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Ntorno digital con abundantes ejemplos de lo ue es y no es comportamiento aceptable en las comunicaciones digitales y social media en el trabajo el amor y la amistad Turk provides helpful guidance for email and social media etiuette Though much f her reasoning behind recommendations seems sound I would have valued a bit ties to research substantiating her. Uide to minding ur manners in a brave new nline worldThe digital revolution has put us all within a few clicks taps and swipes f each ther But familiarity can breed contempt and whilst we’re likely than ever to fall in love nline we’re also likely to fall headf.

Great witty book covers most digital topics that effect us n a day to day basisWould highly recommend for a light read It s a good reminder about how the ethics we have irl also applies in ur nline life I was not the intended audience for this book Con mucha gracia y una buena dosis de iron a la autora navega por las reglas de la buena educaci n al How do you reply to your colleague's weird email What might Debrett’s say about your Tinder profile And just how do you know if you're mansplaining In this irreverent journey through the murky world f digital etiuette WIRED's Victoria Turk provides an indispensable

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Writing Funny to the point and touching the most important netiuette topics including many pop culture and British references this is a great guide for most f the uestions your relatives are asking you about the Internet Its nly pitfall is that the topic reuires constant updates so the book may become bsolete r a digital history artefact in few years. Irst into a blazing row with a stranger Google’s unofficial motto is Don’t Be Evil but sometimes that’s easier said than done If you've ever encountered the surreal battlefields f digital life and wondered why we don't all just go analogue this is the book for yo.