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I usually don t hate the main characters but I hated Bill I hated how he didn t take his grandmother s feelings in account I hated how bossy he was It is my way or the highway attitude that made me dislike him Bill Wellington returns to Magnolia Georgia after his mother is injured in a fall He s convinced that the best thing for her is to come live with him in Boston Massachussetts and he doesn t want to listen to Lindsey who s taken care of Bea Wellington for some time or to Bea herself Lindsey tries many things to get him to change his mindBill and Lindsey were childhood friends Lindsey struggles to understand why Bill ushed her away and chose not to communicate with her for many years not even when she was left standing at the altar They spend most of the book fighting their attraction for each other The town has an odd superstition that those who join hands around a A Ladys Honor (Cliffs of Cornwall, particular tree will be together forever Despite being a Christian Lindsey doesn t think toray about her relationship with Bill until about 34 of the way through the book I really enjoyed this story about Bill and Lindsay They have been good friends since grade school where they did a Bob and Larry in the Case of the Missing Patience project together about some trees in a localark One of the trees is called The Forever Tree there is a local legend about this tree Bill and Lindsay are aware of the legend but dont think that it applies to themI also enjoyed Bill s grandmother in this story she is so sweetThis is really a swe. In Magnolia Georgia local legend says that a couple who holds hands around the forever tree will have an unending love Even so Bill Wellington held Lindsay Jones's hands around that tree

Et love story I thought Lindsey acted childish by trying to stop Bill from caring for his grandmother After a while it got really annoying Took me forever to finish it because I wanted to smack her upside her face and tell her to grow up Lol A typical little romance story Two The War to End All Wars people who loved each other all through school but she denied it labeling it friendship After graduation he left town for college and she stayed and looked after his grandmother as one of her jobs that she loved He comes back to move his grandmother to Boston to be with him and she really wants to stay in her home As he s led back to God he finds it in himself to realize he is in love with her and she s resists her feelings But God has otherlans for her and she finally sees the light and as usual it has a happy ending Such a cute story about the forever tree Supposedly if you hold hands around it you will be together forever Not in the case of Bill and Lindsay anyway Fate just might bring them together after all or is it the tree A funny lighthearted romance sure to win anyone over with its charm What an adorable story and I loved the ending Looking forward to reading by this author A good story set in georgia about two eople Bill and Lindsey who were supposed to be together but went their seperate ways and lives They meet again because comes home to take his grandmother to live with him His grandmother does not agree she s got a boyfriend and a life and neither does. Ears agoand then left her behind He chose the big city and now he wants to bring his grandmother there But to his amazement he finds that Granny has a boyfriend and a vibrant life A life

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Lindsey who has become her caregiver It was a retty cute story I was happy about the ending Although I wish there was a little bit to the ending Overall it was a really cute book though This book has a lovely dreamy summery cover I had no idea that Georgia could be so retty of course I ve never been there And the story has a lovely summery feel so I m really grateful to the Novel Journey blog for sending me a free copy and giving me the chance to read itThe story starts with a local legend that couples who hold hands round the Forever Tree will forever love each other It sounded sweet though I at once began to think of a science experiment I supervised when my kids were in elementary school where they had to measure trees not entirely romantic Of course the couples in this book are somewhat older and don t necessarily believe in local legends But the idea drew me inSoon I was following the trials of Bill who lives in the city and wants his Granny to move and Lindsey who lives in the country and wants Granny to stay Ah the tangled webs we weave everyone wanting the best for everyone else and nobody listening except of course it s a story and they do eventually listen It was a rare treat a love story where I really wasn t sure what the right answer would be And isn t that like lifeA touch of legend a touch of God s blessing and a touch of wise old Granny brings it all together A lovely summer romance for those hot summer days Thanks Missy Tippen. Hat includes Lindsay Granny's caregiver Bill never thought he'd want to come home yet Magnolia clearly has its charms As does Lindsay who makes him long for a second chance at forever love.