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The best of the series so farI absolutely LOVED this seuel The issues from revious books seem to have smoothed out even the Waiting for Aphrodite prologue is the right amount of teaser and not spoiler and there s this wonderful flow throughout the book We get to see each of the ex bullies as realeople not hiding behind the lies and the bets of the club I m incredibly excited to see how it all ends 5 Sizzling StarsWOWThis Series was so good For the starters I never expected a high school book to have such a different taste and flavour to it For all the angst and troubled rich boys it had the heroine was a badass for all the hardcore situations that were thrown at her There wasn t one moment where I wasn t reading this book without smilingThis series was so out of context that it actually was funny without being humorous I wanted to applause to the author because I swear she write shit with such seriousness that you can t not believe itI can t can never image 5 hot rich young guys in love with a girl who if were not actual Pirateship Down (Sentinels of New Orleans prince s were actual billionaires yes not millionaires billionaires But I did And i loved every second of itAnd what s the best thing about it all The nextart of this series is out in a few days Dancing with joy This is a book I ll definitely recommend to anyone who love high School romance rich troubled boys or simply lowkey angst romance book And you even have enough days to read it before the next one is outHave fun and Happy Reading Everyone OMG SHE DID IT HER AND CREED BOTH LOST THE V TOGETHER HOW ADORABLE The Envy of Idols was a book that I flew through I feel like I m so invested in these characters and their stories that I would drop whatever I was doing and just read the book if it s available There s something about these guys and Maryne because I m addicted Things are starting to heat up between this group and I m all for it Yet I m wondering if this going to be her little harem or if she s going to end up The Sand-Reckoner picking one guy in the end All I know is that I don t want my heart broken after this series ends because right now I hate these cliffhangersOkay so shit is going down constantly in this book Harper and her wannabe friends are basically bald being expelled or idk dead in my eyes It kind of seems like these kids are untouchable and it definitely rubs me the wrong way Especially when Ha God this series just keeps getting better and better Im dying to know there is still so much to find out now On to the last book hope the right guy getsicked Heroes 5 Heroine 4 Story 5 Writing 5 Steam 5 Romance 4 Angst 5 Humor 4 Secondary Characters 5 Drama 5 Mystery 4 Twists 4 Action 5 Recommend YES 4 12 Stars Reversed Harem Bully Enemies to Lover series Very well done Omg this was so good Can t wait for the last book in the series I m in loveWow where do I even begin with this I feel like I just got off this crazy wild roller coaster ride from h ll It was amazing and my blood was umping like crazy reading this That ending though just about killed me and I need now I also need Tristan and Maryne I want to know what he decides ASAP Oh and for some reason Share the new girl That won’t be easy will it Especially not while trying to keep our thrones in the Burberry Prep social scene Marnye is learning to forgive us; the least we can do is rotect her Let’s see who can make her fal.

M hoping Lizzy turns out to be some backstabbing hoebag for some reason I can t uite explain I know I know such suspense I m writing but when you read this you will understand It s so so worth it And even though I need book 4 to be out like yesterday I m also sad that it will be the final book to this series How will I move on from this Ugh Oh and I m so looking forward to Harper being taken down At least I hope that happens If you haven t read this series yet and you like a good RH bully read than you need to jump in uick I m talking don t ut it off like I did since I just started this a few ago and now I m kicking myself for waiting so long If I could give than 5 stars I would in a heartbeat Thank you so much for joining me on my review for updates during the wait time for this book s release I ll likely be doing the same for the final book s release at the end of the month tooThe Envy of Idols was fun and it s really thrilling to see things start to shift towards a truly romantic dating trying to win the girl art of the Paris Encore (Zion Covenant, plot This installment has some sex scenes on top of the usual cussing and frankness about sex but the scenes not overtly explicit like they would be in erotica but this book is definitely in new adultNA territory which has always been the author s intent for this series despite the high school setting I also appreciate the author s note outright expressing that the sex and interactions with Marnye are consensual and that she s in this series with the right mindset about how to handle the darker edge we re facingI also like that this isn t just suddenly aroblem free situation there are a variety of tasks to deal with in in regards to the boys and their feelings Tristan and Windsor especially are shown to be dealing with mental weight than we might think I also like that the revenge is still on going with Harper and her subordinates and that the boys have joined in on Maryne s side organizing their ranks to be a full frontal team The harem angle is so nicely handled with a degree of complexity it s not just we re all together and that s that Maryne is still figuring things out and everyone is learning to co exist so it feels like a realistic approach to the idea than a lot of RH books which tend to just gloss over the unorthodox relationship Boyfriends from Hell polyandry is for mosteople The Infinity Club still looms as well and the epilogue delivers what might be another obstacle to overcome so I m definitely enjoying that the author is weaving in a good deal of Battered Not Broken plot threads and conflicts without it feeling like she s just throwing everything she can at the story for the sake of drama The developments with the boys have been great to read I had to stop reading a few times just because I had torep myself as we got into a new scene of flirting and what not My favorite boys have to be Windsor and Creed tying Zack in second with Zayd coming next and Tristan being last as much as I love dark and moody edge lords the other four are just a little likeable he s still fun but like in the 5 boy ranking he s lastOverall this is just a fun read Maryne is a great. L in love first This time there’s no bet This time it’s just our hearts on the line Take on the filthy rich girls and do it with the help of the boys It’s us versus them and it’s not going to be retty The king of the schoo.

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Heroine and her erspective never gets dull or irritating I m so happy we re still going strong with the narrative and I m looking forward to how everything culminates and is resolved in book 4 In the Arms of the EliteIn the meantime another academy series from CM Stunich will be debuting in about a week May 12th The Secret Girl I m super excited to see the author continue with this sort of academy genre and am interested in how she The Contemporaries pulls off the gender bender angle Then there were 5Tristan Creed Zayd Zack and Wind I literally read this book and the last without stopping Almost impossible to review just this one without spoilingarts of the next so just read it and see what you think It s definitely a great bully reverse harem read if that s your thing I love the RH in this and I m not going to say anything but I think Creed is my favorite I was a bit sad when Miranda got her heart broken I mean I knew it would happen but I loved her and I would love to read another scenario where the girls are together P Anyway I enjoyed this book This series is addictive but I feel like the UML Weekend Crash Course [With CDROM] plot isn t very strong or like there s not a lot of room forlot and the author is doing great to keep the reader engaged and addicted I m a bit over the bullying and revenge thing but I don t mind The relationships are what keeps me wanting after all Also I just read the fourth book s Steampunk Erotica prologue and WHAT WAS THAT I need to know Now I can t stop reading until the end The author is basically writing cliffhangers at the very beginning of her books It s uite a good trick when you think about it This really short review is sponsored by Kristen BellOk so I didn t like the other two books but I m a bit stubborn so I read this one too Oh boy So nothing happened NOTHING That s itMarnye that dumb bitch is still horny and she still can t choose one of the 5 hot guys to be withOh and Miranda Creed s twin and her BFF is now in love with her Hallelujah So I guess that makes 6 hoteople She sleeps with Creed and Zack The others know and even if they don t like it they can t do shit about it because they agreed to date her All of them Marnye right now And that s the whole story She still is in war with Harper but when things happen to them they re gone after 2 lines Like they don t matter at all And they don t because we don t give a fuck about what could happen to that dumb bitch spoiler alert nothing happen to her She is the most horribly annoying character I have ever read and I went through all that inner goddess nonsense from Anna Steele in Fifty Shades Of Grey Even Bella seems smarter than MarnyeOh I forgot Marnye has these really weird thoughts She s eating with Miranda and she decides to eat a veggie meal because she wants to cut her meat intake She is in bed with Zack watching TV and she thinks the ads are annoying and how she doesn t miss them because she has an add blocking app on her Poker Slave phoneHow is that relevant to the story Or to Marnye With this epilogue the author is really going tout the sisters against eachother Really I have no idea what the To the Golden Shore purpose of this book actually is None. L aissed off narcoleptic a tattooed rockstar a varsity football Indulge (Warm Delicacy, player and arince Five guys to back me up five boys that give me butterflies They say they’ve changed their ways; it’s time to see if they can keep that romis.