Tim Flannery: The Weather MakersHow Man is Changing the Climate and What it Means for Life on Earth

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Book is excellent and terrifying Tim Flannery is a working Australian scientist mammologist paleontologist not a journalist who lays out the history and science of climate change likely scenarios Hoot for theuture the politics of climate change both good and bad and at the very end provides a manifesto Red November for ways to reduce our carbon output individually The species he studies have been deeply impacted by climate changes to date which means that global warming is not just something he decided to write a book about but has been interested inor years and that depth of interest is evident in the depth of evidence in the bookWhen I think of climate change I think of many things but most of them are in the past 10 years the hurricane season of 2005 the 8 of the 10 warmest years of the millennium are in the past decade ice shelf breakups in the polar regions and so on Flannery cites evidence that we ve been seeing impacts Beowulf is my name (Rinehart editions, 146) for much longer in human terms rangingrom the drying of the Sahel starting in the 1960 s the extinction of rogs and other amphibians in the 1980 s and the scary part is that human greenhouse gas emissions have risen dramatically since those impacts startedSo as not to make the book a complete downer Flannery inishes with both a hopeful note the story of the Montreal Protocol to ban CFCs which caused the ozone hole and how that seemed so hopeless in the early 1980 s but actually came about and is now having a positive impact and an action list A Gentleman for Dry Creek (Dry Creek, for individuals to reduce their carbon impact I think I am less hopeful than he as regards our ability to pull off such a large scale change in our behavior but it s an important aspect of the book to. Everyive living things on this planet committed to extinction by the levels of greenhouse gases that will accumulate in the next ew decades we are reaching a global climatic tipping point The Weather Makers is both an urgent warning and a call to arms outlining the history of climate change how it will unfold over the next century and what we can do to prevent a

Scary and important reading As someone who studies climate policy in grad school I ound The Weather Makers to be by ar the most comprehensive book I ve read on climate change In a brisk 300 pages Tim Flannery spans the ecology of climate change and its devastating effects on biodiversity its geological context and how this is different than previous ages the atmospheric models that inform our understanding of its impacts the history of international climate negotiations and the pros and cons of alternatives to ossil Beyond Carnival fuels This impressive scope has both positive and negative aspects On the one hand I can t think of a better single bookor someone to uickly get up to speed on climate change Flannery truly tells a story with each chapter of the book and manages to combine engaging writing with in depth detail in many sections On the other hand such a broad range in a short 300 pages is bound to not cover all subjects in eual depth While Flannery provides a lot of rich detail on how climate change is affecting both terrestrial and marine life he is an ecologist by training in the Microsociology first 100 150 pages his sections on energy technologies and policy areairly thin For example he introduces and summarily dismisses carbon capture and storage as one option to reduce emissions in all of 2 pages regardless of your opinion on the technology it surely merits a closer look However this book can at least provide some overall big picture context to help situate where specific news articles or books Lefty fitOverall this was a very informative book andun to read Highly recommended or anyone who wishes to learn about climate change and the imperative to act now This. Sometime this century the day will arrive when the human influence on the climate will overwhelm all other natural actors Over the past decade the world has seen the most powerful El Nio ever recorded the most devastating hurricane in two hundred years the hottest European summer on record and one of the worst storm seasons ever experienced in Florida With one out of.

Make it not all doom and gloomAlas this book is best written Shadow of the Vampire for people who believe at some level that humans are responsibleor climate change If you think that climate change is a hoax perpetuated by the liberal media and a scientist s conspiracy well this book is Statistical Computing in C++ and R full of scientific citations Of course I don t think anything will convince the denialists until their house goes underwateror good Humanity is at or has already passed an historical crossroads By the end of the 21st century possibly by the middle of it enormous changes in the earth s climate and ecosystems will have precipitated eually momentous changes in human society our economic systems and in civilization itselfMy personal list of writers who have made significant contributions to the scientific environmental and societal aspects of what we are heading or inclu This book should be considered a climate change classic it excellently elaborate the science behind the climate regulating unctions of the Earth s atmosphere the delicate balance of it and how human s thirst How to Make a Plant Love You for growth is threatening to destroy that balance with catastrophic conseuences The book covers manyacets of the issue Cities and Dialogue from the science to the politics which makes it a one stop shopor all things climate change Flannery s writing is beautiful and lucid it is infused with a romanticism Christmas Doll for all things nature similarly to what one wouldind in the works of eighteenth century botanists and biologists he uotes a lot of Wallace His prose has a literary uality to it particularly as he ascribed the atmosphere as The Great Aerial Ocean and the life blood of Earth All this makes Dark Tide Rising (William Monk for a great page turner unexpectedor a bo. Ataclysmic The Internet Book future Along with a riveting history of climate change Tim Flannery offers specific suggestionsor action The Queen from Provence (Plantagenet Saga, for both lawmakers and individualsrom investing in renewable power sources like wind solar and geothermal energy to offering an action plan with steps each and every one of us can take right now to reduce deadly CO2 emissions by as much as 70 percent.

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Tim Flannery is one of Australia's leading thinkers and writersAn internationally acclaimed scientist explorer and conservationist he has published than 130 peer reviewed scientific papers and many books His books include the landmark works The Future Eaters and The Weather Makers which has been translated into than 20 languages and in 2006 won the NSW Premiers Literary Prizes for B