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Y dgy how he was recording Raine bugging her house and her person Also he was pretty rough in bed sometimes for my tastes I liked that Raine seemed to know how to deal with him in a way that made the dark cold brute go away and the sweet boy come to life I liked how she would touch and pet him her gentleness knowing how to calm him like a animal that had turned vicious out of abuse I liked how much he needed Raine He didn t know how to love or how to Way of the Shaman express it but he somehow managed to do that anyway with her help His declaration of love was so sweet it brought tears to myyes I can t say that Seth is one of my favorite heroes but I did come to like him and understand him I understand how a hard life like his could turn someone cold and isolated I think that Ms McKenna did a great job of showing how Raine s love broke that permafrost and freed the man inside I loved that Seth is a tech geek He really knows his stuff I didn t mind his social awkwardness for the most part although I disliked some of the rude things he said to Raine and his lack of trust in her at times Although Seth is definitely an uber alpha very domineering and kind of mean about it he turned out okay in the Gallowglass end I saw him grow and I saw his pain and yearning for love and peace which is what I needed to like himBoy does this author know how to write steamy love scenes I could do without the freuent use of the c word for the female anatomy I hate that word but otherwise she managed to write thencounters between Raine and Seth as volcanic hot but also deeply romantic The Inclusion Imperative even though I thought some of thencounters were a bit on the rough side it helped that Seth would back down when Raine showed him that he was coming on too strong At the same time it was clear that he wanted to please her and for her to be wild and free in her sexuality which was something she wanted too I think the love scenes furthered the story beautifully showing the dynamic between Raine and Seth and how it changed as their love connection blossomed Also there was real communication there a lowering of barriers something that was not The Public-Private Partnership Handbook easy forither characterRaine was an adorable heroine I didn t What Next After School ? expect to find one in a romantica read I have this impression that the heroines would be jaded and hardened which is not something I prefer in a heroine unless it is well done and fits the story Raine was a very sweet gentle loving person At times I thought maybe too good for Seth But I realize that she is the perfect woman for Seth She really saw his heart and wasn t afraid to be vulnerable when needed but also showed backbone and stood up to him and showed she was no pushover I liked her journey to find her strength and to conuer her tormented past Seth was willing to kill her dragons but she did most of that on her own And she tamed the biggest dragon of all Seth I really liked herThe suspenselements were pretty dark which is okay with me although there was some sexual stuff that was a bit out of my comfort zone and thankfully not a huge part of the story And I was glad that wasn t in Raine and Seth s relationship Victor Lazar was an interesting villain He had depths that made him very intriguing and he showed that Emerging Markets even a bad man can love His dynamic with Raine was uite fascinating Inded up feeling sad for the guy However Novak is a piece of slime and I think he got off lightly consideringI really A Home of Another Kind enjoyed this book It was my backupgym book but Inded up devouring it because I couldn t put it down I am glad my sister and some of my other friends talked this one up Because I was uite impressed with this book I d give it 4550 stars I will read of Shannon McKenna although I appreciate my sister s warning that her other heroes are dominating and overbearing than Seth I know I will have to be in the mood for that Even so Connor s book is calling my name This book had a lot of potential good suspense plot nicely written and two characters that could have helped me like the book It started right off showed the characters flaws so I rolled with it Hoped they d develop together and redeem themselves For 90% of the book they got on my nerves Raine Lorraine Katya Katie cried too much abou. Lla tiene sus propios motivos para vengarse de Victor Lazar y se ha jurado a sí misma ue lo hará a pesar del miedo ue le corroe –y la presencia de Seth Mackey Aunue tiene poca The Voyage of the Norman D., As Told by the Cabin Boy experiencia con los hombres la apariencia salvajemente masculina de Seth y su sensualidad animal avivan sus fantasías másróticas y la ayudan a idear un atrevido plan uizá si le ofrece su cuerpo y se somete completamente a su rudo deseo pueda superar todos sus límites African Successes, Volume I emocionales –incluidol miedo.

Behind Closed Doors by Shannon McKenna paperback 2002Raine and SethI m not a huge contemporary suspense romance reader At least that s what I keep telling myself despite my bookshelf results This is the second five star review for my second Shannon McKenna read I think she captivates a particular reader that needs a couple with a real love life and since she has control of the story the PERFECT amount of play off of Trigger Samaniego 1 (Stallion, each other The result is a pure balance of story and love scenes for the reader I swear first I can t put her books down then I can t stop thinking about her Hh after I m through Ain t it great LOL Raine Cameron has always been a bit scared of her own shadow in life Havingndured a life on the run with her beautiful yet shallow mother Alix she never had the support or role models to look up to much less know that she could really depend on Lehrbuch Der Physiologie even one person to be her soft place to fall By the time she turned 11 years of age her father s involvement in her uncle s shady business dealings led to his suspicious death and a life suddenly uprooted andver changing as her mother submerged them into a life of hiding With a mother that considered her daughter s Plastic Techniques in Neurosurgery (English Edition) eBook: James Tait Goodrich, David A. Staffenberg: Amazon Media EU S.à r.l. ever increasing beauty a competitive problem rather than something to be proud of Raine generally retreated into downplaying her talents and looks hoping to show her mother she was no threat and only wanted her love and attention Of course it never worked out that way she simply grew up to feel powerless scared and lonely In anffort to start over and both avenge her father s death and regain her backbone she Sexy, Healthy, Food - 25 Clean-eats, Gluten-free Recipes engages in a cat and mouse game with her highly powerful and dangerous uncle and uickly realizes she s in over her head Enter Seth our darklynigmatic gadget guru hero who s already so deep into Marketing Excellence 3 espionage activities surrounding Raine s murderous uncle he s got his own axe to grind having lost his little brother his only family member due to the uncle s nasty lifestyle When Raine in pursuit of her goal is hired by her uncle s business 17 years later she s been given the house of her uncle sx mistress in the line of her job duties and Seth finds himself spending 247 watching and listening to her on spy cam He can t believe he s so sexually fascinated by this little spinster type pea hen Sure she looks fantastic when she strips out of those high buttoned suits and lets her hair down but he s never been one to lose his focus over a sexy body or pretty face and it begins to interfere in his mission The action plays out splendidly piece by piece and I didn t find any scenes in the book that I felt I just wanted to skip past McKenna creates side characters and villains you love to read about because they are truly uniue in their ultimate weirdness at times fascinating When the author was infusing the story with both her talented ability to write the most ngaging love scenes both smokin hot and sweetly sexy she had my full attention Although McKenna s ability to write suspense is well noted by reviewersreaders she also has a great ability to infuse her characters with wry wit if not a bit of suspension of disbelief mployed to appreciate it during a particularly tense scene At one point while Seth and Raine have just discovered they need to make themselves scarce by shedding any bugged clothing Raine has been gifted with by the bad guys SM interjects into their replacement clothes shopping flurry Seth checking labels in breathless haste Ya there being chased afterall spotting the underwear bin He grabbed a random handful of thong panties See through lace in awesome lurid colors Black hot pink purple lime green lipstick red He flung them on the counter Put these on the tab Those are thongs Raine blushes while all the time incredulous of Seth s direction of thought at the particular moment He leered at her Yum LMAO It SO doesn t realistically work at this point of the story yet the dialogue got Wild Wicked Scot (Highland Grooms, even funnier and I laughed out loud at Seth s one track mind while appreciatingvery drop of humor McKenna infused into the tenseness When she put our Hh back into the line of fire as she unfolded the suspense I found myself talking back to the characters she s fi. CADA VEZ UE TE MUEVASEl Black on Blonde experton sistemas de vigilancia Seth Mackey lo sabe todo sobre las mujeres con las ue su millonario jefe se dedica a jugar –para luego abandonarlas a su antojo Pero Raine Cameron tiene algo diferente al resto Noche tras noche Seth la vigila con una docena de cámaras Su vulnerable belleza le hechiza y su fresca inocencia aviva The Walters Art Museum the Art of Ancient Greece en él una pasión ue apenas puede controlar Raines tentación pura pero Seth tiene algo más importante n lo ue centrar su ate.

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Lled with plenty of personality in the story a sure sign I m completely drawn in Not a bored moment in this writer s ability to tell the tale Toward the nd some of Raine s attitude toward Seth would begin to annoy me usually when she distanced herself Art, Culture, and Cuisine emotionally from him and I m not referring to points where he was being cloyingly overprotective or controlling basically her impatience and inability to understand how men really tick But the tension the author was able to set up during those moments between them reallynables the reader to feel both the hero and heroine s pain fear disgust all the myriad of Berlioz and His Century emotions we all actually feel during moments of unrest in an intense relationship McKenna would uiteffectively bring me back around with my own affection toward both Raine and Seth not to mention cheering them on to their HEA I ll be reading the rest of this series soon as I didn t want to leave Seth and Raine when the story was over The worst part of this book was that it Aristotles Rhetoric endedK I have so many issues with this book So many I have no idea where to startThe only thing that made me finish this book is Victor Seriously I loved that guy And I hoped for his book but knew view spoilerhe will get killed hide spoiler I struggled with the hero in Behind Closed Doors however I really liked the book overall We meet Seth who is trying to avenge his brother s death by killingcapturing his murderer This involves spying on the murderer s new mistress Raine He becomes obsessed with her watching her constantly What he doesn t know is Raine is actually on her own undercover mission The murderer he is watching also killed her father too when she was young girl She wants to try to find answers as to what happened An interesting tidbit the murderer is her uncle and she is not a mistress She is a bit naive and has one or two TSTL moments but I liked her a lot She changed a lot by thend of the bookThe two become involved Seth is the one of the top Uber alphas I ve Blood Runs Green ever read He comes from an awful childhood and really never learned how to love or communicate with anyone It s mentioned than once in the story that he has no social skills He s constantly angry rude and just a down right ahole I was able to overlook this because the author lets us into his head to know what he is thinking He doesn t mean to say or do things to hurt feelings and he does most of the time feel sorry for what he s done In the sex scenes a few times I felt he was almost raping her He doesn t like to talk about feelings or care what she has to say so he wants her to shut up He does this by pinning her down and using his strength against her and pretty much forcing sex Shends up liking it but I didn t In the Charting an Empire end Raine is able to tame Seth s beast vs just tolerating his crap He comes to realize he doesn t want to be alone and miserable the rest of his lifeI have to add that I thought there waswelltoo much sex There I said it After awhile I m like come on Get on with it It wasn t like it varied much it was of the same sex over and over The book could have been cut down by 50 pages by shortening up the later scenesThe mystery in this story is not really a who dunnit but of a why did they do it The suspense is very good and I felt the story was really well written We meet the McCloud brothers and I am anxious to read their stories My sister has talked about how much she loves this book for years I can see why she likes it It was thoroughlyntertaining My ThoughtsMs McKenna is a very good writer She uses words very legantly and beautifully This book surprised me with its imagery I liked the motifs of Seth as the cold dark knight who wanted badly to win the sweet beautiful princess locked in her tower He wanted to save her from the darkness around her and ven herself I think that this fairy tale theme illuminated what could have been a very dark storySeth is a one of a kind hero There were times I thought he was a real jackass pardon my French He is rude rough domineering and unforgiving Other times there was a scared lonely little boy inside of him so in need of love That s what made me like him I love stalkerific heroes no uestion about it But it was prett. Nción Está convencido de ue su jefe Victor Lazar s l responsable del asesinato de su hermanastro y no puede poner su investigación secreta The Exiles Gallery en riesgo aunue tampoco puedevitar uererla –desearla ardientemente– y muy pronto se da cuenta de ue no Dislocating China está dispuesto a dejar ue Victor la posea puesto ue podría convertirsen su siguiente víctima CADA VEZ UE RESPIRESRaine sabe ue Childerley está siendo vigilada –aunue sabe ue nunca nadie podrá ser capaz de ver lo ue su corazónsconde

Shannon AndersonFrom The Author's WebsiteHOW IT ALL BEGANI started writing my first romance novel in secret I was working a temp job in an insurance office in Manhattan at the time and the office manager had made it clear that even if there was nothing to do I still had to look busy never one of my big talents I felt bad about the wasted time though and I needed something to round out my other chosen career which was singing Yeah that's right Most artists choose a practical Plan B to back up their improbable Plan A Me No way Long Shot is my middle nameSo I sneakily set up a Document 1 and a Document 2 with a spreadsheet on it If my Boss du Jour walked by I could uick like a bunny switch screens and whenever the coast was clear I went back to my story Not that I was slacking mind you If there was work to be done I did it The sneakiness felt familiar though because I've been teased about reading romances since I was a kid I think the day I finally grew up was the day I stopped trying to cover up what I was reading on the bus train or subway Let people think whatever they likeIt wasn't until I moved to Italy details of that Long Shot provided later on that I got serious about writing though I found myself with many long uiet days alone with nothing to do so I slogged my way bravely to the end of the manuscript and sent it out Everybody rejected it except for Kensington I wrote for them for a few years and then made a bid for an erotic novella for the new Brava imprint and oh joy they accepted it Then I wrote BEHIND CLOSED DOORS And so on and so forthThat's how I started I can't think of anything I'd rather do I never knew it would be so scary and so hard all that solitude and silence a blank computer screen and no one to blame But still It's worth it It's great