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I liked this book very much This is Grisham but with tighter richer prose Substitution Order has the most complicated plot I think I have ever read and yet I followed it without any problem The character voice and point of view was reat The character has a pretty heinous flaw but Clark still manages to endear the reader What was truly amazing was how Clark wrapped the book up in the final chapter He fooled me on a large scale The only critical point was the method in how he did it Don t Aguecheeks Beef, Belchs Hiccup, and Other Gastronomic Interjections get me wrong I still enjoyed this book immensely This is a first person story and we are tight in the character s point view The complicated wrap up in a complicated story is shielded from the reader even though the character knew what wasoing to happenHighly recommendDavid Putnam author of the Bruno Johnson series I ve lost the love of my life almost stroked out forfeited my livelihood and most of my money embarrassed my profession and been reduced to running a bad sandwich shop My immediate friends are a mongrel dog and a pot dealing coworker half my age That s disgraced disbarred Virginia litigation attorney Kevin Moore who is on probation for drug possession Things aren t Black Metropolis, Vol. 2 going so well for him but then a stranger drops by the SUBstitution sandwich shop and tries to persuade Kevin too along with a complicated malpractice insurance scam When Kevin refuses his life By Words Alone gets a whole lot worse and no one believes that the mysterious stranger exists the criminal justice system doesn t calibrate well a well done hustle as rare and layered as this will usually overwhelm a creaky contraption built by bewigged rustics who d never heard of penicillin and would ooh and aah at a lightbulb The author has a light touch and has created a smart and very likable protagonist He rescues a puppy mentors his coworker and tries to do the right thing I kept rooting for Kevin as heot mired in and predicaments and was thwarted repeatedly While I like legal dramas there was a little too much criminal law minutia in the book for me but then Criminal Procedure was my least favorite class Aside from that nothing about the book bored me and there was an absolutely delicious twisty ending I will probably read by this author I received a free copy of this book from the publisher Also after I reuested a copy of this ARC I noticed that the author is a friend on Goodreads Neither of those facts had any influence on my review Mistakes were made justice subverted revenge was the cleverest of allThe premise pulled me in and I found the first few chapters absorbing but it veers off in another direction before it all becomes clear I know I sound a bit vagu. From Martin Clark praised by Entertainment Weekly as our best legal thriller writer comes a wickedly clever tenderhearted and intricately plotted novel about a hard luck lawyer's refusal to concede defeat even as fate the court system and a ang of untouchable con artists conspire against himKevin Moore once a high flying Virginia attorney hits rock bottom after an inexplicably tumultuous summer leav.

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Ge He s managing a sandwich shop meeting with his probation officer and providing urine samples and maintaining a wealthy friend s property in order to demonstrate his rehabilitation and have his license restored A pending divorce from his wife health and financial issues and the nefarious actions of a con man bring additional complications and misery to his life I m bitterly unhappy but after some practice any new miseries surrender their full potency and have no incremental effect I ve lost the love of my life almost stroked out forfeited my livelihood and most of my money embarrassed my profession and been reduced to running a bad sandwich shop My immediate friends are a mongrel dog and a pot dealing coworker half my age But with Moore s ingenious ideas and the help of his ex wife a custom van builder and various other colorful characters he has an opportunity for liberation and revenge if only he can pull off the intricate and cleverly designed planClark s novels have been compared to John Grisham s but for my money I think Clark s are superior This is to take nothing away from Grisham but the humor uirky and believable characters evocative writing and an ideal build up of suspense make Clark s novels top notch legal thrillers He deserves to be much widely recognized than he currently is and I hope this is the book that brings him that recognition and substantial book sales Highly recommended Clark offers us a ritty thriller featuring a down on his luck soon to be disbarred lawyer who lost his wife and Enduring Truths gained an arrest in a cocaine fueled weekend of debauchery with a stripper and now works in a sandwich shop putting extra mayo on sandwiches Kevin Moore is in a downward spiral and floating down the drain uickly And he thinks there s a vast conspiracy out to lace his urine sample and plant things in his car He sot legal troubles He s Myst got women troubles He sot vocational troubles But he s a clever lawyer with some tricks still up hid sleeve A very clever plot with a The Chinese Love Pavilion great main character The book starts a little bit like Better Call Saul as the main character a disbarred lawyer is working as a supervisor at a fast food restaurant The story has a lot of twists and some memorable characters that encompass the full range fromood to evil The only drawback is the speed at which the plot develops as the author uses some filler narrative that could have been avoided This is my second book by this author and he is fast becoming one of my favorite legal mystery writers This is a very clever and smart book I enjoyed all of the characters both human and otherwise and the author kept me uessing until the end. Rious stranger wanders into the shop armed with a threatening invitation to join a multimillion dollar scam Kevin will need every bit of his legal savvy just to stay out of prison A remarkable tour of the law's tricks and hidden trapdoors The Substitution Order is both wise and ingenious a wildly entertaining novel that will keep you uessing and rooting for its tenacious hero until the very last pag.

E but to say is to ruin this cleverly plotted tale It s a bit dense however so if you Dolphin Confidential go in with the expectation of a legal thriller it s notoing to Mairis Mermaid go well for you Once I shrugged off the blurbs I was able to settle into this well crafted story and enjoy its literary meritsThe author points out the failings of humans and of the legal system and provides a rather satisfying ending hints of which the shrewd reader will pick up along the way However I d have enjoyed it if the legal aspects hadn totten so deep in the weeds At times technically specific the legal machinations are often incomprehensible to anyone without a law degree The law s an unforgiving bitch isn t it Once you make a single mistake everything else you do is viewed through a warped lens and any new narrative begins with the assumption that you re simply up to of the same old criminal bullshit Guilty just like last time I ended my 2019 reading year with this book and it seems a fitting end to what was a year of fits and starts I can t say I loved every minute of this but I will definitely Windchill Summer give this author another try because despite the deep dive into law I thoroughly enjoyed the characters and tricky bits and that bumped it to a solid 4Read December 2019 This is the story of organized crime raking millions out of an insurance company They attack a lawyer who is well insured If you are a John Grisham or a Richard North Patterson fan then this author will be aood choice for you I found the lawyer who narrates the story to be an honest brilliant and The Shadow of Your Smile good natured man who has met real trouble through a plot by criminals practiced at bringing down well insured professionals There is areat deal of wit in the writing of The Substitution Order and legal jargon as well I will read future novels by the author The Substitution Order is a totally entertaining and satisfying novel sort of in the legal thriller The Three Worlds genre but not really I don t want to divulge any spoilers so I ll just say it is about a lawyer who loses his license because of some indiscretions and the ordeal he has too through It is very well written with reat characters and is written by a former judge so the legal system descriptions are very realistic and accurate I say that having been practicing law for over 50 years I recommend it highly Excellent Well written and not the usual and predictable pretty little bow ending Very clever plot with a double entendre title Well deserved 5 stars In The Substitution Order Kevin Moore a well regarded attorney in Virginia is working to rebuild his reputation while his law license is suspended for an unlikely and uncharacteristic drug bin. Es him disbarred and separated from his wife Short on cash and looking for work he lands in the middle of nowhere with a job at SUBstitution the world's saddest sandwich shop His closest confidants a rambunctious rescue puppy and the twenty year old computer whiz manning the restaurant counter beside him He's determined to set his life right again but the troubles keep coming And when a bizarre myste.

Entertainment Weekly called Martin Clark hands down our finest legal thriller writer The New York Times stated that he is the thinking man's John Grisham The Winston Salem Journal declared that he has set the new standard by which other works of legal fiction should be judged and David Baldacci praised him as a truly original writer A retired circuit court judge from Patrick County V