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I icked this up because I knew almost nothing about the Reformation and I felt like I should at least have the basic history straight for events which were so vital to the shaping of the modern worldAnd it mostly covered me for that He did an excellent job of A Star Is Born putting you inside the very alien worldviews and socio cultural arrangements of the time and illustrating just how revolutionary and sudden a change the Reformation really was He gave engaging and detailed sketches of most of the main actors involved in the religiousolitical and cultural arenas He covered enough of the intricate theological CSA Scenarios for the MRCGP, third edition problems which developed and were fought out but not so much as to make my eyes glaze over And he did an excellent job of taking you down to the level of everydayeople and looking at how and why they embraced such a sudden change in such a vital The Ornament (Ornament, part of their existence and what the conseuences were for their way of life going forwardWhere he fell down just a bit was in connecting the ground level with the elite and the religious with theolitical and especially the military He did a good job on the elites insofar as they related to religion but the olitical history was retty thin He also certainly At a time when men and women were repared to kill and be killed for their faith the Protestant Reformation tore the Western world apart Acclaimed as the definitive account of these epochal events Diarmaid MacCulloch's award winning history brilliantly re creates the

Overed all of the major conflicts of the time but they always seemed like something that happened in the background and only flashed into full view at a few crisis oints I came in with a vague idea of how and why the French Wars of Religion the English Civil War and the 30 Years War were fought and left with a not much clearer oneOf course any one of those conflicts can and has merited many an extensive history of its own but I think he could have done a better job of fully describing them and linking them thoroughly and organically with the Super Minds Level 2 Students Book with DVD-ROM political social cultural and religious turmoil that caused and sustained them The 30 Years War especially seemed to be elided over Constraints of space wererobably a big concern as the book still came in at over 700 Challenged to Win pages but I would have rather read another 100 or so and been left with a completeictureStill Kids Draw Knights, Kings, Queens, Dragons pretty minor uibbles for a book that taught me lot about a subject I came in with little background on and that hadlenty of major strengths to outweigh that one notable weakness Definitely read if you want a solid social cultural religious and basic olitical history of the Reformation from a modern oint of view If you re interested in the military. Eligious battles of The Color of a Leader priests monarchs scholars andoliticians from the zealous Martin Luther and his  Ninety Five Theses to the olemical John Calvin to the radical Igantius Loyola from the tortured Thomas Cranmer to the ambitious Philip IIDrawing together the many st.

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History or in any of the specific conflicts ick up a specialized history of the case in uestion Magisterial MacCulloch s scholarship is formidable It took me a month to read and yet I never felt the urge to Dusk (Rosales Saga, put it away He gives in depth coverage to areas I ve read little about despite having read a lot of books about the Reformation One example I remember is a solid review of the Reformation in the Netherlands It is not an easy read but it is a worthwhile one Comprehensive but dry This was excellent readable smooth as comprehensive and unbiased as one can hope for I now understand a whole lot of things clearly and know about a host of other things of which I was ignorant I recommend this to anyone with an interest in European intellectual and social history I especially recommend it to anyone who ever thought the Reformation was boring but that they ought to know about it 500 years after the Reformation Diarmaid MacCulloch examines how the announcement of a university seminar in Germany led to the division of Europe He examines the ideas of Martin Luther where they came from and why theyroved so revolutionary tracing their development and influence and reflecting on what they mean for us toda. Rands of the Reformation and Counter Reformation and ranging widely across Europe and the New World MacCulloch reveals as never before how these dramatic upheavals affected everyday lives overturning ideas of love sex death and the supernatural and shaping the modern