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YMMV So far as sweet romances o this is fine light frothy easy on the brain The premise is a ood one The MCs are adeuate likable excepting the hero s cookie cutter Faithless Female issues That trope is sooooo overused annoying But sweet isn t really my style The beginning is strong vivid but then the dangerous andor tense elements kinda fizzle only to be halfheartedly rekindled in the final 20 odd pages for a meh finale to make way for the cheesy spoonfed development standard Regency Romance revelations Plot threads that could either build the danger or show Selina s development outside her dialogues with Edward are undercooked or dropped altogether like say learning table etiuette from a young child the latter or the amekeepers threats against her safety the former It was a plot that had plenty of opportunity to Wife in Exchange grow but repeatedly veered away in favor of rehashing yet again how she thinks he wants a loveless marriage he thinks she hates him As I said YMMV It s not a bad read per sejust not my type I need depth danger in my romances light frothy makes me zone out It wasn t badly written I m willing to try this newbie Harley author again But be warned it s not nearly as suspenseful as the blurb implies The Marriage Rescue by Joanna Johnson is aood book I really liked the hero and heroine Edward Fulbrooke is an amazing character kind compassionate and handsome I liked Romani Selina Agres I thought the pace of the story was a bit too slow I wished for scenes showing Edward and Selina s attraction for each other But on the whole a The Eternal Ice (Magic: The Gathering: Ice Age Cycle, good book I look forward to reading from this author in the future Selina Agres hasn t lived an easy life the past twelve years A member of the Romani she was born into a world that sees her as less than and is constantly reminded of it She detests the English Gentry and blames them in part for her mother s death And years later when they return to the cursed land Selina is again in danger and only sees one way out of it by way of a choiceiven to her by a member of the Gentry she has sworn to hate forever Edward Fulbrooke of Blackwell Hall must marry despite his feelings on the matter The society ladies that have been pushed into his path are far interested in his station than him something his calculating uncle Charles bets on If Edward doesn t take a wife soon the estate will belong to Charles But neither man expected a blast from the past in the form of a mysterious young woman dropping from a tree The pair met as children their interaction leaving no mark but a scar on his cheek and the whisper of a memory Years later their worlds collide once again resulting in a mutually beneficial marriage that sets off a chain reaction neither expects But as their farce deepens will it be enough to heal old wounds I adore the amount of research Johnson put into writing this book especially when it comes to the Roma people Some authors Night And Day give a Romani character a crystal ball and BAM they re aypsy That s not how cultural identity works and it s very refreshing to see how Johnson didn t run along with stereotypes and really dove into what made the Romani so uniue It ave Selina a new edge not seen in some historicals I also want to say that I really like this cover. Rescued by her enemyWill she meet him at the altarRomani Selina Agres has despised the entry ever since her mother was murdered by a cruel aristocrat But she’s.

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Marry if he is to keep his estate and lands from the clutches of his evil uncle once you read the book you will know what I mean Edward doesn t want marriage especially to any off those ninny headed old diggers that always seem to appear whenever there is a wealthy man which is when he realises that the answer to his problems is right there under his nose He pitches a proposition to Selina he will personally protect her and her fellow Roma they can stay on his land without fear if she will marry him He proposes a marriage in name only for a short period of time and after she is free to o or stay and do as she pleases It s a win win situation The writing is flawless you can really see how much research the author has put into this everything from the Roma campsite clothes customs and every scene is vivid in detail and rich in history Ms Johnson has put so much of herself into this you can feel her passion for story and the character s coming right off the page with every word Over all this is Michaels Discovery (The Devaneys gorgeous story Utterly romantic atmospheric sensual full of passion and charm Amazing clear and realistic character sreat edge of your seat plot I absolutely loved it and I cannot wait to see what will come next from this new author Edward Fulbrooke had come striding back into her life his handsome face making her uestion every rational though she d ever had Romani Selina Agres once helped a young Edward Fulbrooke with an injury to his face Several years lat The Marriage Rescue is author Joanna Johnson s debut novel and I must say I m highly impressed I look forward to seeing what Ms Johnson has for us in the future She is definitely an auto buy for me from now on Edward Fulbrooke is the new Suire of Blackwell Hall since his father s death With his father s will forcing him to marry or turn over his inheritance to his Uncle Edward is running out of time and options Selina Agres is a Romani woman She has spent a lifetime hating the entry for the way they treated her people and for the part they played in her mother s deathWow What a fabulous couple and storyline I absolutely adored Selina she s strong courageous and kind She s willing to marry the enemy temporarily to protect her people Edward is handsome powerful and an honorable man Although he doesn t believe in love he definitely feels a surprising pull towards Selina There is an immediate attraction between them but both have their reasons to deny it in the beginning I loved how Ms Johnson ave this couple time to know each other Being from two extremely different worlds and their insecurities from their past they struggle to admit their true feelingsMs Johnson did a wonderful job in this her debut novel I have to admit once I picked up this book I didn t want to put it down An extremely well written book with a fabulous couple wonderful secondary characters a storyline that captivates and pulls you in and an absolutely perfect ending I loved this book and highly recommend it I enjoyed reading the Marriage Rescue very much A debut novel with believable internal conflicts which are intensified by external events and emotions are heightened as the hero heroine deal with themselves each other and external factors in a marriage of convenience. Strust runs deep So she’s shocked when he proposes marriage to protect her and her people Can she accept The Marriage Rescue is Joanna Johnson’s ripping debu.

Does the man look a wee bit familiar The model s made the rounds on a few books now and in the reader world he s basically Jamie Fraser from Outlander s twin making this book a lovely addiction to any bookshelf But I digress Edward is adorable and Selina is sweet and smart as a whip Together they re romantic perfection that any reader would fall in love with The slow burn of their relationship was easy and natural Nothing felt forced or out of place between them and you really root for the pair to fall in love So if you re looking for an indulgent romance to curl up with look no further 25 starsBetter than the average Harleuin but no need to re read Wow Just wow I am completely blown away by this beautiful book If I didn t know that this was Joanne Johnson s debut I would never have believed it The uality of Ms Johnson s writing is beyond ood she had me ripped from that very first page I couldn t turn the pages fast enough I was ripped by the original and imaginative plot this is a fantastic addition to ever increasing Mills and Boon Historical Romances My Only a Whisper goodness what an opening From that very first fast action and thrilling page I was hooked I could feel Selina s fear as she rode to evade the mob out for her blood the tension was palpable my heart was in my throat as I read That isreat skill to have the reader Copper Lake Secrets go through so many emotional and feel completely connected with the character from the very first page Ms Johnson certainly knows how torab a person s attention this is a stonking Brooklyn's Song great start to what I know isoing to be a long and brilliantly successful career This is predominately an Enemies to Lovers trope which is my whole time favourite in all the romance tropes Romani Selina has Men Are Like Waffles--Women Are Like Spaghetti Devotional Study Guide grown to detest allentry which once you find out her history and the story behind her hate you can really understand her So when she finds herself in the unforeseen position that in order to protect her people her family she must marry one of the very people she hates Edward and Selina are an incredible couple they appear as different as they can Plain Jane The Hotshot get at first but you soon realise as do they that they have far in common then originally expected There is an instant connection between Edward and Selina the air crackles around them as they navigate their way through this whole new and unexpected life I love how Selina and Edward first meet as children before each of their families can instil the prejudice and hatred for each other They are just children who find a moment of happiness and kindness from the other I love how Ms Johnson has written it as both Edward and Selina remember that moment all those years ago when they first met Romani Selina is accused of trying to steal away with Edward Fullbrooke s little sister Selina is running for her life from the angry mob who are fuelled with anger ignorance and hate She is completely innocent but knows better than to try to explain what really happened she knows what theentry could do to her so she ploughs on trying to evade capture With the help from an unexpected place Selina manages to escape and she is safe But for how much longer will she and her people be safe once the village people those from the estate know where they are Edward must. Not sure what to think when Edward Fulbrooke that very man’s nephew rescues her from an angry horde Edward may be different from other nobles but Selina’s di.