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Otloose cowboy who'd stolen her virginity and shattered her heart Would it take a life altering revelation to finally tame the outlaw and persuade him that happily ever after lies home on the rangeMan of the Month2 Tangled Sheets Tangled Lies by Julie Hog.

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Ered All it took was one intoxicating encounter with Peg Lathrop to intensify his desire to relive their moon drenched summer nights from six ears ago However the older and wiser single mom struggled to resist the tantalizingly tender caresses of this fo.

1 Taming the Outlaw by Cindy GerardI'm ready to reignite an old flame Cutter Reno brazenly sexy rodeo champWhen rugged lone wolf Cutter Reno breezed back into Sundown Montana his macho male pride demanded he reclaim the one li'l lady who'd ever truly matt.

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The only thing Cindy had in mind when she started writing her first book was finishing it The issue of actually selling it came much later Only after she made that life altering first sale did she realize that one book would never be enough Now over 20 books and numerous awards later Cindy laughingly admits that she can barely remember life beforewell was there life before writingActuall