Christopher Winn: I Bet You Never Knew That About Britain

H is difficult for someone just looking to re. And disasters there is something to test everyone from Britain's brainiest boffins to the uiz beginnerFeaturing a range f uestions from multiple choice teasers and dd nes Love! Valour! Compassion! out to picture uizzes illustrated with charming line drawings to test your knowledgef the famous faces and facades f Britain Alo.

It was stuff I never knewAll uiz format whic. Bestselling author and uiz master Christopher Winn is here to test your general knowledge f Britain with Kumiko and the Dragon over 1000 uiz uestions to perplex and puzzle aboutur glorious islands Covering a myriad f subjects including history cathedrals sports records modern Britain royalty people places deeds discoveries.

Ad through but fun and interesting throughout. Ngside these sit cryptic and puzzle uizzes plus special features spotlighting different regions so you can see just how well you know your local areaPerfect for all ages this uiz book will provide hours f entertainment and education for the whole family and have you proclaiming 'I bet you never knew that.

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