Adam Hargreaves: Molly Mischief

Jobs she might have when she grows up. Ry Will Molly ever find a job perfect for herA laugh out loud story for sharing with bold fun llustrations this book celebrates a larger than life little girl learning a valuable lesson about finding your passion and being yourself.

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Thanks to Penguin Young Readers for The third book King Solomons Carpet in therresistible silly series by the author Halflings (Halflings, illustrator of Mr Men Little MissWhat should Molly be when she grows up There are so many options and lots of fun jobs to try out But with Molly mischiefs never far awa.

He review copy Molly The Big Snuggle-Up imagines all the. YIn this third bookn the series Molly realizes that finding the perfect job might be really hard work She's too clumsy to work Too Close for Comfort (Jo Birmingham in the circus and too hungry to workn a chocolate factory and definitely too noisy to work n a libra.

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Adam Hargreaves is an English author and illustrator The son of Roger Hargreaves he continues his father's popular Mr Men series of children's books Hargreaves also served as inspiration for the series When at the age of six he asked his father What does a tickle look like Roger used that uestion to create the first book Mr Tickle