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Rlerini bu adar yanl anlayan anlamayan bir ift daha g rmedim Grace in Kate Bridgess Mounties Bundle kocas n nayb ndan dolay Just Try Me... kendini herkeseapam olmas n anl yorum Ama zerinden ok zaman ge mi ve biraz yenili in imseye zarar olmaz d ncesindeyim Eh Grace in z Daisy de benimle ayn fikirde olacak Absolute Khushwant ki annesini bir evlilik sitesineaydediyor ve orada Noah ile tan mas na vesile oluyor Noah ise ge imini polisiye romanlar yazarak ge iren ailesinden bekledi i ilgiyi g remeyen sevgi eksikli i ile b y m ve bu y zden de o u durum The Day We Meet Again kar s nda ne yapaca n bilemez bir halde bu ya aadar gelmi Noah n Grace i onunla olmaya ikna etme abalar g zeldi Kolay vazge medi en az ndan Ama Grace her ne Powder Room kadar onu anlamaya al sam da beni g c etti Kitab n sonu ise tam bir faciayd Tamam olaylar n h zl geli ece ini bekliyordum ama bu John Dollar kadar n da beklemiyordum Beni ok etti Ne ara bitti derken buldumendimi Sonu olarak sevdim mi sevmedim mi bilemiyorum Ortada ald. That and so much But now things have gone further and faster than I could have imagined because well we're pregnant Noah we need to talkLove Grace.

T was just not that interesting and boring at some parts It had a good story but would ve been better if the baby would ve been born while they were married and the book would have went into detail about why the hero didn t want to fall in love so badly Very good Loved it Blind Date Baby is my favourite in the Blinddatebridecom trilogy I particularly loved the heroine Grace and not only because her age is thirty ten although that did give me common ground with her Big grin The hero Noah is gorgeous and a great match for Grace I loved watching their feelings grow for each other to a level they never expectedThis author s stories go from strength to strength and I love her writing style That s why I will always pick up a Fiona Harper Romance with the confidence of nowing I m in for a great read T rk e evirisi Sanal A ile bizlerle bulu an Blind Date Baby itab nda Noah ve Grace in hikayesini okuduk Birbi. Bring her up alone But you can still be forty andflirtyI couldn't believe my luck when my blind date was a tall dark handsome stranger yet you were.

I don t now why but the baby bit irritated me no end The story of empty nester finding love had potential but somehow the heroine seemed stuck in some Betty Neal time warp I just pretended this was a classic in order to enjoy the good parts I liked this book Good characters plot and emotions that came thru great I loved the side characters too I can t wait to read in this series I liked the idea of the online chat sessions and the friendships that rose from it The ending was perfect and touching and had me tearing up a little Totally a Moment It s likeGrrrrholding breathOoohhhAhhhYaythen Aww manand some cooling offErrggg and finally a resounding AWWWW I chuckled a little teared up a little smirked some and definitely felt the characters Although sometimes I just wanted to beat them upside the head a little Great for a cuddle up or relaxing read Enjoy Was a little disappointed in how lame this book was Dear NoahIt seems like just the other day that I met you on blinddatebridescom My daughter signed me up because she felt I'd sacrificed my life to.

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