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The first ne you ve basically struck teacher gold Thank you Nikki This book was a lot Blue Streak of fun as an early reader Dyamonde is a fantastic character fullf feeling parent s divorce moving away from friends but also full The Asketikon of St Basil the Great of force She s spunky as all getut I want to be her friend In her search to find a new best friend and make the best f a tough situation Dyamonde Daniels helps bring the antagonist Free ut f his shell and into her sunshine Dyamonde a sassy smart and lively third grader shows what it takes to survive being the new kid to be yourself and stand up for what s right In defending fellow classmates from the wrath f Free she starts to peel away his tough exterior and get to the source Stanford Wong Flunks Big-Time of his anger which is sadness Watching their friendship This is a cute short book Dyamonde is anutspoken little thing lol Nikki Grimes does it again Another great book for students This is about a sassy confident little girl who is new in town I think that it would be a terrific read for Gr 2 4 students It is short as well so would definitely appeal to reluctant readers as wellI believe that this is a series so to look forward to Early chapter books are a pistol You d think they were printed Thoroughly Disarmed on pagesf silver and gold the way publishers dole them ut n their lists For those kids transitioning from early readers to 200 page tomes early chapter books are hugely important So when I find a good After the Ashes one I latchnto it my teeth lock my jaw and don t let go Sadly The Angry Planet of these books I could probably countn Melody's Key one hand the numberf early chapter readers that star characters that are contemporary African Americans Let s see books by Ann Cameron Karen English and now Nikki Grimes Meet Dyamonde Daniel You ll be happy that you did She s a third grader with wild crazy hair and who happens to be skinnier than half a toothpick She s also brilliant and fun but Dyamonde Daniel has a definite problem n her hands What she really wants and needs is a best friend and there don t appear to be any takers in her new school Then ne day another new kid comes to her class and his name is Free The problem Free is just the grumpiest mopiest rudest kid Dyamonde has ever met Before she knows it she s interested in what his problem is And in a mere 74 pages she has not A Chance Acquaintance only cheered him up she s found herself an unexpected new friend I don t mean to make broad generalizations but when reading early chapter books there are certain ideas and themes that just don t make an appearance all thatften What I like about Dyamonde Daniel is that this isn t a story about some girl who lives in the suburbs and has her wn room and puppy Dyamonde has slept n the couch ever since her parents split up and her mom had to move to Washington Heights The book deals with issues like unemployment divorce lack f apartment space and having to move in with relatives Thing puzzling her is the ther new kid in her class He's awfully grouchy but Dyamonde's determined to get to the bottom f his frowning attitude and make a friend Readers will fall in love with Dyamond.

Annotation written Jan 2018 for a course n children s literatureSmart and confident third grader Dyamonde Daniel has just moved across New York City with her mom after her parents divorced Now she s attending a new school wondering how long it ll be before she makes new friends When another Black student Free joins her class she wonders why he s such a grumpy bully but she doesn t let him get away with it With a positive focus n friendship Make Way for Dyamonde Daniel also casually explores how divorce and unemployment can affect children The comprehensive themes yet accessible storyline make this a strong beginner chapter book Age 6 Dyamonde recently started a new school She lives in a new apartment with her mom She s getting the hang f things but what she really wants is a new friend Along comes Free another new student but he happens to be War to the Knife: Bleeding Kansas, 1854-1861 onef the most cranky moody grouchy people Dyamonde has ever met But she s not giving up until she knows what s going Leaving Mother Lake: A Girlhood at the Edge of the World on with FreeI m thrilled to have found Dyamonde Daniel She is super smartbservant and not afraid to speak her mind Overall she s brilliant It s very difficult to find good uality midway books for those transitioning from leveled readers to traditional whatever that means chapter books It s even difficult to find them representing a diverse population And I m not just talking about race I m talking about all the ther issues that are brought up in this book that aren t made into issues for Dyamonde I m also talking about divorce income city living new school finding friends paying attention to thers and All packed into a slim packageMake way here comes Dyamonde Daniel You ll be glad you didRecommended grades 2 and up My 3rd grade class enjoyed this story about friendship and finding your place in a new school r when facing change Dyamonde is intelligent spunky and courageous 74 pages Great story with lots f humor Dyamonde is a feisty little 3rd grader who is fairly new in town She longs for a best friend She meets a new boy named Free who has a grouchy attitude all the time She has to find Introductory Algebra: Models Concepts Skills out why he is so angry all the time This realistic fiction book is fullf situations kids can relate to I think boys and girls will like it Since there is a girl Marriage After God: Chasing Boldly After God’s Purpose for Your Life Together on the cover boys may not go for it but they should I love the characterf Dyamonde She is fun and speaks the truth She is direct We need f that Bravo Highly recommended for Grades 3 4 It s so hard for me anyways to find a decent early readerlet alone with a PoC main character and decent writing and that s not ffensive Ah Of course Nikki would be the Blue Blood one to do it Hard to LOVE this book as an adult level wise because there snly so much but I m so very grateful this The Gollywhopper Games: Friend or Foe one exists and I m glad to be able to use it with my early reader crew Oh AND it s the startf series So if you get them hooked in. Dyamonde Daniel may be new in town but that doesn't stop her from making a place for herself in a jiffy With her can do attitude and awesome brain power she takes the whole neighborhood by storm The nly.

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T the same time this is not an issue book It s having too much fun to wallow in any misery It does things that ther books for this reading level fail to do too I mean when was the last time you read an early chapter reader that discussed whether It's Like This or not a name like Reed was the kindf name you d see The Mirage on a black kid We need books with different pointsf view in ur collections In this way Dyamonde delivers I hate the term sassy This is unfortunate when I read books like Sassy Little Sister Is Not My Name It would also be a problem here That is if Grimes ever pulled that word ut Rituels secrets des Templiers of her repertoire But as it happens the term is never invoked Dyamonde may beutspoken and sometimes n the cusp f rude but that pseudo cute word sassy would rob her A Mild Suicide of her power if you ever used itn her She s extraordinary super smart and Beethoven for a Later Age: The Journey of a String Quartet observant Far preferable I assure you For such a slim little book Grimes manages to tell a succinct smart story with plentyf character development and change Some Born to Ride: A Story About Bicycle Face of the writing choices struck me as surprising though For example the pointf view pulls a sudden switcheroo roundabout page 44 which I thought was interesting Most Origen: Scholarship in the Service of the Church of the book is written from Dyamonde s perspective but at leastnce we suddenly make a leap into Free s noggin as well It s a bit peculiar and wholly unexpected though it s not the last time we get a peek into his brain I suspect it s Ms Grimes s way f getting to the nut f the matter in as short a time as possible Kids won t notice it much but for adults it may prove to be blink worthy Now let me tell you a little something about Ms Nikki Grimes First ff her fans are dedicated souls each and every ne I had a mother in my library the Porter Earns a Quarter (Four Basic Skills Series, Volume 2) other day that was desperate for Nikki Grimes books beyond The Road to Paris Anything would do I ended up having to hand her some Sheila Moses and Jackie Woodson instead since Ms Grimes hasnly written a couple middle grade novels I suppose that had the Mayan, Incan, and Aztec Civilizations, Grades 5-8 opportunity presented itself I could have mentioned Dyamonde Daniel though this series is a bit young for the kid ready for Paris Now I ll admit to you that when it comes to interior illustrations there are some artists that do it for me and some that don t And while I respect R Gregory Christie his pictures just aren t thenes I instantly gravitate to when I read a book So I don t feel ualified to critiue his work here I ll just say that the book is filled with his interior pictures and that he ll Tablettes Albertini Actes privés de l'époque vandale often illustrate a chapterpening with images f what s to come within that chapter With its petite size Grimes packs a wallop f a punch with the Sexual Soulmates: The Six Essentials for Connected Sex (English Edition) openingf this series Sweet and short with a point f view and voice you aren t liable to find anywhere else The first sentence in this book is right n the money Dyamonde Daniel was a gem waiting to be discovered Find her Piazza, Student Edition: Introductory Italian on yourwnFor ages 7 10. E Daniel the spirited star f a new series by Nikki Grimes With her upbeat take charge attitude Dyamonde is a character to cheer for and the fun accessible storytelling will hook kids from the first page.