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Re both just normal people So it didn t make sense for her to investigate With Jessica Fletcher she always had some new angle or idea the police didn t see Here I didn t feel Tessa had that going for her Don t get me wrong I liked her and thought she was great I just didn t see the reason she was investigating anythingMaybe I feel that for a Romantic Suspense this was very character driven rather than action driven With as many murders as there were there should have been action Instead it felt like it took a really long time to figure things outI did enjoy the author s voice and I did grab the next book in the series I hope that now I see how she pitched it I m a bit less judgemental over the charactersARC courtesy of Avon A barely readable novel that is neither suspenseful or romantic Her Other Secret starts off with a mystery and to be honest I was confused at first We meet our heroine Tessa as she has called for the island handyman Hansen I was confused because she called a handyman to look at a boat that had been sitting in the water unmoving with no signs of life Why would you call a handymanRegardless I ept reading and discovered Tessa is so uirky She insists that the man that walked out of the water was a merman and despite Hansen begging her to stop she continues to call him that Whitaker Island was a bit of a refuge for Tessa so she is a bit unnerved by this mystery man Hansen is also harboring some secrets too These two have chemistry for sure but since they are both hiding things they don t really act on it Hansen especially feels that he simply cannot get a woman involved in his mess of a lifeOk so Hansen s secrets are literally turning up dead on the island and it all makes him look hella guilty He tells the story of what happened to his sister and I was like I have heard this somewhere Y all I watch a LOT of true crime stuff A LOT And when he tells the story of a husband who says his wife fell trying to take a picture while hiking I was sure I had heard it somewhere And I had You can read the news article about Herald Henthorn and his wife Teri So anyway Explosive Acts knowing how that real life story played out I was wondering if this fictional version would go in a similar way Obviously Hansen things his sister s husband was responsible but why is he now across the country on the same tiny islandThe story is a bit of a whodunit mixed with small town drama These people have nothing else to do but gossip and spy on each other While the plot seems focused on Hansen and HIS secret the story is called Her Other Secret for a reason While I didn t find the characters to be the most engaging as a reader the plot is interesting and if you enjoy mysteries with a hate to love you romance vibe Her Other Secret is a solid pick for a weekend read POV 3rd Tears no Trope on the run secret identity Triggers none SeriesStandalone stand alone Cliffhanger view spoilerno hide spoiler I am a sucker for a romantic thriller and I loved the synopsis of this one so I was pretty eager to get to it I liked Tessa and Hansen right from the start They re both stubborn and maybe a little or in his case a lot prickly and I was absolutely amused reading these two have a battle of wits at nearly every contact There s a pretty large cast of characters here and we really only get tonow a couple so it was really effective in Shadowbridge (Shadowbridge, keeping me guessing Plot wise it was good The first murder happens almost immediately and the suspense didn t let up There are a few threads and reading it unravelept me captivated I loved the idea of a small island where you don t really Academia de Rowan (A Tapeçaria know your neighbors Overall it was a great jump into this genre and any book that has me sneaki All Tessa Jenkins wanted was a new start She suffered a terrible scandal and hope that with a new name she can at least begin anew Hansen Rye is now working on Whitaker Island as a handyman This is a good distraction for him as he has suffered a tragedy in his family He hopes to put his past behind him However others have something else in mindWhen Tessa sees an apparently unmanned boat then a man coming from the water she wants to go after him Hansen insists she stay put and he chases the man but is unable to find him Shockingly the man turns up dead and circumstances lead Hansen to be the likelyiller Fortunately for him his good friend is the local cop and his innocence is being proved although things are uite guardedThe two form a fine pair as their secrets and past begin to collide with their present They begin to work together to try and figure things out While this is happening Tessa and Hansen develop a strong connection and despite the dangers uickly assailing them they begin to fall in loveThe blend of romance suspense action and danger in this book was done uite well I loved this book and read it straight through in a few short hours It was very well paced and had a thrilling conclusion Her Other Secret is the first book in the Whitaker Island series While Tessa and Hansen strive to find the iller other characters are introduced into the story The characters went from the very likable to the the despicable The series continues with The Secret She Keeps due for release this December I have definitely put this book on my radarMany thanks to Avon and to Edelweiss for this ARC to review in exchange for my honest opinio. ??s another newcomer to Whitaker He’s no stranger to Hansen And when he’s murdered the crime casts a threatening shadow As suspicion falls on Hansen all his secrets are about to collide with Tessa’s Now the pasts they were determined to outrun are catching up to them So is a iller who’s putting their love and their lives on the line.

I was given a copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads This is a fun and exciting story and a great summer beach read A murder on an isolated island must be solved before there ar If you can get past the absurd set up you ll probably like this one than I did I couldn t let go of the fact that the heroine called the hero the local handyman she has a surly relationship with about a disabled looking yacht off the coast and not oh I don t Two Reels And A Crank know the Coast Guard or the local law Further proof I could never be a romance heroine I think logicallyI also never understood what the hero did to earn such devotional trust among the secondary characters Frankly he looks guilty as hell And yet everyone harps on about how much they trust him Um why exactly I get that theyeep saying it but WHY are they saying it How did he manage to build these relationships and this level of trust when he s been the Surliest Surly Man to Ever SurleI did eventually get sucked into the mystery and while the identity of the Bad Guy isn t a stretch to figure out the unraveling of the motives was funMeh for me YMMV I ve always thought a good romance was the perfect antidote to depressing or challenging times a guaranteed happy ending goes a long way to lifting my spirits The 33 starsI received this book for free in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review Everyone around here really does have a secret don t they Ben s smile came roaring back Welcome to Whitaker A small island off the coast of Washington with only a little over two hundred residents Whitaker has become an unofficial destination for people looking to escape into obscurity Hansen Rye is taking a breather from his high pressured life and turmoil resulting from his sister Alexis death He s strengthened his even usual grumpy personality and tried to become even walled off but has still become friends with Ben local head of police and Tessa Jenkins the woman he is currently trying to not fall forTessa is hiding out in Whitaker trying to lay low from her own family drama but can t help teasing the impromptu handyman Hansen His grumpy demeanor gives way to can t help but fix things for local residents and the look in his eyes when he s staring at her draws her back for However after a body turns up on Tessa s lawn secrets are about to get revealed and feelings are about to be confronted Not you He shrugged Even took a step back Generally looked uncomfortable in his skin which never happened You I like She almost spit out a mouthful of coffee Since when Let s say you re growing on me He sighed and crossed his arms Then uncrossed them again Her Other Secret was a mixture of mystery thriller romance and ending suspense When the reader comes into the story Hansen and Tessa already have a friendship established and are just trying to not act on sexual feelings I missed seeing their initial draw and spark it feels like we missed out on some great teasing and poking of the bear Hansen by Tessa to break down his walls Their chemistry and back and forth was good the word love was brought up far too uickly for the lack of building blocks I was getting from them emotionally some sex scenes felt a bit out of place and while they had good friendship chemistry they didn t heat up the pages as much as I would have liked The majority of the story focuses on the murder mystery and as such the romance plot suffered some All Hansen Queens Gambit (The Tudor Trilogy, knew was that his past had caught up with him in the worst possible way This was mysterythriller than romantic suspense to me the pace of the characters investigating is slower as the reader s mind is supposed to be racing as to who is involved why and for what purposes There is a locked room mystery feel to it with the setting being an island currently experiencing storms that iseeping residents from getting off the island or on The connection of the murder victim to Hansen was intriguing and ept the high stakes feel alive but some of the ey players felt removed from the story Hansen s family is discussed and his close relationship with his brother but we never meet them and for the murder victim playing such a The Camping Cookbook key role we never got a pov or scene with them before they died The villains also had a removed feeling to them their wrap up and reveal didn t uite have a big impact or feel like a rewarding payoff The last twenty percent had of the romantic suspense feel but the change of pace gave the ending of a rushed feel than crescendo conclusion as characters were found out or clearedThe author has definitely created a place rife with intrigue but I felt a bit lost at times how we re just supposed to go along with how Whitaker is both anown place to disappear on and yet you can disappear on it If this is indeed a start to a series the structure of the island how the island is owned by a mysterious rich person but gives the running of it over to a board and some short but poignant introductions to some characters encumbered this story at times but it would make sense as laying groundwork for a seriesThere was some missing character development Hansen and Ben had a enjoyable relationship but would have liked to have seen how it started same with Hansen and Tessa s friendship that their chemistry eventually dictated had to be I also thought Is it the perfect escapeWhitaker Island is than a getaway For Tessa Jenkins the remote strip of land in Washington state is a sanctuary Fleeing from a shattering scandal she has a new name a chance at a new beginning and a breathtaking new view Hansen Rye It’s hard not to crush on Whitaker’s hottest handyman At six foot three and all in.

Essa s secret that we don t get let in on until around the sixty percent mark felt somewhat tagged on not enough time to gain an emotional footing and a resolution that felt partially empty The word love was used too uickly but Dimon always writes couples that have believable connections and are compelling in any small way to read about I think I caught a hint of something possibly brewing between our local PD Ben and the extremely mysterious woman named Maddie who answers the department phones remotely Whitaker seems like it has residents with stories to tell and I m curious enough to show up if there are books to come She didn t believe a woman needed a formal partner to feel whole She d seen her mother thrive and love without ever walking down the aisle But the idea of sharing the burden having someone to help her fight in situations like this The way he issed her touched her The smile he saved only for her Yeah love Tessa Jenkins fled to Whitaker Island armed with a new name and with the hope of escaping her scandal filled past but she s not the only new visitor to arrive in town As soon as she hits town she meets one of it s sexiest residents handyman Hansen Rye and the moment they meet there are some obvious sparks But she is wary of letting him in and not really looking for love at the moment but that doesn t stop him from coming around But as they are exploring their chemistry there is also danger circling around them and it s bound to bring trouble to both of their lives whether they want it or notFrom beginning to end Her Other Secret held my full attention it s action packed story line came brimming with loads of steam and thrilling mystery to feed my romantic suspense addiction With danger constantly lurking and the heat simmering between Tessa and Hansen there is plenty of action to be found between the pages of this one It also came with a few unexpected twists and turns too just when I thought I new where things were going Ms Dimon s cleverly crafted words would leave me surprised all over again I really enjoyed this one and was thrilled to learn that there were plans for visits to Whitaker Island on the horizon I can t wait to see who moves to this charming little island next If you are a romantic suspense fan then I have a feeling this one will be right up your alley as it comes with the perfect makings to be a thrilling little literary escape with a tranuil island setting to boot Highly recommendI reuested an advanced copy of this title from the publisher and I am voluntarily leaving my honest opinion Review posted on Got FictionThis book has a grumpy hero and a sunshiney heroine I love that trope And I was in the mood for a good Romantic Suspense so I jumped inEveryone who lives on Whitaker Island has secrets That s the draw It s a small community where everyone nows everyone but their secrets are their ownTessa has moved to Whitaker Island as a temporary hiding place or a fresh start She hasn t decided but since she can work remotely she isn t in any hurry to figure it out So she s enjoying the slow paced small town vibe this island has going on But there s one thingshe s curious I hesitate to use the word nosy since she s not gossipy or into everyone s business but if something strange happens she wants to Black Stone know what s going on Like the yacht that s been parked off the island in a weird spot with no signs of life and no lights on for a couple of days Because she doesn tnow what to do after all it isn t illegal it s just weird she calls in Hanson Rye He s the town handyman he s super hot and she s got a crush on him Half the island doesHanson doesn t really react He figures it s a boat anchored near an island and it s tourist season What s there to worry about Sure it isn t in a usual spot but it s not that weird And as they re talking a man in a suit walks out of the ocean as if it s the most normal thing in the world and walks into the trees This cements Tessa s fears that something weird is going onThey go to the police officer on the island and have him check it out While he investigates Tessa does some digging of her own which sort of leads into her personality For someone hiding from something she sure doesn t On Liberty know how toeep uiet or hide I feel like she couldn t let the police take over she had to No Way Down know and felt like she would Nancy Drew the investigationSmall SpoilersI felt like the fact that people were gossiping about a fight and blood everywhere was lost during the investigation They came back to the argument but never mentioned the blood nor the fact that someone was banging on her door and turning the doorknob before Hanson came over and it wasn t him Then there s a dead body on her doorstep and they never tell the police about the person trying to get inI have mixed feelings on this book I read after the fact that the author pitched it as Imagine Jessica Fletcher s Cabot Cove with sexilling and a lot of dysfunction I wish I d read that first because I might have understood Tessa s desire to investigate better In most Romantic Suspenses the ones I prefer anyway usually the hero and heroine are in constant danger and the hero is super protective and in some form law enforcement or military So I usually can suspend belief since I m not and I feel like they d be braver or better suited for that In this book they. Ds of fine he’s also intensely private and the attraction between them soon simmers dangerously out of controlor a private trap for two loversAfter a devastating family tragedy Hansen finds the pebbled shores of the faraway island to be an ideal refuge Letting down his guard for the sexy impulsive Tessa is an unexpected pleasure But there?.

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