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Nd the protagonist because it is what makes s emphasize with Heyst and see him as a real person What follow is a sad but memorable tale The sadness of this novel is for most part subtle only reaching its peak towards the end but for me that makes it none the less profoundI have read the Note to the first edition written by Joseph Conrad himself but I m still not certain why this novel is called Victory Taking in consideration the ending and the atmosphere of Shakespearean tragedy one does wonder what the title is supposed to mean Conrad explained it as a some kind of omen saying that The last word of this novel was written on 29 May 1914 And that last word was the single word of the title Those were the times of peace Now that the moment of publication approaches I have been considering the discretion of altering the title page The word Victory the shining and tragic goal of noble effort appeared too great too august to stand at the head of a mere novel There was also the possibility of falling Too Strong to Deny/Savage Awakening/Jack Riordans Baby/His Forbidden Passion under the suspicion of commercial astuteness deceiving the public into the belief that the book had something to do with warOf that however I was not afraid very much What influenced my decision most were the obscure promptings of that pagan residuum of awe and wonder which lurks still at the bottom of our old humanity Victory was the last word I had written in peace time It was the last literary thought which had occurred to me before the doors of the Temple of Janus flying open with a crash shook the minds the hearts the consciences of men all over the world Such coincidence could not be treated lightly And I madep my mind to let the word stand in the same hopeful spirit in which some simple citizen of Old Rome would have accepted the Omen Historical circumstances set aside the title still made me wonder Perhaps Conrad himself acted on an impulse when he choose it Not that it wasn t a good impulse Stil Who is really victorious I gave the matter some thought and an answer presented itself Why Lena Previously I read several works by Joseph Conrad Heart of Darkness Lord Jim Nostromo but never have I met with such a powerful female protagonist This was most refreshing Lena s capability for love and loyalty is all the impressive taken the circumstances of her life This is the first novel of Conrad s that I read featuring a female character that takes things into her hands Lena a young woman who finds herself growing The Firefighters Christmas Reunion up and living in the mostnhappy of circumstances is anything but a victim Ultimately you could say she s the victim of life but haven t we all yet there is nothing about her that suggest a victim In other Conrad s works that I read female characters were almost always distant figures Lena takes not only her own life at her hands but she is ready to act to save the lives of others Needless to say I really warmed The Life of Corgnelius and Stumphrey up to her Moreover this character is such an important part of this story Lena offers a fascinating study not only of relationship between the opposing sexes but between a society and an individual Despite being an outcast of some kind Lena has a very strong sense of morality of herself She is very much a defined character and an individualIf I remember the Author s note well Conrad explain that he was inspired by an actual woman when he was creating Lena it was a brief but obviously memorable encounter On one occasion Conrad saw a young women being pinched by her presumably mother while she was performing playing piano on stage This cruelty inflected by one woman to another moved him In a similar way the protagonist of this novel Heyst often called the Swede was moved by witnessing Lena s terror and the abuse inflected on her Like the actual young woman Lena was a performer against her will When the two Heyst and Lena meet there is than longing on her part and pity on his part I saw it as a meeting of kindred spirits and was honestly moved by it Both of them are remarkably innocent Perhaps their innocence might seem absurd to the modern reader but it makes sense in the context of their lives Lena is attracted by Heyst because she senses that he is different from others and vice versa Aren t they clearly different from most people First of all they both lack emotional attachment to other people due to circumstances than to their own personal capacity for such emotions One could say that Heyst innemotional yet his life proves it is not really the case His hermit life is something that needs to be examined to be The Amish Midwife (Lancaster Courtships, understood and it seems that Lena instinctivelynderstands it perhaps we could call it female intuition Interestingly in their relationship Lena seems to be the active party she is the one who asks for help in a direct way than the Portuguese who had prayed to God but found Heyst instead Nevertheless I wouldn t say that Heyst is completely indifferent and passive If he was where would be the tragedy And there is a lot of tragedy in this novel As a character Heyst might appear passive but paradoxically I think he is a man of strong will It is just that his will was directed towards renouncing the world and now he finds it difficult to find his place in this world For all the good that exists in his heart and perhaps precisely because of it Heyst is nable to truly become a part of this world The author put it like this It is only when the ca. Once But his life alters when he rescues a young English girl Lena from Zangiacomo's Ladies' Orchestra and the evil innkeeper Schomberg taking her to his island retreat The affair between Heyst and Lena begins with her release but the relationship shifts as Lena.

From BBC Radio 4 DramaThe world premiere of Harold Pinter s screenplay of Josef Conrad s last major novel in a special adaptation for radio by Sir Richard EyreIt s 1900 in the Dutch East Indies Disenchanted with life and humanity Heyst a mysterious Swedish Baron lives alone on a deserted islandHe believes he can avoid suffering by cutting himself off from others but his life is altered when he visits the neighbouring island for a doctor s check p Here he meets and falls in love with Lena a young English violinist travelling across the Pacific with a small commercial ladies OrchestraSurrounded by predatory older men including the hotel manager Schomberg she is drawn to Heyst and the sense of mystery that surrounds him Together in the middle of the night they escape by boat to his islandSound Design John Leonard and Wilfredo AcostaDirector Richard EyreNarrator Simon Russell Beale I read pretty much everything Conrad wrote back in the 80 s but having booked a holiday in Indonesia I had to take one of his far eastern novels Great to read about the dead calm Java Sea while looking out over the dead calm Java Sea Anyway1 No one writes better than Conrad in English Some are as good but different Pynchon Dickens even Updike but no one is better2 Only those that haven t read him associate him with adventure books for boys What he is really about is the psychology of life what it takes to be a man the nature of virtue and vice what integrity means how women The Amish Nanny (Brides of Amish Country, usally result in something bad happening you know boy s own adventure stuff Otherwise what s going to happen to the Empire and how will you cope with the trenchesBut seriously I m not going to trivially outline the plot because that wouldn t add anything JC is a writer of If you feel like reading a complex psychological novel that will make you ponder the meaning of life this is a book for you Not that you will be provided with any definite answers mind you Victory strikes me as a rather ambiguous work one that is intentionally left open to interpretations Conseuently if you like clearestions and answers this is not a novel for you for there is a lot to ponder in this one Nevertheless I must hurry to add the novel is not written as a meditativephilosophical essay or anything like that Not at all This philosophical aspect of the novel is what first comes to my mind because it is what personally interests me the most but really there is the main story sub stories plot and all for some perhaps this main story is the most important aspect of the novel For me it is the character study but these things are always subjectiveSo If I were to be objective I would have to add that there is a romantic story within this novel On surface it is a love story with elements of adventure You have a typical damsel in distress syndrome a young lady in love with a man who offered her protection plus a whole cast of villains to spice things The Healer (Borderland Brides, up That does sound like an adventure doesn t it There is than romance and adventure to this novel though Once the action picksp Victory turns into a psychological thriller In a way perhaps it is possible to say there are elements of psychological thriller from the very start but naturally this is open to interpretation I won t attempt to put this novel into any fixed category However I will say that if you go into this one expecting Conrad to weave infinite meaning into a story and show off this mastery over language well you won t be disappointed Basically many typical Conrad elements and formulas are present in this one In Victory you will find an impressive cast of characters introduced and described within a complicated narrative that somehow manages to feel intimate I always wondered how Conrad manages to do that but now that I think of it he s hardly the first English author who has The Slayer (Time Raiders used a complicated narrative voice think of Wuthering Heights and managed to make it sound plausible Conrad is a great writer no doubt about that and as I already said Victory is written in his signature style Typically for Conrad the protagonist of the novel will face moral dilemmas and re examine his view of the world The setting for this novel is a tropical destination inhabited by both locals and Europeans Hence there are some colonial references I would say that a motif of cultural and civilization clash is present but not very prominent The ending might appear rushed but I think it was actually carefully planned The slow introduction is necessary because of the detailed character study The protagonist of this novel Heyst needs a long introduction because it is the only way we can trulynderstand his actions in my opinion Imagine if we didn t know anything about his past well we readers would probably judge him insensitive Personally I found Heyst absolutely fascinating As a young man Heyst was disappointed in life His dying father installed mistrust towards life into him resulting with the young man somewhat autistic attitude towards life He is content with only observing life However when Heyst stumbles against a desperate Portuguese man he decides to pay his depth This bounds him to his man both in friendship and in a feeling of responsibility For isn t a feeling of responsibility one of the defining characteristics of friendship This friendship is perhaps the very first connection between the reader Axel Heyst a dreamer and a restless drifter believes he can avoid suffering by cutting himself off from others Then he becomes involved in the operation of a coal company on a remote island in the Malay Archipelago and when it fails he turns his back on humanity.

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Tastrophe matches the natural obscurity of our fate that even the best representative of the race is liable to lose his detachment It is very obvious that on the arrival of the gentlemanly Mr Jones the single minded Ricardo and the faithful Pedro Heyst the man of The Journal Of A Vicars Wife universal detachment loses his mental self possession that fine attitude before theniversally irremediable which wears the name of stoicism It is all a matter of proportion There should have been a remedy for that sort of thing And yet there is no remedy Behind this minute instance of life s hazards Heyst sees the power of blind destiny Besides Heyst in his fine detachment had lost the habit of asserting himself I don t mean the courage of self assertion either moral or physical but the mere way of it the trick of the thing the readiness of mind and the turn of the hand that come without reflection and lead the man to excellence in life in art in crime in virtue and for the matter of that even in love Thinking is the great enemy of perfection The habit of profound reflection I am compelled to say is the most pernicious of all the habits formed by the civilized man I do recommend Victory especially if you re a fan of Joseph Conrad There are many complex messages and Their Mistletoe Matchmakers uestions hidden beneath its touching love story and adventurous plot There is much than meets the eye in this one At its core I would say that Victory is a profoundly sad novel with elements of pessimism but somehow it is also a novel that carries a message of hope You will have to wait patiently to get to the action part of the book the second half of the novel and even longer for everything tonfold the last few pages are the defining one in terms of characters destinies Nevertheless as readers you will be rewarded for your patience for this novel is not only beautifully written but written with great mastery care and thought What is this for story I have completed it and I still do not know Is it a tale of adventure If that is what Conrad meant it to be it moves too slowly All of the action takes place at the end Is it a romance a love story It cannot be classified as such either The characters are too aloof too lukewarm toward each other Is it meant to be a character study Perhaps Axel Heyst the Swede is running away but since it is himself he wants to escape from that is clearly an The Stephanides Pregnancy unattainable goal Growingp with his crank of a father a widower in London Town the elder Heyst writes little books of his The Tycoons Reluctant Cinderella unpopular philosophy making a small profit from the few who like them and just gets by Having fled his native land they didn tnderstand the Baron s The True King of Dahaar (A Dynasty of Sand and Scandal unusual ideas not sure if he deserved that title as nowhere else does either He despises the world and they would dislike him too if he was known But Axel listens to his cold father maybe not the best for him if no other reason than peace of mind The boy feels alone when his father passed away nothing new Always a loner as if life was just a mirage not real nothing to get excited over a walkingnfeeling machine the detached man floats about on land and sea At last the dreamer arriving in the Dutch East Indies Indonesia with no plans in his aimless life After a failed business collapses he goes to a second rate Inn on a rather More George W. Bushisms unimportant island to hear an all girls band Zangiacomo s Ladies Orchestra a novelty in the 1890 s they play loud but not well who cares Except the wanderer it hurts his ears besides the women are no girls and their profession is not exactly being musicians The lonely placid Mr Heyst sees a young and pretty damsel in distress the other members are middle aged women being physically hurt by the wife of the Orchestra s leader she seems in need of help Lena the name he gives her she wanted something different for a fresh start Alma before didn t mingle with the audience between sessions men of course What worse is the odious inn keeper Wilhelm Schomberg has been harassing Alma Lena and he a married man with a homely wife Mr Heyst working fast with the helpful assistance of Mrs Schomberg she has good cause her husband is a beast in secret the new couple fly to a remote exotic isle Nobody is happy not the corrupt Mr Zangiacomo or his evil wife or the rest of the notorious band certainly neither is the vile and disappointed MrSchomberg who spreads wild rumors about his enemy Axel Heyst to anyone silly enough to listen yes maybe just the two love birds care An opportunity happens when a trio of desperadoes stay in Schomberg s inn they cause trouble illegal gambling in the back room Pedro as big as an ape and as smart too sleazy Martin Richardo a born killer with delusions of adeuacy and their boss skeletal Mr Jones dead man walking a gentleman almost before being asked to leave society fornspecific wrong doings The vengeful Schomderg spinning an elaborate crazy tale of hidden loot on Axel s island so the three criminal travel to the active fiery volcano isle much to the relief of the inn keeper breaking the tranuil isolated existence in the shall we say The Making Of Henri Higgins uniuehoneymooners paradise The couple liked to climb a high mountain reveling in the vast remote empty blue sea below Only the servant Wang for company in their modest house Death awaits thenfortunate on Samburan Island Joseph Conrad shows again his genius a man who learned a new language several and excelled in eac. Struggles to save Heyst from the detachment and isolation that have inhibited and influenced his lifeMarked by a violent and tragic conclusion Victory is both a tale of rescue and adventure and a perceptive study of a complex relationship and of the power of love.

Joseph Conrad born Józef Teodor Konrad Korzeniowski was a Polish born English novelist who today is most famous for Heart of Darkness his fictionalized account of Colonial AfricaConrad left his native Poland in his middle teens to avoid conscription into the Russian Army He joined the French Merchant Marine and briefly employed himself as a wartime gunrunner He then began to work aboard