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Rip my engineering dreams Have you ever looked at a sink and wondered where all that water comes from or where it goes How do they get id of the waste in it What is Horsepower How do they take fossil fuel and make it into something a car can use These uestions and haunt my life I was blessed as a child with something called Curiosity I wanted to know everything there was to know Now I know that this is impossible to achieve so I have to be satisfied with just knowing a few things However these are important things to know Why wouldn t you want to know how your phone knows its position in space Plumbing and the technologies that support it may not be glamorous but they are essential for a comfortable life Practically anything you may have ever looked at could be explored in this book From municipal power and water stations to batteries The Have you ever asked yourself how the inventions gadgets and devices that surround us actually work Discover the hidden workings of everyday technology with this graphic guide How Technology Works demystifies the machinery that keeps the modern world going from simple objects such as zip fasteners and can openers to the latest most sophisticated devices of the information age including smart watches personal digital assistan.

Ook contains little pictures and small amounts of text on everything you can think of being covered Even something as common as the wheel is explored With the idea of friction and forces it is easy to understand Now the book isn t completely focused on only technology For sure your laptop or smartphone is a marvelous device but it isn t the only thing that is covered in this book Bicycles how do they stand Fluoridation of drinking water why is it done What is the difference between a two stroke and a four stroke engine How does the gasoline in my gas tank make my car move What systems does that euire What is Radar used for All this and is answeredAlong the way we find the ingenuity of humanity and how solutions were discovered The sheer amount of engineering that goes into making a train safe is just mind boggling to me For example airplanes. Ts and driverless cars It includes inventions that have changed the course of history like the internal combustion engine as well as technologies that might hold the key to our future survival including solar cells and new kinds of farming to feed a growing populationAll the way through the book step by step explanations are supported by simple and original graphics that take devices apart and show you how they work The ope.

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Fly at altitudes of 30000 feet That is higher than Mount Everest For that to be feasible a source of air must be pumped in from the engines or else everyone on board would suffocate Along the way we are treated to other tidbits of information For example could you imagine being stuck in an airplane for 17 hours That would be terrible but if you schedule a flight from New York to Singapore you could take part in that apparentlyAnyway this book is eally good for a person who is curious as to how everything works Like I mentioned the illustrations are colorful and informative The text enhances the experience and goes into little segues The book is organized in a manner that I don t understand It goes like this Power Transportation Materials and Construction the Home Sound and Vision Computer Communications Farming and Food and Medical technology. Ning chapter explains principles that underpin lots of devices from basic mechanics to electricity to digital technology From there on devices are grouped by application such as the home transport and computing making them easy to find and placing similar devices side by side How Technology Works is perfect for anyone who didn't have a training in STEM subjects at school or is simply curious about how the modern world works.