jerk is another way to show he cares not really Although the characters were likable they did pretty much nothing except internally angst about how they weren t good enough or the other This would. Getting stood up on a blind date was the best thing that could happen to police officer Max Decker No small talk No personal uestions No lie.

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Jillian Hart grew up on her family's homestead in Washington state where she raised cattle rode horses and scribbled stories in her spare time After earning her English degree from Whitman College she worked in travel and advertising before selling her first novel When Jillian isn't working on her next story she can be found puttering around her rose garden curled up with a good book and sp