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On ya ness that s inevitable because he was raised to believe he could just give stuff a go rather than to view his disability as a reason why he couldn t do certain stuff there s a hilarious bit in this book for instance about how his parents een to get him into sports took him skiing as a Gold Rush kid Fuck cerebral palsy get the planks of wood on your feetBut that attitude of Sod it let s have a go eh reappears time and again here uietly ordinarily smashing the living daylights out of the collective sympathetic head tilt of a society that believes it gets to set the boundaries of what people with disabilities can or should be allowed to doUniversity yep Festivals yep Driving yep at least until he was also diagnosed with epilespy which is a disualifier as he says It s like the universe thought I wasn t uite disabled enoughThanks for that Ridley s story isn t some worthy tale of overcoming physical issues he does but of course that s the everyday story of everyone who HAS physical issues His is the story of a bloke who went out and did stuff but it s told in a way that s fantastically funny stories of playing in the woods behind his house as aid and falling over and being able neither to get back up nor call for help are actually rendered funny as hell Stories of him reading Stephen Hawking books over someone s shoulders and programming his app to Hawking along with the reader are properly gittish Stories of a disabled riding school where he was given a one eyed horse will make you roar We liked each other but our relationship was. S like to be him I'm Only In It for the Parking is a wonderful romp through Lee's extraordinary life by way of the people who like to pray for him the comparisons with Stephen Hawking some perilous falls some epic fails and information about Lee's private life than you probably needThi.

Doomed to failure he couldn t see where to go and I couldn t tell him Studded among all this are two cool countdowns one of his comedy influences and the other of all the uestions of which he s by now heartily sick from Are you drunk mate to Socan you have sex to Should I pray for you His responses to all of those uestions are pretty freakin funny too as well as showing the ind of thing some people still apparently think it s reasonable to say to people with disabilitiesAs I say loved this one and would recommend it to everyone who loves a laugh I found this book on the Storytel app and decided to start listen I hadn t heard of Lee Ridley before but I needed something funny to listen to so why not try it It was an interesting listen and a good mix of humour and serious It was almost a year ago I listened to it so I don t have the best memory of it But it s good to have people tell their story even though people with disabilities do not need to be stand up comedians or athletes in order to be valued I first saw Lee on Britain s Got Talent and I liked him on first sight He has Cerebral Palsy and he lost his voice so he has to use an electronic talker to speak for him He is a very clever and funny guy who s not afraid to make fun of his disability He came on stage wearing a tee shirt that resembled a disabled parking ticket with the slogan I m only in it for the parking At the end of each chapter he tells us about uestions he freuently gets asked my jaw dropped at a couple of them A lovely book from a lovely guyLibrary book. S is the wickedly funny story of the stand up who struggles to stand up but who learns to finds his feet The Geordie without the accent The entertainer who really can't speak at all but who has something important to say 'Hilarious' The Sun 'A uniue and brilliant comic voice' Ross Nobl.

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We fell in love with Lost Voice Guy in Britain s Got Talent and in this his first autobiography Lee Ridley opens up about his life in an open and honest view of life as a comic and how his trials and tribulations of living with a disability This book feels like a good friend telling you a story and will make you laugh out loud in places but throughout tells the story of an amazing comic who just happens to be disabled but ultimately is just a very funny guy dealing with real life in the only way he nows how Loved this one Laughed out loud many a time which is a touch ironic if you think about itLee s a stand up who won Britain s Got Talent in 2018 Right from the off there was a twinkle of gittery and a degree of call out craft in his lines that made me and evidently a shedload of other people around the country as he won the show by popular vote think he had the goodsWhen not appearing on national TV of course like most comics he s a little less tame a little less safe and a little free to be a full on stand up which just opens him up to a traditional comedy geek audienceLee s got cerebral palsy so the whole getting about the place thing is a bit of an embuggerance and he can t speak which is why he performs as Lost Voice Guy but he has a way of getting his views hears through an iPad and a speech synthesizer appI m Only In It For The Parking is a jaunty and never too in depth autobiography of his path to recognition as a stand up And while he s particularly vocal about not being inspiration porn there s an element of good. AS HEARD ON RADIO 4'S 'ABILITY' 'A truly eye opening book from a fantastic comedian' ADAM KAY 'Comedy genius The funniest book I've read in years' DAVID WALLIAMSLee Ridley won the hearts and minds of the nation on Britain's Got Talent Now the much loved comedian opens up about what it'.

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