Kimberly Shumate: In Case I Havent Told You

E of warmth and truly cared for At times adorable often wistful deep in its simple sentiments this will leave you feeling connected as you share a moment over the pages Photos are intentionally and thoughtfully paired with uotes poems and snippets it a loving gestu.

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An elouent and thoughtful collection of romantic reminders from one sweetheart to another filled with tender notions and poetic images that proclaim how special the reader is in the eye of the giver While at times it may be challenging to express how much your part.

Ner means to you In Case I Haven't Told You captures the essence of the heart and shares a glimpse of the depth of your loveWe wish for our sweetheart to feel cherished and loved this gift book is of beautiful verse and photos to leave your loved one feeling a sens.