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This is one of the most hilarious takes on the Three Bears I have ever seen Especially that ending and how taking selfiespics of everything is kind of a bad idea Phone addict parents and adult in general should read this Excellent picture book with humorous rhyming text about importance of thinking before posting on social mediafull review on my blog Miss 5 really enjoyed this modern take on the Goldilocks story I ve often told it with some kind of community service at the end so that fitted right in with this versionMiss 5 and I like to explore different books and authors at the library sometimes around particular topics or themes We try to get different ones out every week or so it s fun for both of us to have the variety and to look at a mix of new favourite authors A brilliant twist to the classic Goldilocks and The Three Bears I read the first page and I SCREAMED Internally of course I m a sucker for picture books that rhyme and this book did An excellent cautionary tale about social media the need to be approved by our followers and the obsession w Another one to add to Flavour your digital citizenship units using a new spin on GoldilocksIn this be version we have Goldilocks who is trying to gain likes on social media As she becomes focused on just getting the approval from her increased followers she finds she has to constantly up her game to the point where she breaks into the bears house capturing it online for her followers which lead to conseuence both immediate and long termLots to unpack in this familiar tale told in rhyme and a helpful teaching tool One of my granddaughters is a little bit of a worry of courseou never know plenty of kids ou think are going to be difficult teens actually end up just fine I m keeping my fingers crossed We homeschool them and have recently started getting the two girls to Video their Journal writing using prompts that they must hand write first They re doing This is a brilliant picture book with a well told story and a good message about online safety Goldilocks A Hashtag Cautionary Tale is about A4ish in size and is filled with thick glossy pages of illustrations and text Goldilocks wants to be popular she wants everyone to like the pictures she puts up on Instagram so she starts taking pictures of things that make everyone laugh But soon her followers aren t interested in her pictures any and to keep them looking she starts to do daring things to get likes But what will happen when she dares to do something in the house of the. Everyone loves Goldilocks’ hilarious online videos but in her uest to get likes laughs and hits she tries something a little daring stealing porridge #pip.

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Three bearsThis is a really fun retelling of the Goldilocks story beginning with Goldilocks desperate for attention and likes The whole story is told in a constant rhyme which I really enjoyed as it really made the whole story both fun and the message clear to understand Like many oung people and older people too Goldilocks becomes desperate to be liked on Instagram so she takes pictures of as many things as possible But when she heads over to the house where the three bears live she causes a lot of damage just like in the original tale and decides to share that damage by taking pictures selfies and sharing them for the whole world to seeincluding three bearsI like the fact that this story is cautioning children against being so free and open to taking pictures of themselves or their lives and sharing everything online The bears know who caused all the damage to their home precisely because Goldilocks took selfies when doing them and in the end her actions catch up to her The story is obviously trying to warn children about the many dangers of sharing too much personal information online especially selfie pictures as Selected Short Stories you never know who is watching or what troubleou could be in While the story features the original tale Goldilocks the ending is different and a striking one which I liked I have seen a reviewer say they didn t like the shock ending but I don t think it s that shocking and instead it s a great ending that again warns kids of the dangers of sharing online without sounding too scaryThe ending is good it rhymes so well and I will add a spoiler to say that Goldilocks does face punishment for what she did but I like the added part that points out that things sent out online don t always go away That message is one that children really do need to understand in this world today where so many people are so open to sharing their entire lives online The pictures are really good I actually like the style of illustration it s very engaging fun and I like the way the bears look The funny images do make the story all the fun to readI really do like this book the rhyme is really good and fun and engaging all on its own and the illustrations give a fun feel to the whole tale but it s the message behind the story that really makes me like this book so much Children are taught to be careful about sharing too much online but it s done in a great and fun way using the traditional Goldilocks story The book feels so fun to read on its own and despite the obvious safety message whi. Inghot breaking chairs #fun and using someone else’s bed #sleep What will Daddy Bear do when he sees that onlineA hilarious cautionary tale for a new gene.

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Ch is good it s still ultimately just a fun new take on the Goldilocks story and one I have really enjoyed Thanks to Andersen Press for a free copy for review This book is amazing for linking to internet safety This book teaches children the importance of being careful about what Ten Minutes to Fall in Love you post online and teaches this in a fun child friendly way I applaud the idea getting children to think before they share online but I m not sure this story will have any impact Rather than seeing Goldilocks arrestedpunishedfriendless for her actions I wish it had shown appropriate ways for her to seek friendship validation Book Reviewed on wwwwhisperingstoriescom Goldilocks is a cautionary tale about aoung girl craving attention online The book is told in a friendly rhyming style and features a oung Goldilocks first trying to impress people with her selfies then by capturing funny moments and sharing them with her followers Eventually she feels that she needs to up her game and enters the woods where she finds a cottage in which three bears liveAny book that teaches children to be cautious online is a good idea and should be used to educate children about how not to use social media and how it can all go wrong very uicklyI am a little unsure whether having the story told in a picture book is actually aiming for the right audience as my understanding is that picture books tend to be read by children in the 3 6 ear old range and I don t believe this book is aimed at children so Open City young I do know that social media channels have a minimum age of 13 for their users Yes I knowounger children are using them I m just not convinced many kids ounger than 6 will beThe illustrations are amusing and do capture the plot perfectly plus I like all the images including Goldilock s mobile phone and the posts she is putting online as this gives the reader of an understanding of what kind of pictures she is postingI m also not comfortable with what happened to Goldilocks when it was discovered she had broken into the bear s cottage ate their food broke their furniture and took amusing photos of herself committing a crime I don t think the punishment would be enough to deter a child from thinking that what she did was good for capturing pictures to show to her followers I was shocked that the book ends uite abruptly too I feel that the story still had to tell and educateOverall the book is fun it involves a classic tale that most children will know and uses it to inform children of how not to use social media. Ration of internet users from the prize winning partnership of Jeanne Willis and Tony Ross the third of its kind following Chicken Clicking and Troll Stinks.

Jeanne Willis was born in St Albans and trained as an advertising copywriter at Watford College She worked for various agencies creating press adverts and TV cinema and radio commercials She is now a full time writer and has published over 80 books Her hobbies include gardening reading non fiction natural history and collecting caterpillars Jeanne has also worked on scripts for TV includ