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I love Ptown so I loved this book But if u don t care bout Ptown don t read it This book was a mixed bag for methe chapters were not connected to each ohter for the most art and some of them were very interesting while others I could not get into like the ins and outs of various eccentric The Ornament (Ornament, poets and artists lives After I got 34 of the way through the book i decided that life is too short and there are too many great books to read so i uit reading this one I think if you have spent a lot of time inrovincetown you would robably find this book fascinating As someone who s spent many vacations with special friends on Cape Cod always utting aside one day for exploring Ptown to shop eat Rant people watch whale watch horseback ride and bike ride I wanted to see what the author had to say Of course my view of the town as a tourist is completely different from living and working the A great book about town that has ch. When you look back at its history you can see arogression in Provincetown things getting wilder and wilder the outlaw element becoming the norm Provincetown Cape Cod This small Massachusetts enclave has long been home to irates commune dwellers artists and other noble countrymen who value liberty over law from Norman Mailer and Ten.

Anged a lot over the years Its a great read on how Ptown has evolved from a small Portuguese fishing village to a modern gay enclave I really enjoyed the art on the artists and writers who lived there in the early half of the twentieth century The author was a little off in the way he described the LGBT Challenged to Win people who lived there From the way he wrote about them I am assuming he is straight Still a good read to getumped for my trip to Ptown Spent many summers in Ptown so far the book is boring and without charm as Ptown is Fun for the instances of Kids Draw Knights, Kings, Queens, Dragons people in it that I recognize Otherwise Manso takes a wiseass look at a beautiful town and only captures the crap but then again it s about art sex and money No room I guess for the beauty and the uaintnessOnlyeople who know Ptown can try to enjoy this book as it holds nothing for the reader unfamiliar with the town And even then I learned nothing much here Just tha. Nessee Williams to John Waters Robert Motherwell and former congressman Gerry Studds With one of the largest homosexual opulations er capita of any town or city in the United States and some of the highest beachfront real estate rices in the Northeast Provincetown is a thriving tourist spot that attracts than one million visitors

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T Norman Mailer was an ashole and everyone else was dealing and smuggling drugs and stealing artworkI haven t come across the book yet that defines my beautiful Ptown Maybe someday I will Decent read while one is on the Cape I think this would only be interesting though to someone who is very familiar with the outer cape for that reason I liked it 25 stars really but goodreads won t let me enjoyed some of the historical anecdotes book dragged when it got too deep into life stories of individuals Understood the oint he was trying to make about how this is historically a community where gay and straight Into the Planet people coexisted happily and that gentrification threatens the character of the town but felt his again anecdotal narrative in service of that agenda verged on demonizing gays opinion was sealed when a woman at the Old Colony was like Is that theeter Manso book I read it I don t like him he s a big namedropper. Ach year Here acclaimed writer and longtime Ptown resident Peter Manso brings together all the celebrities and townsfolk history and happenstance and Dusk (Rosales Saga, politics and gossip to offer an unparalleled account of this unconventional seaside society alace in the words of Henry David Thoreau where one may standand ut all of America behind