Ann Coulter: Guilty Liberal Victims and Their Assault on America

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This would be my favorite of her books because she eally slams the double standard and silliness of the liberal position The classless slander and debasement of anything to do with epublicans or conservatives She over and over again shows the complete breakdown of the liberal logic which is a brand of insanity ather than any form of logic She clearly explains how liberals find a victim of some supposed atrocity that the ight has done and then goes to work to either uin the supposed perpatrator of injustice or at least make them un and hide because of the shame they bring down on them I nearly needed a barf bag to ead this book because of the many well documented cases she writes about with her usual wit and sarcasm that her fans so enjoy Chapter two eally opened my eyes to the mess created by single mothers I was shocked to see the amifications of this movement she documents the statistics the cases the liberal bafoons that promote this lifestyle as it tears our country down day by day Its clear that the liberals aren t for america they are for doing whatever keeps them in power Chapter three she points out the silliness of the claim that there is a epublican attack machine all the while it s eally a Democratic Attack machine and of course backs it up with all the newspaper eports that show the bias on the search engine nexus again the insanity caused my stomach to burn with disgust Chapter four describes the lefts desire to go to great lengths to show the failings of the Republican party and its members by the kiss and tell books by members of the Rep party who switched sides write it is always the morons of the epublican party that leave to join the party of change she goes over the countless examples of the Dems inability to easonably look at History or its own mistakes and judge soundly instead they name call point fingers and throw tantrums whenever their side is held to the same standard as Repubs Too many details to give account but eye opening to say the least Chapter five is about sex and scandal the left has innapropriate sex and it s no big deal hetero or homosexual sex the ight has innapropriate sex in or out of marriage hetero or homosexual sex and its a scandulous hailstorm of negative press there could be identical instances and the ight would be aked over the coals while the left would get a pass again countless sightings by Ann makes you wonder if you are eally living in a dream seuence Chapter six was of the same but its what I fear is the chapter that defines our time the lefts need for domination of power humans have a propensity toward that they democrats are the power mad do nothings that are a commercial for this brand of wickedness They held control of congress for near 50 years and I suspect their goal is to try again to gain. Who are the victims hereTo hear liberals tell it you’d think they do nothing but suffer at the hands of uthless entities like the “Republican Attack Machine” and Fox NewsReallyIt’s just another instance of the Big Lie of course In Guilty Ann Coulter explodes this myth to eveal that when it comes to bullying no one outdoes the Left For instance• The myth of the Republican Attack Machine The most amazing thing lib.

That power they have destroyed the ability to think critically with the educational system they employ laws are made to shut people up so they can t dissent they have most of the lawyers the schools the judges the supreme court possibly so the last thing is capitalism which is teetering with countless egulations and will topple if they have their way They eceived a gift wrapped control of the US by than 50% of Americans in November Scary stuff this chapter so ead with a tissue to wipe the tears as you see the best country in the history of this world being swallowed by those who think they can help by doing the very same things they accuse the ight of doing fascism dictatorial power jihad against our constitution and a loss of liberty that has never been seen in America nor expected by the utopian liberals who don t get it Chapter seven was the last and my favorite because it shows the emotional makeup of liberals better than anything I ve ead They seem to emind me of the last kid picked in kick ball in grade school and they are now going to show the world that they can t be kicked around now that they are senators they are important they are sticking up for the little guy they care they will be there for the down trodden of society yet all their programs fail because they instill laziness Ann communicates again and again that if people want to do nothing they should suffer the conseuences not be fed funds from others who are doing something They don t mind making laws that hurt the average person because they don t effect their Congressstandard of living their safety their education they shield themselves from those woes because of money power and connections Liberals have bought into the idea of uestioning authority as long as the authority is conservative they have bought into the idea of stopping acism even if they become acists in doing so they save one child from scorn while scorning another Ann points these things out page after page and I have shaken my head in disgust so many times I have a neck brace now If you are liberal ead this and be open to the possibility that the smoke that has entered you from your posterior has clouded your judgment and if you are conservative ead this for knowledge of the leftist agenda and to make the NY Times mad for having it on the best sellers list for a long timewell at least for the few months of their existence anyway Ann in her usual pointed way makes a forceful case that those who claim to be victims are often the ones who have created havoc on others There is plenty examples of liberal hypocrisy which should make any fair thinking person angry at the unfairness of it all The main stream media is a ich target at which Ann takes deadly aim When I picked up this book at the library I wouldn t actually spend mone. Erals have done is create the myth of a compliant ight wing media with Republicans badgering baffled eporters into attacking Democrats It’s so mad it’s brilliant • “Brave” liberals In addition to being beautiful compassionate tribunes of the downtrodden liberals are brave I know that because they’re always telling me how brave they are • Obambi’s luck While B Hussein Obama piously condemned attacks on cand.

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Y on any book she writes I was determined to ead it with an objective focus despite the hateful titles which one could judge by the cover I just wanted to see what kind of arguments she presented Yet I knew full well there d be a lot of eye olling Obviously I skimmed most of it but it didn t take long for me to surmise that very few people would actually take her seriously She s there for shock value and the amusement of extreme conservatives Oh yeah and she s hot I m sure most of her fan base are men who hear nothing but blah blah blah while waiting for her to bend over so they can get a glimpse of her cleavageSee Her attitude just taunts a person to etaliate in a nasty way I d never normally put someone down like that She likens politics to bullies on the play ground which is actually uite accurate Her use of the name B Hussein Obama is a direct example of how bullies would act make fun of the person make personal attacks It s like calling the kid with glasses four eyes My favorite description of the President is jug eared clodhopper However she seems to use insults as support for her arguments presents opinion as fact such as acism doesn t exist and Watergate was a boring story Yes there are facts that she points out about liberals screwing up and how they ve wasted vast amounts of money following their hearts But aside from annoying behavior she fails to prove how liberals and their wolf pack media actually negatively affect America as a whole such as wild swings in the stock market extensive environmental damage or widespread health complications It s nit picking indulgence of cutting people down She s in the same ball field as the Westboro Baptist Church epresenting very few opinions Wow After I heard NBC banned Ann Coulter because of this book I just had to ead it Liberals are just SO sensitive She has all the names dates and stats Ambrose Bierce said Use emotion when the facts are against you Less a book than a piece of carefully calibrated propaganda for Ms Coulter s tweets GUILTY will find exactly the audience it is intended to and speaks directly to their prejudices and anxieties like all good fascism does So you can expect middle class values ensrhined as a kind of self congratulatory gospel of intolerance No sense of global politics no sense of history and no eal grasp of the imaginary statistics that might back up her unshocking assertions about the evils of social esponsibility free thought and political contextIf Coulter s ideas were original or her wit sharper I would admire her I cannot even dislike her as a cardboard pundit because she is a blonde face on a bland machine As it is I think she is a very lucky lady milking her moment for every shekel she can sueeze out of the moron majorityLots of idiots to harvest so her scythe will stay busy. Idates’ families his media and campaign surrogates ipped open the court sealed divorce ecords of his two principal opponents in his Senate ace in IllinoisOne ecurring truth about liberals says Coulter is that “they viciously attack all while wailing that they are the true victims” With Guilty–a shockingly specific catalog of offenses that liberals would ather we forget–Ann Coulter presents exhibits A through.

Ann Coulter is the author of seven New York Times bestsellers — Guilty Liberal Victims and Their Assault on America January 2009; If Democrats Had Any Brains They'd Be Republicans October 2007; Godless The Church of Liberalism June 2006; How to Talk to a Liberal If You MustOctober 2004; Treason Liberal Treachery From the Cold War to the War on Terrorism June 2003; Slander Liberal