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My knowledge on the Chechen Wars is extremely limited The only thing I really knew about them was what Anthony Loyd covered in his book My War Gone By I Miss it So While the chapter on it didn t exactly seem to fit the rest of the book I really enjoyed it and at the same time was repulsed by how terrible the war there sounded Anna Politkovskaya s A Dirty War A Russian Reporter in Chechnya came p when I was browsing other books on It wasn t overly long so I decided to pick it The Far Far Better Thing upThe book didn t endp being what I thought or hoped it would be I m not super familiar with journalist accounts of war as the only two I ve read are the aforementioned book by Loyd and Peter Maass Love Thy Neighbor However those two books in my opinion give a great insight into war from a journalist s perspective Lots of action stories of incredible sadness and appalling brutality along with plenty of near death experiences for the journalists themselves Politkovskaya s book is about the politics of the Second Chechen War than anything else Because of this there s no you are there ness to the story and it failed to draw me in from the get go This book is also a collection of articles so it is not a narrative of her time in Chechnya and Ingushetia A Dirty War starts off with an introduction by Thomas de Waal and for the most part I liked it It gives an overview of both Chechen Wars but I found it a bit difficult to Valentines Cowboy understand maybe because it wasn tite thorough enough I thought maybe once I got into the book things would become clearer but because it s based on politics that didn t really happen Politkovskaya writes about many different topics and it s very easy to see that she would not have been well liked among certain Russian circles Bodies of exhumed Russian soldiers were left ntouched for long periods of time resulting in not being able to The Chechen War was supposed to be over in 1996 after the first Yeltsin campaign but in the summer of 1999 the new Putin government decided in their own words to 'do the job properly' Before all the bodies of those who had died in the first campaign had been located or identified many thousands would be slaughtered in another round of fightingThe first account to be written by a Russian woman A Dirty War is an.

E easily identified Russian soldiers were pulled into the war with only very minimal training While the Russian government promised aid to Chechnya rarely did this ever actually turn p Ridiculous curfews imposed on locals The terrible situation refugees faced etcThroughout the book I simply felt detached I feel bad saying it but I really did not enjoy this book It is a very Mediterranean Men Bundle uick read but nothing stayed with me nothing affected me I was never there with the reporter I read it simply to finish reading it and I m glad I m done Regardless A Dirty War is a testament to what a corrupt business both war and politics are as well as to Politkovskaya s bravery in reporting things as they were not filtering them to make the government and the situation to sound better than it was Another book about the horrors and atrocities of the Chechen Russian conflict The book is similar to her A Small Corner in Hell as it revolves around families and the suffering of civilians in the war I thought A Small Corner in Hell was a little hard hitting and aimed at showing the horrific impacts of the war in comparison to this book Pundits have started yammering about a new Cold war with Russia after the Crimean Crisis Somehow Russian interests on its borders and in the Near Abroad have been cast as revisionist Soviet aggressionYet a look into 200 year This was my first real exposure to Politkovskaya s work And after reading Nothing is True and Everything is Possible and The Sky Wept Fire just before this it s difficult to rate a book about how much I liked it Politkovskaya s prose is brutal mirroring her subject matter I would rate this as a must read for anyone wanting tonderstand Moscow s relationship with Chechnya and the Chechens I have a Bachelor degree in Journalism and Communication and I remember Anna Politkovskaya s biography very well Edgy and intense study of a conflict that shows no sign of being resolved Exasperated by the Russian government's attempt to manipulate media coverage of the war journalist Anna Politkovskaya ndertook to go to Chechnya to make regular reports and keep events in the public eyeIn a series of despatches from July 1999 to January 2001 she vividly describes the atrocities and abuses of war whether it be the corrupt.

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Grew fond of her work and writing style as I went through numerous reads on investigative journalism Her research and articles were helpful and insightful not only to me but to every student who aspired to be a great investigative journalist Anna s life and experiences are a work study in itself let alone her investigations It is nbelievable that in 2002 there was an actual war followed by enormous atrocities that was happening right Holding Tight (Five in a Bed Book 3) under Europe s nose While reading the book I felt like I was going through WW1 or at least WW2 but when Anna was mentioning elevators phones buildings with than five floors jeans personal cars and motorcycles I couldn t bring myself to grasp the fact that these almost Medieval like barbarisms were happening only 15 years ago I have a Masters degree in International Relations and Diplomacy and my dissertation s keyword was Russianness Exactly Russia doesn t mean anything but Russianness does Anna discerns it throughout her entire work and now I regret a little for notsing her book as a reference for my thesis What about it though When Russia begins to lose balance in her status then starts seeking it from over the fence Why Cause she cannot find anything within the facades Though I have heard freuently that Anna is an anti Russian as it may seem from her work I do think that she loved her country than anyone could love a country but not in anyone s way We are all almost intuitively entitled to patriotism towards our country due to nationalistic propaganda in modern terms Foreign Policy nation s image branding process and so on It is different when it comes to feeling a part of a certain nation in a human levelI recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn about a different image of Russia see how one huge country wages war to a weak country in order to become great in people s small minds. Ion endemic in post Communist Russia in particular the government and the military or the spurious arguments and abominable behaviour of the Chechen authorities In these courageous reports Politkovskaya excoriates male stupidity and brutality on both sides of the conflict and interviews the civilians whose homes and communities have been laid waste leaving them nowhere to live and nothing and no one to believe.

Russian journalist and human rights activist well known for her opposition to the Chechen conflict and Russian president PutinPolitkovskaya made her name reporting from lawless Chechnya where many journalists and humanitarian workers have been kidnapped or killed She was arrested and subjected to mock execution by Russian military forces there and she was poisoned on the way to Beslan but sur