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E beginning than she was when the ridiculously named hMC left for ChicagoThe romance was predictable but completely unbelievable Slight spoiler ahead I etest young female protags with a much older man It is skeevy to me Yes it happens in real life I rather not read it in my fiction Personal pet p Search the Shadows tells the tale of an orphan who heads to Chicago to After the Rubicon discover her her real father was It s a serviceable mystery but it s not up to the usual high Barbara Michaels standard Amazingly this is the first Barbara Michaels I ve ever read It was a good page turner and the mystery was satisfyingly atmospheric in its gothicness and twisty with its misdirection The romance however felt sort of tacked on at the end I was pleased to have a romance with an intentionally unlikeable heroine for a change She s rude and selfish snide towards all other women and feels very little sense of guilt over neglecting her relations She alsooes not hesitate to use any tools available to her to achieve her own ends including people But of course she is also beautiful and unaware of it feeling that her A Prescription for Murder dark coloring makes her unattractive in comparison to her fair skinned and fair haired mother This makes pretty much every man she encounters willing to view spoiler literally hide spoiler 4th re read of the year for Barbara Michaelsone Barbara Michaels the pen name for Elizabeth Mertz was an Egyptologist for her other career It s expected that the accomplished woman who want to sneak Egyptology themes and settings into even her Gothic work under the Michaels name Even if this book is set with a museum curator s work there is nothing about artifacts and Egyptology here instead the protagonist Haskell obsessed with her mother s eath and who her father may actually be is igging through another sort of potent history her own biological treeThe premise is sound the pacing as structured as can be with this kind of story but the plot is too calm It s not enough to warrant a full length novel so there is laggingAn attempt or so on Haskell s life paints a gothic splash suspense is only there toward the end Accounting for Taste during a confrontation with the big bad and the mystery while not obvious exactly isn t that interesting because by the end Iidn t care much who the real father was Romance is in the background to where I wasn t sure who she Anarchist Modernism d end up choosing but I was happy with the choice when it was madeIo wish something An Audience of Artists different had happened with the elderly museumirector however I think there was emotional potential when she A Dogs Head discovered who he really was to her Tragedy cut those strings too abruptlyOverall this is an average read Michaels writing style is addicting to me so I could easily keep reading but it s a story that passes through the eyes and then out the brain again Just not memorable If you re new to Michaels start elsewhere but if you re a fan it s worth a read. By rummaging around in thearkness Haskell's exposing much than she bargained for And now she's racing against the clock to The History of Cartography, Volume 3 discover who she really is and why someone is suddenlyetermined to kill he.

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This isn t a bad book I m not sure if it was the narrator or intentional but there s even humour amid the ark Although I enjoyed the story and mystery I felt like the book went off on long etailed and unneeded storylines The characters were underdeveloped and Michaels conjured romances for the sake of a happy ending To me a good mystery novel has a sense of ambiguity and lack of knowledge but Michaels wanted us to know every second of Haskell s Bachelors and Bunnies day even if itidn t pertain to the central conflict While I was reading I would forget what her goal also was I Both Hands Tied did enjoy the references of Egyptology and archaeology since I studied those topics in my undergraduate career and found it all fascinating I also enjoyed the final scene when we know the truth about her father and mother It was exciting and I wished there were scenes that were as thrilling I very much enjoyed all the specialized knowledge the author had about Egyptian antiuities It s like this book was a precursor to the Amelia Peabody series but set in modern times I had trouble feeling close to the main character though the same problem I have with Peabody herself and found myself also having a bit of trouble believing who she finally hooked up with I saw it coming but couldn t think of a good reason why it should be that particular person I much preferred one of the other male characters and even though he wasn t chosen to be the hero I m also thankful that he wasn t the bad guy That s what usually happens when I like a Barbara Michaels character I had the villain figured out fairly early on but I enjoyed the various red herrings and twists that got in the way of my certainty I would have liked a good bit closure at the end though Too much was left in the air with a shrug that could have made for a stronger ending Not sure I recommend it but it s not awful just not up to the standards I ve come to expect from other Barbara Michaels books This review Bread of Dreams does not contain spoilers I haven t even finished reading the book yet This is written from the perspective that I like the author A passage from Search the Shadows Haskell s thought as she transcribes from a journal The archaeologist s comments about the people I ve revered as pioneers in the field of Egyptian archaeology are real eye openers It s a pity the journals can t be edited and published I chuckle The book is about Chicago and the University of Chicago s Oriental Institute Get it Egyptian archaeologyI recall hearing the advice given to novelists write what you knowI like Shadows not based on how good it is in its genre but on the fact that I like getting inside the head of this particular authorI was introduced to this author s books by a friend who had actually met the author The authorid my friend a favor and introduced my friend to her agent Subseuently the agent got my friend published Shadows is about Haskell who wants to un. Haskell Maloney was cruelly orphaned when she was just a baby Now twenty two years later she receives confirmation of the bitter truth she always suspected the fallen war hero whose name she shares was.

Derstand her mother who was a student at UC in the field of archaeology Haskell goes to Chicago to meet people who knew her mother The author herself was a student of Egyptian archaeology at UC s Oriental Institute She was writing from a position of knowing what it was like to be connected to the Oriental Institute Back to the passage from Shadows about editing and publishing There is a series of books about an English woman Amelia Peabody who went to Egypt in the 1880s and became involved with Beth Sholom Synagogue digging At the beginning of the series the author explains that she is telling the story based on journals of this Victorian woman who became and archaeologist and who met the real archaeologists referred to the in the passage as revered pioneers Breasted who founded the Oriental Institute and Carter who found Tutankhamun I like Shadows because it is about Barbara Mertz in a fictional setting Had read it before but enjoyed it again even though Iid vaguely remember the outcome But living in Chicago now and knowing the University of Chicago and its environs gave me extra enjoyment on this re reading as a large portion of it is set in Chicago and the U of C area Fun mystery about a young woman who sets out to find out about her mother s life and figure out who her biological father was and about the trouble Calvinists Incorporated dragging up the past brings especially among archaeologists Whenever I m not sure what to read next I know I can always pick up a Barbara Michaels book and be able to slip right in They re especially good when I m suffering from a book hangover when you finish a book that was so good you couldn t put itown and when you Building Ideas do finish it way too soon you have trouble pulling yourself out of the world of that book making them I guess a good chaser Haskell Maloney has been raised by her aunt losing her mother when an infant and the man she thought was her father before she was even born When as an adult sheiscovers that man couldn t possibly be her father she sets out to solve the mystery of her parentage going back to the academic world her mother inhabited in her Egyptological studies When researching her origins she becomes involved with the eccentric crazy and sometimes crazed people her mother interacted with in her own youth She also finds that someone Betting on Ideas doesn t want her to find out who her father was A good suspense with a little romance thrown in and an eclectic cast of characters this got me through my book hangover admirably Now what to read next Kind ofated typewriters and telephones no computers or cell phones but it s not too glaring The book was written in the 80 s and has a slower feel to it I think it was slower to try to build tension but it Cahokia didn t work too well in my opinion The characters were all somewhat twoimensional but stuck to the tropes from which they came with the exception of the big bad and the aunt who was much prominent in th. Not her father Her uest for answers and a personal history brings Haskell to the famed Oriental Institute in Chicago a city in which her mother lived and thrived before her strange untimely eath But.

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