Cynthia L. Copeland: The Diaper Diaries The Real Poop on a New Mom's First Year

Section about lullabies Get that kid back to sleep and keep on reading lol You eserve the laughs This book isn t a how to book for new moms it actually offers very little in the way of practical advice However it is hilarious I was laughing out loud the whole time I read it Even though my Flying Scotsman Manual daughter is 4 months old so I m past alot of the stuff mentioned in the book that made it even funny because I could so remember and relate to the things they were talking about I really enjoyed reading this book and think it would be a great gift for a new mom Loved it I read this while I was nursing my first baby for hours on end As a first time mom whoidn t really know anyone with kids it made me laugh and efinitely helped me feel normal when I was feeling like I was the only one who had ever gone through some of the things that were happening This would make a great gift for a new mo. Mpossible to get to work without finding spit up or rice cereal somewhere on your clothing Ten reasons to be happy you're up at 315 am And with Mr Phrenology like illustrations a section on the new mother's brain before and after baby featuring The Travel Section Then How to flirt your way into first class Now How to sweet talk your jogging stroller onto the plane And The Sex Section Then Exact location of G spot No.

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This book is a light read and uite entertaining providing many opportunities to laugh at and enjoy one s role as new mother It s easy to read while nursing A fun new baby gift Hilarious uick read for any new mom or moms with young children I got this book before I had my son and found it intriguing I read it again after he was born and found it to be hilarious and true Funny and oh so true this is a great parenting book for the new mom about four to six months after the child is born and she can look back on it all with humor Just to be clear I have no kids and have rarely been around newborns so much of this was probably lost on me With that being said this had absolutely no actual advice and in fact at times seemed rather judgy but was very cute and funny I especially liked the cartoons This book is hilarious Great humorous look at motherhood It was funny when I had my. Blankies the Play Group Scoop and the Top 5 Sexcuses Hilarious wise and full of empathy The Diaper Diaries helps new mothers maintain the one thing they can't survive without a sense of humor Cynthia Copeland a mother of three knows the real poop figuratively and literally on being a new mother and she has the wit skill and generosity to share it Illustrated throughout with the author's wonderful cartoons The Diaper.

First child but about six to eight months into motherhood once I had a bit experience I re read the book and it was so hilarious I really needed this book uring the first few months of my second child s life I had postpartum Whalerider depression and nothing seemed to make me laugh My husband got me out of the house and found me laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes Weid not have much money but he grabbed the book out of my hands and bought it for me Now my kids are 3 and 4 years old It still makes me laugh and recall those Charlie Turns Into a T-Rex days This book is a riot Any woman about to have a baby or who has just had a baby needs to read this I know it s hard to take time to sit and read when you are changing poopyiapers pumping breast milk and rocking a screaming baby to sleep This one is well worth it You will find yourself laughing so loud that you wake your sleeping baby That s okay There is Diaries chronicles the first year of motherhood from the hospital stay nominees for the world's worst labor coach anyone to baby's first birthday and contemplating the unimaginable having another There are lists uizzes timelines charts and real life stories Birth announcement faux pas Names and nicknames and what they really mean Pacifier tales A guide to Nana speak How a 4 mile car trip can take 2 hours Why it's