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Y nerves so much with her stupidity and naivety Chloe will always be Chloe no matter what and although she was not my fav charater in the preuels and still isn t Oshyn was so annoying that I can t ven judge Chloe any This story was the worst out of the three and really didn t need to be written However I won t be too harsh besides the grammatical A Fairly Honourable Defeat errors randomness and raunchiness in the book it wasntertaining if nothing lse I agree with the other reviews that Oshyn in this story was a let down I hope this nds the trilogy and there won t be a new revival with Bella s revenge as is alluded to in the last pages Let me just say I looooooved The Millionaire Mistress and Still a Mistress but I have to agree with what I have heard which is this was the worst book of the trilogy I think I was disappointed by the use of one word sentences Example Rich Dark Pecan That was the color of my kitchen tableNo one and I mean no one on the planet can do that like Eric Jerome Dickey and no one and I mean no one should try I was very anxious to read this book but all the one word sentences turned me off and I truly had to force myself to finish Please Ms Montgomery if you Elisabeth Shue 135 Success Facts - Everything You Need to Know about Elisabeth Shue ever read this Please don t do that again You are an awesome author when you are being yourself and not biting the style of the great EJD Oh Well What can I say I finished this over a week ago and am just now reviewing it I was going to review it my usual way detailed and I kept waiting for the right time But there is no right time I want to forget about this as soon as I possibly canThis book and the previous book in the series to a lesser degree is a primexample of why an author should stick to single books Unless an author has PROVED themselves capable stay away Being on some no name best sellers list does not prove you capable Even some authors who have proven themselves to their audience don t have what it takes Why would you This is awful Worse than awful My copy is riddled with check marks because I didn t want to forget something when writing The biggest shame of all is that the first book The Millionaire Mistress It s good It s actually good So if Montgomery s goal here was to write a decent book hook some readers make some uick cash from the rest of the series and then be done Congrats You did it Well not here because I wouldn t have paid for these if a gun was against my head but others did I m sureOh hell I have this atrocious mess right here so I ll include some of what pissed me off Let me start with where I left off in my last review Mye Storie is a name used for a character Yeah I m dead serious I su. Who can help her achieve her over the top goals and on a crazed path of revenge Chloe shocks us all with her newfound tricks of the trade She's come full circle.

This book is a mess It is one of the most unrealistic books I ve The Man Without a Face ever read and I did not gain one thing from itxcept a headache Oshyn is just as delusional and deranged as Chloe in this book which is a total 360 from the previous books Who the heck goes around strangling little kids multiple times in public and get away with it Oshyn does I m not ven going to go into the rest of the book if you have time to waste and nothing lse to read give this one a try also the description from Goodreads had 5 spelling Gone (Gone, e In the final novel that concluded The Millionaire Mistress Series Chloe s Revenge Chloe takes things to another level Once again she does not die the way many of the people she had hurt hoped she died If therever was a person who has nine lives then it is Chloe It is safe to say that she has a fatal attraction for Brooklyn Jones her sister Oshyn s husband In part 2 Still A Mistress Chloe spent Threads Of The Shroud every ounce ofnergy that she had available to ruin Oshyn s All Seated on the Ground existence She conspired with corrupt federal agents to freeze all her financial accounts and seize her properties kidnapped her kids murdered the only mother that she hadver known played a part in having her husband attacked and had her incarcerated Sheesh Chloe s greed once again played a role in her getting what she deserved After kidnapping Mye Storie Bella Oshyn s kids She attempted to sell Mye Storie to the highest bidder at the Millionaire s Ball Chloe was not Untitled. expecting nearlyvery person that she had connived against to be present but they were All of them including Oshyn Oshyn had had Wiring enough and was ready to settle the score with Chloe but Chloe ran She ran into the arms of the lady that she had been intimate with inside the bathroom an undercover cop After being processed she was bonded out by Cody the lawyer that swooped in to save her day or so she thought Once Chloe was free she stayed with Cody while he went runningrrands Oshyn finally had her family back but she went to meet the man that had raped her in the hotel room When they arrived what a surprise Cody was the son of the man that had sexually assaulted Oshyn Shannon Beaudaux That is also the man who Chloe had blackmailed Against All Odds earlier in part 1To finish reading my review visit my blog wwwculturereadscom Waiting on book four Chloe needs what is coming to her i thought the book was crazy ass hell and It looks like it s going to be a part four and I hopes chloe dies in this one Injoy the books but im tired of her crazy ass This book was an ok read but by this point I m tired of all the seuels After reading this I now dislike Oshyn She got on A bad bitch never dies Chloe is back and in full force Ride with author Tiphani as she tells a riveting tale about money lust and revenge Between sexin' any man.

Ppose it s meant to be clever Ha The whole crazy scene with Oshyn in the beginning around pg 37 could have been a lot better Montgomery did a better job than Antoinette in The Prada Plan but this still left much to be desired It was flat it was a lot like playing an imaginary game with a toddler you know what ll happen before the toddler Doesn t make for a great read to say the least Okay well the will to review this just flew out the window I ll say this I just counted 27 check marks I check the page when there is a bigger mistake or something stupid Meaning that the smaller mistakes smaller stupid things are let go Otherwise the Jingling Daddys Bells BDSM Menage entire book would be one big bent check So there are at least at least 27 fairly big mistakesfairly huge stupid things in this book I kind of wish I felt like telling them because some of them were downright hilarious But I don t want to spend myvening with this book The DOS enough time was wastedLike urban fiction Read the first skip the next two and do the same withvery other 2 book series out there until the author has proved themselves to you It s the only way to goI also wish to note that I d give this a half of a star if I could it doesn t deserve the 1 I have to give it I really hated Chloe by the Against All Odds end of this book I would love to see what would become of Bella and her hatered for Chloe 123CHLOE S ON THE SCENEAfter reading the first two installments of Tiphani Montgomery s series The Millionaire Mistress 3 HAD to deliver the goodsAND IT DIDChloe wanted revenge on levels that people truly think about but could NEVER carry out This chick wanted her some Brooklyn Jones so bad that she d do ANYTHING to have him and finally destroy her sister OshynOshyn all mentally distraught from the chain ofvents from the past novel had a hard time keeping it together Even being in another country couldn t Sleep, Circadian Rhythms, and Metabolism ease her mind about the wrath of Chloe coming backMontgomery takes us on an international ride with her writing making one wonder just how much is too much Chloe s hellbent mentality kept the reader wondering how far she could really go to finish her mission At times some of the scenes seemed a bit far fetched until the next piece of drama unfolded solidifying the motiveMost novels don t follow up as strong to tie all the pieces together and satiate the reader I am pleased to say that Tiphani Montgomery does not fall into that category She took her time and laid out the facts for the reader tombrace love hate or just downright fathom why this chick would be so out of her confounded mindThank you Tiphani for the wait in my humble opinion it was well worth With new ammo a new mission and her old mischievous ways You won't believe what she's got up her sleeve Stay tunedthe third installment to this drama filled seri.

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