Tessa Dare: Surrender of a Siren The Wanton Dairymaid Trilogy #2

Ntirely romanticannnnd the nail in the coffin for me was the length of this book a 13 hour historical romance audiobook for what reasonanyway carrying on with the third book but i am nervous Tessa Dare is definitely on my authors to watch list now I loved her debut novel Goddess of the Hunt and even though this seuel wasn t as amazing as the previous book it was still a great readSophia Hathaway has just abandoned her fianc Sir Toby Aldridge at the altar and she s decided to finally live her life as she wants and not as her parents and society expect She seeks passion adventure and excitement and she knows she isn t likely to get that by marrying a man she doesn t love So she packs her art supplies and four dresses withdraws five hundred pounds from her bank account oh just imagine the look on the face of the bank clerk wins another hundred pounds at a card party leaves a letter to her family saying that she s eloping with Gervais her fictitious painting master and lover and buys a passage on the Aphrodite the next ship leaving to Tortola Sophia s plan is simple pretending to be a penniless governess Miss Jane Turner on the journey to her next employment she ll be able to leave England and thus escape her parents pursuit and buy the time she needs not much only a few months until she turns twenty one when she ll assume control of her inheritance and her lifeBenedict Gray Grayson is in his own words a liar a thief a libertine and worse He s no gentleman either but he s the owner of the Aphrodite so Sophia has no choice but to convince him to accept her as a passanger on his ship Gray is a former privateer which is basically a pirate sanctioned by the Crown but now that the war is over he s starting a new life and this will be the first time the Aphrodite will sail the sea as a respectable merchant ship Gray knows from the start that Sophia is going to be a threat to his decision to leave his womanizing days behind but he s also a practical man and the Aphrodite can t afford the luxury of refusing passengers if he wants to make a success of his new business So he takes the vexing woman to his ship and this is how their journey beginsObviously spending time together in close proximity for weeks and weeks makes it hard to control the growing attraction between them and they end up falling in love with each other Gray opens his heart to Sophia and tells her things that he s never shared with anyone On her part she isn t that open afraid that revealing her identity to him will turn him away But the deception will have to end eventually What will happen when Gray finally learns the truth Will he be able to trust her then More important will he be able to trust his feelings for her If she s lied to him all the time does he really know her at allKudos to Ms Dare s writing to make this story work for me because I m not a fan of pirateprivateer heroes or deceitful heroines Gray wasn t a privateer any but this book took place mostly at sea so it was as if he still was As for Sophia she was almost a pathological liar and couldn t tell the truth to save her life Strangely enough I liked both Gray and Sophia despite all that Sure I wanted to shake them well mainly Sophia a couple of times but I found myself rooting for them all the sameGray was a true scoundrel trying to reform and I love that kind of hero He had lied cheated stolen his brother Joss s inheritance not only once but twice and let his sister Bel down He made no excuses for that and he would have done all of it again if given another chance as he believed it was all a means to an end view spoilerto protect his brother and sister to restore their family s fortune and to secure their future hide spoiler 275 Slightly Bummed Lacklustre StarsBenedict Adolphus Dolly Grayson known by all but his little sister as Gray is a roguish charmer seriously it seems to be an innate component of his character rather than something that feels forced and it made me smile at least after the first scene with him and Sophie that first interaction he didn t exactly endear him to me Sophia is an innocent lady desiring to leave the constraints of Polite Society and so she does something which she is sure will bar her from the Ton she runaways on her wedding from a very eligible bachelorfi 33 stars Long ago she d learned this key to deceit It was easy to lie once ou understood that no one really wanted the truth. Conuest until Sophia’s perception and artistry stir his heart Suddenly he’ll brave sharks fire storm and sea just to keep her at his side She’s beautiful refined and ripe for seduction Could this counterfeit governess be a rogue’s redemption Or will the runaway heiress’s secrets destroy their only chance at lov.

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Retty frustrating and would have cost the book at least one star had Sophia not pulled it out in a scene similar to Elizabeth s testimony before the House of Lords in Judith McNaught s Almost Heaven I have to admit to the frustration with the heroine because it was strong but at the same time I have to applaud Tessa Dare for pulling the whole thing off beautifully Sophia Hathaway has run away from everything jilted her groom and is on a secure passage on the ship Aphrodite Posing as a governess Sophia things she has everything planned out to the last letter until her heart pounds and passion flares when she lays eyes on the charming Benedict Gray Grayson Gray is trying to live his life on the noble side After Hai nhà years as a privateer Gray feels it s time to straighten out his life and work to secure a future for his brother his brother s son and his sister but it s getting pretty hard with the beautiful governess is always near by tempting him and making his forget about his noble promises Surrender of a Siren was a fast paced and fun read Sophia dreams of something better then being thought of as only a beautiful trinket She wants to be accepted as a woman with a few wanton ideas Thinking the only way to be free was the run away But she can t help but feel a strong pull toward Gray and decides to do some chasing Gray promised his brother who is the Captain of the Aphrodite he wouldn t touch the pretty little governess but somehow she keeps invading his thoughts and dreams somehow knowing he was in a losing battle with her in passion and love Gray was one of those characters that drewou in As ou learn about his past not only does he feel guilt for what he did to his family but now he s trying to build bridges that were once burn down between himself and his brother Joss But also thinking of his sister and her future He wasn t perfect far from it and was very open about the fact but he was very redeemable and did redeem himself ten times over when he was willing to lay his life down for his brother When he fell in love with Sophia he fell hard and was willing to accept her for whom she was even with the lies she weave In Goddess of the Hunt I didn t care for Sophia and with SOAS I only like her a bit She had a great zest for life and was a great character but I felt she would only show true moments of being a mature woman then run away and hide behind her lies I would have liked her if she faced up and told the truth eailer on to Gray and others then having everything blow up in her face Although she did tell the truth and come clean and see her wrong doings but was dragged along till the end which unnesscary and dragged down the story somewhat With Sophia lies the only downer in an otherwise great story the sexual tension between Sophia and Gray was red hot and some scenes had me reaching for a fan to cool off The humor and some dialogue had me laughing out loud and even the goats got into the show With most of the book taking place on the sea the book never dragged and always kept it s enjoyable paced Leaving ou hanging for the next in the seriesOverall an enjoyable read that will have Falling Through Clouds you laughing at time with a fun happy ending and a lesson of learning to beourself through mostly no fault of its own this is definitely my least favorite tessa dare booki think it s important to note that had i gone on synopsis alone i probably wouldn t have picked this book up as much as i love the ocean i loathe books set at sea and especially dislike books about pirating i have no clue why it just doesn t do it for methe story is about Sophia who we learn about in the first book she is seen as a proper lady and is betrothed to a proper gentleman but she craves passion and adventure so she decides to run away and become a governess in a different country and in doing so she must board a ship captained by a very handsome and very unattainable mani was excited going into this but again my excitement was uickly hampered by the setting and on top of that the story just didn t read as very romantic i think when someone is trying to keep their identity a secret it can be difficult to convince me that the two characters are building a relationship on than just lust gray the hero his motivations were never entirely clear to me as a reader and Sophia kind of seemed willing to throw herself at the first guy willing to show her sexual attention as i said not G to sketch all her wildest most wanton fantasies and uite another to face the dangerously handsome libertine who would steal both her virtue and her goldTo any well bred lady Benedict “Gray” Grayson is trouble in snug fitting boots A conscienceless scoundrel who sails the seas for pleasure and profit Gray lives for.

Well this was the perfect start to my weekend I didn t expect to fall head over heels in love with it But I did My heart is warm I m in need of a feel good to start off my weekend Tessa Dare always delivers This review was originally posted on Books of My Heart Review copy was received from Publisher This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my reviewHistorical Romance is my total brain candy it s my escape my leave the world behind and soak in a bath with a glass of wine and melt the world away kind of reading Surrender of a Siren has The Art of Acquiring your typical Rogue of a male lead and the virginal Lady trying to get away from the trappings of society Sophie is running away from home and a marriage she doesn t want She wants adventure and to be loved for how she is and not just some stepping stone that her family is using to move up in society When she discovers that on her 21st birthday the money that would be used for her dowry will be hers to control a haphazard plan forms to sail on a ship bound for a sugar plantation and hide there until her birthday when she will gain control of her fortuneGray is trying to go respectable He was a pirate privateer during the war seizing and looting ships in the name of the crown But now that the war is over he needs a new way to make a living on the seas In his new legitimate life he has converted his ship to have passenger cabins and passed the role of Captain to his brother while he is the owner of their newly formed shipping company He is trying very hard to leave behind all of his roguish ways be respectable but when he meets Jane Turner Sophie in hiding thoughts of her consume him and makes that plan very difficultThe romance between Gray and Sophie has moments that are endearing and cute as they circle each other the sexual tension between them building it also has moments where I want to pull out my hair Sophie is pretending to be someone she is not and Gray can be an asshat at times I liked how Sophie challenged him in a lot of ways but hated a few of the things she said that tricked himOverall it is an old school Historical Romance RogueVirgin that definitely gets to where it is going and does have some very cute moments to go along with some frustrating ones It is the second book in The Wanton Dairymaid trilogy andou do not need to read them in order as this stands alone well If ou like books which involve trials at sea I think this would be a fun read You ought to take care how ou bat those eyelashes sweetheart One of these days ou re likely to knock a man overboard NarrationGabriella Baker did a decent job with the characters given to her to portray I think I might have struggled with Gray had she not softened some of the harsher words he said to Sophie She was able to make the book come to life Listen to a clip HERE A runaway Men who are technically not pirates A strong sense of loyaltySophia the protagonist is ratherna ve That s not necessarily a bad trait but sometimes I m just like What the fuck are ou doing Sophia She can be frustrating I m of a logical Four and a half for this one I liked it a lot It was very uniue in that the location is pretty much the same throughout the book It didn t bother me though Every once in a while I would think Wow We ve been on a ship the entire time But it was only a surprised observation and not a complaintThere were some great side characters and the hero Gray is very lovable The heroine is Sophia a character featured in Goddess of the Hunt She s the one who gave me some problems I thought she was very good and intriguing throughout most of it An English rose whose suiters and family all want to pamper her as if she s fragile china she just wants some adventure and passion I thought it was a really nice duality for a character to be completely feminine and innocent but to harbor depraved fantasies and a longing for thrill It was a fun twistHowever she s kind of a selfish heroine too She s run away leaving her family no real hint as to where she s gone in addition to the expenses of a canceled wedding and her fiance with nothing but the humiliation of having been jilted Wow What a sweetie Makes me really want to root for her Hurrah So I was torn between liking her uite a bit and wishing she weren t so self centered Then toward the end the author takes us through a stretch where the heroine seems extremely selfish and cowardly It s Desperate to escape a loveless marriage and society’s constraints pampered heiress Sophia Hathaway jilts her groom packs up her paints and sketchbook and assumes a new identity posing as a governess to secure passage on the Aphrodite She wants a life of her own unsheltered unconventional uninhibited But it’s one thin.

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Dare is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of fourteen historical romance novels and five novellas Her books have won numerous accolades including Romance Writers of America’s prestigious RITA® award twice and the RT Book Reviews Seal of Excellence Booklist magazine named her one of the “new stars of historical romance and her books have been contracted for translation in than a dozen languagesA librarian by training and a booklover at heart Tessa makes her home in Southern California where she lives with her husband their two children and a trio of cosmic kitties