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Snow White s story and my favorite that s saying a lot of the three Very faithful to the original fairy tale Modern version of a classic fairytale Thankfully it was a short book Worst Femmes, si vous saviez... : 83 questions-rponses, hormones, mnopause, ostoporose retelling of snow white I veead Didn t care for the main character she seemed very selfish and slightly stoned throughout the book The wicked stepmother never go what was due and the ending was anticlimactic and hurried I haven t ead the previous two books perhaps if I did I d like the characters better Pictures of the Night was my favorite of the Egerton Hall series probably because Bella the heroine is the most interesting of the three Egerton classmates Snow White has always been. In a tale that mirrors Snow White eighteen year old Bella is leading a carefree bohemian lifestyle the summer before

One of my favorite fairy tales so that might have helped a little too since that s the story being etold in this installmentBelieve it or not there is love at first sight up in here and it s the most obnoxious lovestruckness in all three books It s a little understandable I mean AT LEAST half the time in fairy tales the princewhite knight hero is an unknown entity but it s still irritatingAll three stories are neatly wrapped up in Pictures of the Night so it was a pretty satisfactory finale Nothing unexpected very predictable but not in a bad way DEFINITELY a series that is written for the age group it s advertised for I probably should have ead these in fifth or sixth. Ollege living and singing with a band in London and Paris But over the course of a few weeks she finds herself in dang.

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Grade although there is some sexuality in the series as a whole that my parents wouldn t have b I just ead this book in an evening of sleeplessness This book is a modernish take on the fairy tale Snow White Since I was a child I have been a fan of fairy tales Even now I prefer my Omnibus Films reads to have justice for the bad guys and happily ever after for the good ones Ieally enjoyed this book s parallels with the traditional fairy tale That is until the end I Graeco-Egyptian Magick really felt like the end of the book was over so uickly and with so many loose strings that it lost its fairy tale charm I would have easily given this book a highating if the ending had lived up to the Slave Again (Whispers of Refuge rest of the boo. Er than once and she can't help but suspect the two mysterious women whoemind her of her jealous stepmother Marjorie.

Adèle Geras FRSL born 15 March 1944 is an English writer for young children teens and adults Her husband was the Marxist academic Norman Geras and their daughter Sophie Hannah is also a novelist and poetGeras was born in Jerusalem British Mandatory Palestine Her father was in the Colonial Service and she had a varied childhood living in countries such as Nigeria Cyprus Tanzania Gambia a