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Ing to audiobooks I m not able to multitask nough This was a free download from Audible uite some time ago and I just got around to it However the story itself was cute and I liked the hero a lot The heroine avoided being TSTL so that was a plus as well I didn t care for the reader which I imagine can make or break a book 25 stars out of 5 starsThis was an OK holiday themed category romance It was obvious that there were a number of previous books featuring different characters in the book and I kept feeling like I was missing out when they showed up. Ust to keep the family peace It wouldn't be so bad if only Cat could keep her hands off her new fianc After all he's strong he's sexyhe's the perfect boy toy Or he is until Cat discovers she's just another one of his assignmen.

It was ok A uick read good plot 45 starsi really liked this book although there were a few parts where i was confused the story is great i rather liked the parts where Cat argues Especially when it s with Dino I think Cat and Dino are the perfect match and one that shall i say nobody would have thought to create Praise and verything for Cara Summers but i have an imporant uestion Where can i get my own Dino Just what you xpect from a romance novel with a mystery involved Nice short read nothing spectacular The romance between Cat and Dino was goo. Rugged Dino Angelis navy captain and special ops agent has the family Sight But ven that couldn't have prepared him for his hungry reaction to Cat McGuire toy store owner smuggling ring suspectand his new chargeOnly Dino can'.

D although a little too sudden The suspense aspect was well thought out but poorly xecuted The dialogue in some parts seemed rather The Man Without a Face elementary Worth giving it a read in your spare time More like a 25 star book but I will be generous and give it a 3 star rating tale of a hotx military guy hired to pose as a girl s fiance in order to protect her since she is in danger unbeknownst to her from a Mexican drug ring who are sending their dope to the US in shipments to her toy store Good for a mindless read 4 Stars I found I don t really care for listen. T believe the sexy woman under his protection is a crook Not when she can plant a kiss hot nough to melt all his good intentionsFor Cat Christmas is always a hectic season But this year she's agreed to a fake ngagement too

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Carolyn Fulgenzi was born on 28 July 1940 in Detroit Michigan USA daughter of Janet McLaughlin and Andrew Fulgenzi She graduated from Dominican High School in Detroit and completed her undergraduate education at Catholic University of America in Washington DC She continued her studies attending Syracuse University receiving her Master’s in English Education After retiring as a teacher wit