Ivy Hearne: Crash Course Hunters Academy Year One #2

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Tony and discovers an upperclassmen horribly mutilated Fingers are pointed at a new instructor but Kacie isn t convinced It s up to Kacie to solve the mystery But will she survive to do so Yus Love this seriesYa Paranormal Novella Academy setting Katie The Canadian Regime finds a dead body after the Christmas vacation was up I really love this series It sun and ull of action I wish it was longer but it is what it S loyalties lie Kacela is about to get a crash course in what it really means to be a monster hunter Fans of Vampire Academy Mortal Instruments Harry Potter and Dragon School will love Hunters’ Academy CRASH COURSE is episode two of Hunters’ Academy – expect a new episode every month beginning Fall 2018 Always FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

To keep reading A new instructor shows up and once again the MC and her budding talents manages to uncover what others are not aware of I am on the ence about the head mistress She keeps riding the shady ence The series is still keeping me interested so that s a definite plus All my reviews are always voluntarily written Crash Course Fast And FuriousKacie inally goes out on a second date with. Humanity When a student’s mutilated body is discovered on campus all signs point to the new teacher’s guilt and Kacela might be the only one who believes in her innocence Worse Kacela’s magics instructor has been assigned to investigate the murder and seems determined to ignore crucial evidence With no clear sense of where everyone’.

FREE on today 12252019 EnjoyableI enjoy this ongoing story I am just rustrated that it is so episodic and i have to wait a month or the next one I would love to get a little meat but we are thrown little rpisodes that illuminate a bigger picture one piece at a time I like Kacie and I like her supporting characters although I hope Souji gets Un Cadeau pour ma Femme fleshed out a bit soon I like the story though and hope. If the course load doesn’t kill her one of her teachers might Having passed the Entrance Exam sixteen year old Kacela is ready to buckle down and learn to be a true Hunter But the Academy’s Headmistress has hired a new instructor aormer member of the Lusus Naturae the self described “freaks of nature” with dark plans to subjugate.

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